Monday, June 13, 2011

eRAS Training for Eunos Grassroots Leaders

4 January 2011

Eunos Grassroots Leaders gathered at the Community Club to undergo a training on the electronic Registration and Attendance-taking System (eRAS).

The new portable ID scanner

eRAS aids grassroots volunteers strengthening the outreach to residents and the community.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Year Countdown with Eunos Heights RC

31 December 2010

Had a cosy New Year Countdown with Eunos Heights Residents' Committee members and family as per the past few years.

"Santa Claus bless us please"

Thank you Santa for the lucky numbers

Communicating on Television: Unity in Diversity

28 December 2010

Shared about my SSEAYP experience with fellow Toastmasters at Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club Chapter meeting.  

I was attempting the Advanced Project Manual: Communicating on Television, Project 1 - Straight Talk. And my speech title was "Unity in Diversity"

Receiving the Best Speaker Award from Club President Andrew Kuan

Experiencing a Train Ride on the KTM Railway

26 December 2010

It must have been about 15 years since I last took a train to Malaysia. The Tanjong Pagar railway station looked exactly the same as much as I could recall.

Railway operations into the Tanjong Pagar station would cease by 1 July 2011. This is a remarkable achievement by the government to finally resolve the railway issue. Singapore could be the only country in the world that had part of its land owned by a foreign country, all the way leading to the Central Business District. I am glad that Singapore could regain the sovereignty over our own land come July 2011. That the issue could be settled amicably between Singapore and Malaysia is something that both nations could be proud of.

Architecture bears British influence

Tanjong Pagar station should be preserved for its historical significance and architecture

Malaysia flags

We cleared Malaysia immigration customs at the station.

The sight from within the train cabins was an interesting one. Lots of greenery with private condominiums and public housing estates in the background.

At Woodlands, we alighted with our luggage and cleared the Singapore customs.

Once in the cabin, a train officer checked the tickets of passengers and punched a hole on them.

What a huge contrast in the KTM station of Tanjong Pagar and of Johore

Once disembarked, we went to some shopping malls in Johore.

So is it safe to change here?

Christmas Night with 37th SSEAYP Facilitator Neil

25 December 2010

SSEAYP Discussion Group (Cross Cultural Understanding Promotion) Facilitator Neil was in Singapore on Christmas Day.

Rehana announces wedding plans at post-SSEAYP gathering

22 December 2010

The first post-SSEAYP SPY gathering was at a dining place along Arab Street.

Celebrating the birthdays of Jun Yi, Fairuz, Jiale, Patrick, Zatan

Rehana also announced her wedding plans and handed us a very uniquely designed wedding invitation card.

The first PY wedding after SSEAYP

Eunos Grassroots Organisation Workplan 2011

19 December 2010

Eunos Heights Residents' Committee held our monthly Food Exchange Recycling Programme where residents could exchange their recyclables for food items such as instant noodles/biscuits/bee hoon.

In the afternoon, Eunos Grassroots Leaders gathered at Eunos Community Club for Workplan 2011 meeting.

Eunos Citizens' Consultative Committee Chairman Sim Wai Chin BBM addressing fellow GRLs

NACLI facilitator briefing GRLs on People's Association 2015 workplan

In the evening, emceed for Kg Chai Chee Garden Hill Residents' Committee Christmas Party.