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Thursday, April 15, 2010

TR2201 7uicy Wonders Pilot-Testing

31 March - 1 April 2010

7 wonderful individuals, each from different disciplines and faculties, brainstormed a fantastic idea and now it is time to test it out.

7uicy Wonders makes fruit juice concoctions targeting at specific problems that youths face. The various flavours have names that indicate the solutions. They are the Brain Booster, Energy Escalator, Dr Detox, Weight Watcher, Stress Shield, Immunity Injector and the Complexion Clarifier.

We located ourselves in between LT 9 and LT10 where our juicing and blending machines caught the attention of many passers-by.

The pilot-testing, which spanned a period of two days, yielded great feedback and suggestions of improvement on the tastes for the various flavours. It also confirmed our idea that people drink fruit juices not just to quench their thirsts, but also due to the inherent benefits that fruits bestow.

With the positive response, some of us are really thinking of realising this project into an actual business!

Thanks to all my friends who came to support!

Listen to the Jiggle sang by Xavier:

And yes, two days of pilot-testing with lessons to attend were really tiring!

Monday, February 15, 2010

TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing

6 February 2010

TR2201 Entrepreneurial Marketing must be the most exciting and experential module you would find in NUS. As part of the module requirement, students have to generate ideas, do pilot-testing and concluding it with a marketing plan.

So immediately after the weekly meeting with Bedok North Secondary School Service Learning Club (SLC) students, I rushed to Suvin's area to meet up with the rest as we explore the abundant ideas that we have.

We went to Mad Jack restaurant to check out the fruit juices as well as Potato Farmland, which coincidentally was closed!

Friday, September 05, 2008

Business Network International (BNI) - Business Referral Revolution

Grab anyone in the street and ask him/her what's the best advertising method, and he/she will probably tell you it's word-of-mouth advertising.

Over the few decades, entrepreneurs have come up with various means and concepts to improve on sales by changing the way products are advertised. Every physical space that can contain advertisements are sought for. In the past, ads were restricted to billboards, newspapers and the interruptions to your soap opera. Now, advertisements follow where we go, for instance mobile phone, public transport, escalators, laptop lids, and the list just adds on. Advertisements are also more targetted.

One significant innovation of promoting business is the network marketing or multi-level marketing approach. It was first legalised after a lawsuit victory of Amway International. It plays on the fact that word-of-mouth referral is the most effective form of advertising. The industry has always been tainted with a bad name, not forgetting that some countries even outlaw such activities.

Today, I discovered a new concept. I learnt of this concept from a client. After hearing him out, I realised that actually I had received invitations from some other clients and a few other mailing groups.

Called the Business Network Int'l (BNI Marketing Pte Ltd), it is a platform for entrepreneurs/business owners to gain referrals for their business. The network is segregated into different chapters. Within each chapter, members come from various industries. Once the slot of a particular industry is filled, then no other parties from the same industry can join in the chapter.

The members of each network would gather every week for breakfast sessions to promote their businesses. Each member would be given a namecard holder so as to promote the businesses of other members in the chapter. There is an annual membership fee that (what I heard from my client) could be earned back easily.

This concept came fresh to me even though it had been around since 1985, an idea born out of Dr. Ivan R Misner. It seemed to be a macro-MLM to me when I first heard about it.

More ideas of promoting will surely surface from time to time. This is how the intellect of human works. But for now, I don't think I'm going to take part in this and would be enjoying breakfast at home.

Tonight won't be seeing BH... :(

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Making Money from Grieving Moments

I had a hard time figuring out a suitable title.

I just came across an article titled "Bye Bye, Love" in Time Magazine.
Business for products aimed at the newly divorced, from greeting cards and postbreakup getaway packages to custom-made cakes and joke gifts like wedding-ring coffins, is booming. New Orleans resident ReneƩ Savant bought a hearse, thinking she would rent it out for over-the-hill-birthday celebrations. But since she began her service last October, the hottest demand has come from clients who want to ride around as they and friends celebrate the death of their marriages. "I would never in a million years have thought the fad would be divorce parties," says Savant.

In the capitalistic market, all sorts of innovation and ideas turn into profitable businesses. As Divorce becomes a prevalent trend in the United States and some Western countries, entrepreneurs come up with divorce parties and gifts.

To an extent, such parties provide solace and comfort for the just-divorced individual. Before the concept of divorce parties, divorcees might bear the pain herself. They might not have the courage to seek help from peers or might not know where they could otherwise seek help. So with the introduction of divorce parties, friends and relatives come together and "celebrate", thereby alleviating the pain involved in the process.
Divorce gifts, like the knife rack above, also act as destressing (or revenge) tools.

I believe people in the East have not yet adopted such customs of throwing divorce parties. After reading the article, it reminds me of an industry in Singapore that is very profitable -- The Business for the Dead.

Why burn incense paper when you can burn designer handbags, branded watches, mobile phones, cars or even aeroplanes?

I had a hard time figuring out the title simply because such moments might not be so grieving after all...

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Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Day of Enquiry with the ACRA helpdesk

10 July 2008

You know holidays are about to end when you need to choose your modules again. Selected my modules for the module preference exercise. The theme of study for the coming semester would be Chinese Politics. Studying is about strategising. Why spread yourself thin when you can focus on an area?

After settling the module preference, I went on to Bizfile to help my Uncle in renewing his business registration. From what I thought was a simple process, it took me the whole of my afternoon to get it settled and done with.

Logging on to Bizfile, I discovered that the business registration is expired. I clicked on the renewal button but it can't work. So I picked up the phone and call the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) helpdesk.

Through a long process of repeated calling to ACRA helpdesk and my Uncle, I realised that it will take you just a few months to get your business registration totally cancelled. It does not matter if your business had been operating for decades. With the new policy mooted just 2 years ago, business owners now need to be very prudent and diligent when renewing business registration.

An alternative route of redress was offered by the friendly ACRA helpdesk staff. Enclose a $30 cheque to the Ministry of Finance as a processing fee, together with a letter to the Business Faciliatation Branch of ACRA detailing the reason of delay in renewal and purpose of retaining the original business registration number. This was subjected to the departments' approval.

I immediately typed out a letter on behalf of my Uncle and would be awaiting for the reply from the authorities.

At night, I indirectly learnt some incidents that had been happening. I just find it strange why one could be so unconsciously addicted to money but proclaimed that one is not. It is one thing to love money, yet another to be addicted to it. My message to the individual: Even if you proclaim that money is not the factor, you know it is. Do something about it before it is too late.