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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Zhong Yuan Festival: 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival

22 August 2009

Every year, Uncle will invite us to the 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival. This year, something is missing and that is the presence of Father.

Held in the Seventh Month of the Lunar calendar, the Zhong Yuan Carnival commences with prayers, and then ending with an auction dinner. The items are mostly auspicious items and can be bidded up to thousands of dollars. I always dream of the day when I can participate in such auctions.

Mother and I arrived very early. We found ourselves a good position such that we could view the getai performances while the auction was being conducted.

I had a little too much wine and was blushing all over. Being the youngest, all the excess food were automatically channelled to my plate. That made me super full!

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zhong Yuan Festival : 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival

2 August 2008

It is Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节) again. Although some would call it the Hungry Ghost Festival, a more appropriate way to put it would be the former one. Zhong Yuan means middle season. During Zhong Yuan Festival, companies would organise Zhong Yuan Carnival, where auspicious goodies would be put up for auction while dinner is served.

As per previous years, Uncle Francis had a table reserved for the Fong family. The carnival is organised by the Tampines Blk 9007 Industrial Estate companies.

After watching 881 and listening to Hokkien songs being repeated uncountable times during the Eunos Harmony Trail, I listened to the Getai performers more attentively than previous years. My relatives and father, as usual, were dissatisfied with the quality of the Getai performers.

It is amazing how people can bid for items worth less than $500 until the price reached above $5000. I visualised the future me to be rich enough to participate in this high-end activity. After reading "How to talk to anyone : 92 little tricks for Big Success in Relationship", I used some of the techniques to judge the Big players and admired them.

Anyhow, the main point of my presence was the FOOD!

A featured auction item is the Barrel of Gold. This barrel would be circulated among all the dining tables, where all participants would place a token sum into it. It would then be bidded.

The main draw that day turned out to be an unexpected brawl a few tables away from us. A drunkard was provoked and threw someone to the floor. Apathetic Singaporeans seated around the table didn't move any part of their body except their necks to watch the fight.

The helpers (who were sprinkled around the vicinity to blow whistles and shout out the new bid prices) immediately rushed to separate them but to no avail, until Uncle Francis (dubbed the Hulk) turned up. He grabbed the assailant and dragged him all the way to an empty space. A couple of times, the drunkard threw punches to him but he (without much effort) brushed him in an Aikido-like fashion.

The drunkard seized attention away from the Getai and the auctioneer for about 30 minutes. Finally, he had the honour to be chauffeured away by the Police.

Monday, February 04, 2008

The Wan Soon Lee Business

Having read a couple of books on the Singapore politics, it excited me when I knew that my Uncle was once with the Workers' Party. I admire the spirit of WP ex-Secretary General Joshua Benjamin Jeyaratnam, with his immense belief that nothing can quash the "indomitable spirit".

JBJ: "I have taken the view always, that nothing outside the person can destroy the person. That no force outside can destroy a person. That the human spirit is indomitable."

My Uncle had been to most of his political rallies and had also helped out in the Anson by-election which saw JBJ into Parliament. My Uncle had also spoken to JBJ in person. Wow, how cool! One of the significant moments in Singapore politics. It must have been great memory.

It was also my first time today that I set foot in my 4th Uncle's industrial building. Incidentally, I found out that both Uncles used "Wan Soon Lee" in their business' names.

Wan Soon Lee Furniture & Construction
17 Sungei Kadut Street 6 Singapore 728862
[Call 63685841 if you want to renovate your place]

Wan Soon Lee Auto Service
[Call 97113260 for any repair services for your automobile]

Lately, I've been receiving quite a lot of comments on my blog entry on "QSTR Business Opportunity". Would like to express my gratitude to those who shared more information about it which had in one way or another helped others decide on joining it.