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Monday, February 18, 2008

Chinese New Year Dinners

17 February 2008

Today the Istana was open to all Grassroots leaders for a Chinese New Year Garden Party in conjunction with Chinese New Year (of course). Faizah's Father gave us a ride to the Istana, since we both live in the same block.

Traffic police lined the road leading to the Istana. We were fortunate to be allowed to drop off there since it's double-zigzagged yellow lined road. We came early as we had a RC dinner later in the evening. However, we were not allowed entry since our MPs wouldn't be here yet. Anyhow, we went to Plaza Singapura for a cup of Mocha Frappucino at Starbucks.

We chatted for a while with most part talking about her life teaching in Bedok North Secondary School. When time came, we queued up at Istana for security clearance and then boarded the shuttle bus.

A symphonic Chinese Orchestra was performing for the crowd. Chinese Calligraphic Society members were writing for free. Other cultural groups were offering their services as well. Food was laid buffet style and waitresses were serving drinks to the crowd.

Ministers and MPs were scattered around and mingled with the crowd. Most were tied up with people wanting to take photographs with them. Managed to get a shot of Madam Ho Ching, wife of PM Lee.

Me in front of Istana Building with a messy hair.

Assoc. Prof Jayakumar!

After wishing our Mayor Zainul, we went back in Mr Yap's car to rush back for our RC event.