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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

#NUSClassof2014 Commencement + LKYSPP Commencement Reception

7 July 2014

Envy 1: NUS Chancellor & President of Republic of Singapore Dr Tony Tan presents the scrolls to graduates.

Envy 2: I submitted my thesis before Thao, but she graduates first :p

Great to be back at University Cultural Centre, NUS again though. It seems just some time back that the Class of 2010, of which I am part of, threw our graduate caps.

NUS President shared about the suggestions that his colleagues gave him on the theme for his speech, ranging from World Cup to the complexity of the global reality. He eventually decided on "Happiness", and went on to urge graduates to transform negativity into constructivity. I thought that was pretty relevant in today's society.

Managed to take a photo with Eunos Grassroots Adviser, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, who's also a member of the NUS Alumni Advisory Board.

Graduates of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) were invited to the school's reception thereafter.

Happy to meet Dean Kishore Mahbubani, former Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Read many of his books and articles as an undergraduate. In his speech, he noted that this was the first time that LKYSPP graduates are presented the academic scrolls from the Chancellor, and this is because 2014 marks the school's 10th anniversary.

He also recalled how he was invited for a lunch meeting with former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan, where he was asked to be the school's first Dean.

Congratulations to the NUS Class of 2014!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

NUS Commencement 2010

12 July 2010

Gave a miss to the World Cup Finals so that I can have ample rest for my BIG day.

Reached NUS pretty early and had the luxury of time to take photos.

The ceremony started with the Professors walking along the aisles in their "Harry Potter" outfit. The Presiding Officer then announced the beginning of the ceremony.

Assoc Prof Chua Fook Kee, Vice Dean Research, Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences then introduced the guest speaker.

The Guest Speaker was Mr Adam Abdur Rahman, Director, Head of Corporate Affairs, Citi (Singapore).

After his speech, Prof Chua called out the names of the graduands as they lined up to receive their certificates.

Prof Paulin Straughan then took over to call the names.

Buffet lunch was provided.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Badminton with 7uicy Wonders

27 May 2010

Had a great time with 7uicy Wonders at Hougang Sports Hall.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Resume Writing Clinic

11 May 2010

Attended a Resume Writing Clinic session conducted by NUS Career Centre.

I always thought the best resume is the thickest resume - the more experiences you record on it, the better you look. However, this is not the case.

At the session, we were told that the ideal resume should consist only of one page. One should be selective of the experiences to list in the resume. The description of each experience should include quantifiable achievements. The use of impactful words would be useful.

The white spaces on the resume should be minimised so as to give it less boring.

Friday, April 16, 2010

EC3351 Group Presentation

8 April 2010

My most memorable Economics module in NUS must be that of the EC3351 Public Finance. Associate Professor Chia Ngee Choon is also my top-ranked Economics lecturer, for being able to simplify the otherwise complex economic models.

I was glad to get to know my peers within my project group. One was an athlete who represented Singapore in the track and field sports at SEA games Vientiane 2009 and won some medals. One was passionate in community service, and another shared the same post-study career outlook.

We researched on the Foreign Worker Levy system and explored the possibility of applying a carbon trading system to the Foreign Worker Levy as an alternative method.

NM1101E Human-Computer Interaction Tutorial

7 April 2010

My NM1101E Introduction to Communications and New Media tutorial group members are a fun lot. During our second last tutorial for the semester, we were tasked to analyse a product that has a poor HCI interface.

I brought along the NDP Nokia phone torch. Fancy as it is, the torch has an affordance problem with the buttons that could not be pressed down. And when the torch is finally activated, the light shines onto your face.

We finally selected Darryl's Polaroid camera, a complicated antique.

When we're done with our work, we thought we could borrow adhesive glue from the general office of the CNM department. However, when we were there, no one attended to us despite our long wait. The absence of a bell also turned us off. Waiving to a staff also yielded no response, so we did a commando stunning act ..... (censored).

Thursday, April 15, 2010

TR2201 7uicy Wonders Pilot-Testing

31 March - 1 April 2010

7 wonderful individuals, each from different disciplines and faculties, brainstormed a fantastic idea and now it is time to test it out.

7uicy Wonders makes fruit juice concoctions targeting at specific problems that youths face. The various flavours have names that indicate the solutions. They are the Brain Booster, Energy Escalator, Dr Detox, Weight Watcher, Stress Shield, Immunity Injector and the Complexion Clarifier.

