Monday, March 24, 2008

Skilful Parking



With the car tyre just inches away from the wall, it just makes one ponder how the driver is going to come out later on...

Eunos Town Day


After spending the entire Saturday preparing for Youth OUT!, I was back at Grassroots work at the Eunos Town Day event on Sunday morning. Held at the Old Temporary Market, the event was organised by Eunos Zone '1' RC.


My Zone was designated to man the "Children Fishing" station, so there I was facilitating and managing the children at the tank, timing them and at times scooping some fishes for those disappointed children who didn't manage to get any.


The queue of children never ceased to end throughout the event. Children fishing is a very attractive game and proud to say, it was introduced by my Zone into Eunos when we hosted the Eunos Precinct Day.


Initially I started off adhering very strictly to the rules and regulations of the games. Later learnt that it's a grassroots event and the main point is for the residents to enjoy, so I became flexible and even started playing with the kids. This is something enjoyable. Socially exciting!


At 1pm, YEC, SLC and CSC members went to the Eunos Community Club with the Mayor for a photo-taking session for the Singapore Youth Olympics publicity.


Kept smsing Bao Hui who went to her class chalet. Coins kept dropping...


Have been spreading a handphone ringtone that mimics the sound of coins dropping on the floor around YEC members. Haha.


Took a 5 hour nap to replenish whatever lost during the entire fortnight and studying through the night for SN1101E midterm test!

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Youth OUT! Preparation

19 March 2008

Received the SMS from Jialing stating that the Vice Principal of Damai Secondary School would be free to meet up. So at half past noon, I arrived at my alma mater.

Walking through the canteen, memories poured through the brain. At 1.05pm, the NT classes ended and there came Jialing and Rahayu. Together we went to see the VP, Mr Leow, who seems to be in his late thirties and exudes a friendly personality. He got us to sit inside the Principal's office and listened to the details of our event.

After that, we had lunch at the school canteen. The chicken rice stall is the only stall that hadn't changed its owner and food. After 2 servings of lunch, we began to paste posters around the school. The 2 girls were tasked to also promote the event during morning assembly the next day.

It was so coincidental that I saw Stacey and Wei Wen who came to school to visit the teachers.

At 3pm, I embarked on the journey to Balloon Connexion, who sponsored 200 silver balloons for Youth OUT! There, the boss gave a short briefing on her business portfolio and how we could collaborate in the future.

Later at night, met Shamin, a member of a religious movement. He happens to know my political science lecturer and we began to discuss local politics. Cool.

A petty crime occured to a friend and so I played Sherlock Holmes for the large part of the night and we cleared some misunderstandings. It was cool too. Perhaps I should look into becoming a PI or some ISD secret agent.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Flattening World

There is really no link between the title and what I'm going to be writing today. Got really inspired by Thomas L. Friedman's The World Is Flat. And I think Windows Live Mail is a must-have for all bloggers!

So many events occurred in the past month.

Not too long after visiting the Parliament House for the Budget Debate, the escape of the Mas Selamat bin Kastari began to hit the headlines for days. Conspiracy theorists added some humour to the matter with the various viewpoints such as 1) He's dead, search is a cover-up; 2) mobilise the police since they have been too complacent; 3) he's being tracked via an irremovable device so that he can lead the security forces to his den. I'd been to the Internal Security Department Exhibition Gallery. Not only now did I realise that I was then standing above detention cells.

Following that unbelievable news that a terrorist escaped from the Gurkha-guarded installation, the Barisan Nasional of Malaysia lost the two-third majority of the parliamentary seats. More than 4 decades ago, PAP contested in Malaysia calling for a Malaysian Malaysia. UMNO was furious. Today, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim championed the cause of racial equality and won big.

I guess it's been a very long time since I stepped into a Polyclinic. It's well known to be a great place to get MCs and to waste time waiting. On Monday, the bladder gang and I accompanied Bao Hui to seek treatment on her earhole with a ear stud stuck into it.

At noon, we arrived at Sengkang Polyclinic and I was shocked [out of my life] to see a "Closed" sign requesting patients to come back after the lunch break as the clinic is overcrowded. Something sounds wrong -- the system or the health of people?

After getting in to the Polyclinic, we waited for more than an hour to receive a referral letter to SGH. The wait at SGH A&E department is horrendous. To get a glimpse of the doctor, there was a wait of close to 2 hours. The doctor then told Bao Hui to wait a further hour for the Ear specialist to arrive.

The most important thing is that the ear surgery was perfect. And the service was too. No wonder Bao Hui kept thinking of the Doctor for days!

After that the Bladder group went for their dinner while I embarked on a jogging mission to supper! A paradox in itself though. Jian Hao was a great company. We ran on the Park Connector to East Coast Park when we failed to reach Changi Village. There we found out that the food court is closed, so we ran to Blk 85 market instead. Long jog, Great Food, Wonderful feel.

It's been sometime since I did something real good to someone. And I was glad that the person was appreciative.

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