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37th SSEAYP 2010 - See you again Thailand!

Day 28 - 21 November 2010

The second homestay experience of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) was soon coming to an end.

View from the balcony

Captain (Vietnam) and my room

After breakfast, we visited the Suvarnabhumi Institute of Technology and Business School (SIT) which was run by our host family.

School Uniform

Top: Host Sister, Top Left: Host Father, Top Right: Host Mother

We greeted the students and introduced ourselves at some of the classes. We could experience the might of the soft power of Japan just by looking at how many students flocking to Hiro for photo taking.

As lunch would not be served on board, we had ours at the conference room.

Back at the Bangkok Port, we met Dr Pla's husband. The lovely couple also gave us their wedding anniversary gift. 

At the Dining Hall

At the Deck

As usual, after sending our host family down the ship, we quickly returned back to the Pacific Hall to get ready for the Send-off Ceremony

Gangway cheer

Sometimes, it wasn't all easy standing under the hot sun. Several Participating Youths (PYs) would fall out from their contingent and retreat to the back to rest. Some would faint. Our National Leader Desmond was smart enough to prepare some drinks (cold Coke) for us in case we were dehydrated. Throughout all the Send-off ceremonies, the Singapore contingent remained intact. Singapore youth too soft? Think again!

Returning to Fuji Maru, we assembled at the Pacific Hall to receive our paper ribbons.

Paper ribbon

Push the core out. Holding to the core, we throw the rest of the ribbon down

Once we collected our ribbons, everyone dashed to the open deck. Administrative staff stationed at the door kept urging everyone not to run.

The ring of the bell indicated the time to throw the ribbons.

Contingent meetings were held at 5pm to evaluate the local country programme and our homestay experience. After dinner, it was free time for the PYs as the Administrator meets with the National Leaders at the Cruise Operating Committee (COC) meeting.

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