We located ourselves in between LT 9 and LT10 where our juicing and blending machines caught the attention of many passers-by.

The pilot-testing, which spanned a period of two days, yielded great feedback and suggestions of improvement on the tastes for the various flavours. It also confirmed our idea that people drink fruit juices not just to quench their thirsts, but also due to the inherent benefits that fruits bestow.

With the positive response, some of us are really thinking of realising this project into an actual business!

Thanks to all my friends who came to support!

Listen to the Jiggle sang by Xavier:

And yes, two days of pilot-testing with lessons to attend were really tiring!

Thursday, April 08, 2010

NUSPA Chancellor's Challenge Shield 2010 Grand Finals

27 March 2010

After wishing Mother a happy birthday, I went to Eunos CC where the SLC students gathered to prepare for their house-to-house publicity for Sportacular & YouthOUT! 2010. When that was settled, I made my way to school for the Grand Finals for National University of Singapore Students' Political Association Chancellor's Challenge Shield.

The Grand Finals was held at the Lee Kong Chian Wing of the University Hall. Portraits of the present Chancellor as well as the past Chancellors decorated the lobby wall. NUS Chancellors have tended to be the President of the Republic of Singapore and that shows how much NUS means.

The PAssion team: Wei Quan, Li Yong, ME, Edgar

We waited anxiously for the results of the Semi-Finals video-making contest. We already won the Best Application Question award but that was not enough, especially when so much effort was put into the video.

Receiving the plaque for winning the 1st place for the Preliminary Round (Application Question) from CCS Project Director Zelig Dhi Lee.

Our anxious wait paid off when we received the Most Interactive Video Award!

Receiving the plaque from NUSPA President Eng Kiat:

Even though our team didn't manage to get into the Grand Finals, we are contented with our achievements. As the sole NUS team to make it into the Semi-Finals and clinching one of the video awards, we have already done the school proud.

The Guest-of-Honour for the event is Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Education & National Development and MP for Jurong GRC.

Besides a quiz segment for the Grand Finals, the finalist teams had to present their videos and answer questions from the panel of judges. The judges are Dr Malone-Lee Lai Choo, Director for Sustainable Asian Cities & Senior Lecturer at the Department of Real Estate (NUS); Mr Wilson Ang, Founder & President of Environmental Challenge Organisation (Singapore); and Mr Steven Chia, Channel NewsAsia Co-anchor for Primetime Morning.

Congratulations to Hwa Chong Institution for winning the CCS this year!

After the event, headed down to Safra Tampines where I had Mother's birthday dinner at Sakura restaurant, Father's favourite buffet restaurant.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

A tour around Queenstown

15 March 2010

The founder of, Li Yong, gave me a guided tour of Queenstown as we interviewed residents and videoed the scenes for our NUSPA CCS video competition.

Queenstown is named after Queen Elizabeth who visited the area a long time ago. It houses the first HDB flat. An ageing constituency, there is also a lot of rental flats at Queenstown.

A sky garden, atop a multi-storey carpark, stood amidst some daunting 40-storey flats.

Had a late lunch at the old market. That must be one of the oldest markets that will soon be demolished...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

NUSPA Chancellor's Challenge Shield 2010

6 March 2010

Edgar, Li Yong, Wei Quan and I formed a team (team name: PAssion) to compete with the many bright brains at the NUS Students' Political Association Chancellor's Challenge Shield 2010. As a current affairs and general knowledge competition, this year's CCS differed significantly from last year's.

After the usual Multiple Choice Questions, urban planners from the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) gave a presentation on its Master Plan. The sharing was a preparation for the next segment - the Application Question.

In the Application Question, we were tasked to work out a proposal for urban planning with the timing set at 50 years later. Our team's grassroots experience definitely was put to great use.

The next day, we received notification that we were number 1 in Outstanding Performance in Application Question! That sends us to the semi-finals where we would be making a video...

SW1101E Visit to Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre

26 February 2010

I always wonder how do Family Service Centres (FSCs) differ from Residents' Committee (RC) Centres. Both are scattered around the HDB estates and cater for the residents in the neighbourhood. That question was answered after my visit to the Ang Mo Kio FSC.

The Ang Mo Kio FSC had three branches at Ang Mo Kio, Cheng San and Seng Kang. It has provided service to the community for more than 30 years.

