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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Night Jogging to Kovan

9 December 2008

Had a meeting at Citilink with Genim, See Teng and Emily over the policy debate competition that NUS Political Association is planning. After that, rushed down to Kg Chai Chee CC for speechcraft lesson organised by the Toastmasters Club. Felt the learners were all quite proficient.

Decided to go for a jog with Hock Rong. Didn't want to jog the usual route so decided to head towards Kovan. The route is all so familiar, a path that I had once cycled everyday. We toured the opposition ward and saw some rats and cockroaches amidst the dim roads.

I missed the rojak, so we headed to the 24hr coffeeshop. To my disappointment, the stall is closed for business. Is this fate? I remember the days when I would eat it almost every night, occasionally ordering an additional century egg to top it up. Otherwise, everything remains the same.

In the end, we settled for the Malay food restaurant adjacent to the rojak stall.

We brisk walked the way back and decided to take a picture at Bedok North Secondary School, just to keep a record for my NYAA.

Every matter changes, atoms are in constant movement, but that doesn't matter. What matters is that things remain the same as we see, and as long as it is that way, everything can be peaceful. Don't you agree?

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sashimi Buffet & Prawning at Pasir Ris

5 December 2008

Took a break from work and had a day out with Mr Ong. It has been a long time since I saw him and was excited about his updates.

We headed to Nihon Mura Japanese restaurant outlet at Downtown East. The buffet package was fantastic, offering more choices than Sakae Sushi. The sashimi meals are fresh as well. Mr Ong ordered all the different raw fishes which I initally was very reluctant to try. But the freshness tempted me and they taste superb!

Interestingly, when Mr Ong requested for some lemons, the waiter gave us this...

After filling our stomachs, we headed to Pasir Ris prawning farm. Mr Ong took out his prawning kit from his car boot and we rented a rod. He has his own hooks and fishing line.

There's only another family doing prawning besides us. We attracted some attention when Mr Ong caught 2 prawns within the first 10 minutes.

13 isn't really an unlucky number after all

Mr Ong is more than a teacher. He has provided guidance in my life even after graduation from Temasek JC. And with his coaching, I managed to finally detect the sensitive movements of the bait by prawns. Today I caught my first prawn!

Unfortunately, we have to end the session early as I am attending the dialogue for grassroots leaders by Aljunied GRC MPs.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Prawning at Bishan Park

29 November 2008

Moments after midnight, we decided to go prawning at Bishan Park. According to Ming Choo's reliable source, Bishan Park makes a good site for prawning. I am clueless about it, having no experience in prawning at all. Thus, I just followed blindly with them.

4 of us rented 2 prawning rods for 3 hours at a rate of $20/hr. We collected the rods and baits (chicken hearts), then proceeded to an available space to start prawning.

The prawning rod was monopolised by Hock Rong and Chee Lee. Chee Lee was there for the first time as well and he had a great deal of beginner's luck.

I finally learnt the procedures of prawning. After hooking the bait (Hock Rong suggested exposing the hook so that the hook will enter the prawn's mouth when it bites the bait; while Ming Choo proposed otherwise so that the prawn will not be suspicious of the reflection from the hook), drop the bait into the water. There is a float to indicate whether there are prawns eating and the bait. The float sinks when they do.

When the float sinks, create a tension of the line between the float/bait and the rod, with the line perpendicular to the water's surface. Jerk it slightly upwards and pull in your reward.

Hold the prawn's head and remove its claws and then the hook. Drop the prawn into the cage (partially submerged in the pond) to ensure the freshness of prawns.

We (meaning Hock Rong and Chee Lee) managed to capture 7 prawns and barbequed them on the spot. I can't forget the eyes of the prawns staring straight at me while they pierce them with the satay sticks.

Later, I refused to eat any of the prawns. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable trip.