Several of us mentioned that prior to taking this module, we were pretty unsure what the difference between social work and volunteering was. The social worker explained that social workers do case work and counselling as well as run group work programmes. Theories guide social workers, but not volunteers.

FSCs provide an extensive range of programmes that help families. These programmes include preventive ones like the Preventive Development Programmes (PDP). The Centre also educates families on financial planning, as well as assist young families with the Healthy Start Programme.

After the short presentation, we followed a social worker and a volunteer to one of the rental flats to visit a resident. The closest I got to a rental flat is when I help residents write appeal letters to appeal for rental flats during Meet-the-People Session. The visit was definitely an eye-opener.

The rental flat looked seemingly like any other flats around the estate. It bore a new coat of paint, with a design just like any other regular HDB flats in the area. The lifts also stopped at every floor, thanks to the Lift Upgrading Programme, which did not discriminate rental flats from the others. At the void deck, there was a electronic display that would indicate the unit which requires assistance.

The resident of the 1-room flat was all in smiles when she saw us visitors. The social worker interviewed the old auntie while the volunteer cleaned the room. It was a real-life observation of the difference between the social worker and the volunteer.

SW1101E Visit to Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls

25 February 2010

The SW1101E - Introduction to Social Work module is a great module to take in NUS. As part of the module requirement, students need to visit 2 social service agencies and write a reflection paper on one of them.

I thought Pertapis was a familiar name. As I chatted with the social worker along the way to the conference room, I was right to have seen it in Eunos - the Pertapis childcare centre.

After a round of introduction, the Assistant Administrator Nurul started her presentation. The Pertapis Centre for Women and Children sat on the old Paya Lebar Kovan Community Centre building.

Caring for troubled teens since 1990, Pertapis Centre for Women and Girls became an Approved Home and Approved School under the Children and Young Persons Act (CYPA). It is also a Place of Safety under the Women's Charter and an Approved Institution under Probation of Offenders Act (POA).

Social service agencies work with the government as well as various organisations to maximise resources and minimise duplications. For instance, Pertapis and MENDAKI have a joint programme called the Integrated Programme for Troubled Teenagers (IPTT).

Through a structured programmes, the girls pick up new skills and knowledge. There is even a training salon where they could learn the trade from a professional hairstylist. However perfect the programmes could be, Nurul stressed that joint efforts from the individual, volunteers and family also play a large part towards the wellbeing of the girls.

Like all organisations, PCWG also faces many challenges. Children who are Beyond Parental Control (BPC) are involuntarily sent by their parents to the Centre. Most of them do not feel that they are in the wrong, and might exhibit anger and resentment against the staff and social workers. Although the Centre is funded by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS) and supported by the National Council of Social Service (NCSS), donations are still needed to sustain operations.

After the presentation, we took a tour around the Centre. What caught our attention was the detention room. For the girls who escaped the Centre, they would be locked up in a cell that resembles that of a prison's.

6 months before and after the girls are discharged, the Podz Youth Mentoring Scheme enables the girls to transit to their normal life.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chingay Day 1 & City Alive! 2010 Rehearsal

19 February 2010

TR2201 is getting more and more fun! It could perhaps rank #1 (in my fun list) among all the other modules in NUS. TR2201 is Entrepreneurial Marketing and taught by an adjunct professor who has amassed a lifelong experience in management and marketing and currently a consultant. To those who espouses the idea that "those who can't do, teach", this definitely is not the case.

The group met at Suvin's place.

The view from the 24th floor was awesome. One could see the Singapore Flyer and the other CBD buildings.

We came up with some secret concoctions of fruit juices until the juicer tripped on us. We appreciated our juices (made with our sweat, not literally of course!) but Joel would suffer from a bad stomache the following day.

Leaving Suvin's place, I dashed my way over to the Pit Building where City Alive! 2010 volunteers would be doing a rehearsal.

We entered the event ground during the Chingay day 1 finale. VIP cars ready to ferry the Prime Minister away:

This marked my first time seeing Chingay live, albeit just for the last few moments of it. As People's Association marks its Golden Jubilee, fireworks sprayed across the sky and a mega-birthday cake moves across the audience.

And the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM)'s float, which won the most number of votes for the design.



Immediately after the end of the Chingay programme, volunteers and officials moved into the track and transformed the entire Chingay parade ground to the City Alive! 2010 dance floor.