Friday, July 18, 2014

Singapore could probably host a Football match between Bangladesh and Guam. Read on to find out these interesting coupling of FIFA Country Codes

Ya, I know World Cup 2014 is over. I am but a non-football enthusiast who gets intrigued by disciplined Tiki Taka-styled football and probably would just tune in to Germany matches (and Singapore's if we ever make it to World Cup...) once in 2 years (think Euro).

While the whole world was shocked by the punishing score of 1-7 of BRA-GER, I was actually amused by the FIFA Country Codes of these two nations. How apt for BRAzil and GERmany to be associated.

And so I read the list of FIFA Country Codes and discovered more amusing couplings. Check them out:

COL-BRA (Cobra) : Colombia vs Brazil

ARM-BAN : Armenia vs Bangladesh 

Hai–BRB : Haiti vs Barbados
And you know you messaged at the wrong time. 

COM-DOM : Comoros vs Dominican Republic 
(Image is censored)

FIN-EST : Finland vs Estonia 

VIR-USA - US Virgin Islands vs United States of America

IND-FRA : India vs France 

CAN-LIE : Canada vs Liechtenstein 

MAD-SAM : Madagascar vs Samoa 

BAN-GUM : Bangladash vs Guam 
Singapore might be happy to host the match

MAR-VEN : Morocco vs Venezuela 
The battle of the Men of Mars and Women of Venus

NAM-BER : Namibia vs Bermuda  

POR-NOR : Portugal vs Norway 
(Please click here to verify you are above 18)

SWE-SUI : Sweden vs Switzerland
The Swee (Pretty) meets the Sway (Unlucky)

COK-CUB : Cook Islands vs Cuba 

CHA-KOR (Charcoal) : Chad vs South Korea 

PUR-PLE : Puerto Rico vs Palestine
Purple Light in the Valley, that is where, I want to be...

WAL-RUS : Wales vs Russia 

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

#NUSClassof2014 Commencement + LKYSPP Commencement Reception

7 July 2014

Envy 1: NUS Chancellor & President of Republic of Singapore Dr Tony Tan presents the scrolls to graduates.

Envy 2: I submitted my thesis before Thao, but she graduates first :p

Great to be back at University Cultural Centre, NUS again though. It seems just some time back that the Class of 2010, of which I am part of, threw our graduate caps.

NUS President shared about the suggestions that his colleagues gave him on the theme for his speech, ranging from World Cup to the complexity of the global reality. He eventually decided on "Happiness", and went on to urge graduates to transform negativity into constructivity. I thought that was pretty relevant in today's society.

Managed to take a photo with Eunos Grassroots Adviser, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, who's also a member of the NUS Alumni Advisory Board.

Graduates of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy (LKYSPP) were invited to the school's reception thereafter.

Happy to meet Dean Kishore Mahbubani, former Permanent Representative to the United Nations. Read many of his books and articles as an undergraduate. In his speech, he noted that this was the first time that LKYSPP graduates are presented the academic scrolls from the Chancellor, and this is because 2014 marks the school's 10th anniversary.

He also recalled how he was invited for a lunch meeting with former Deputy Prime Minister Dr Tony Tan, where he was asked to be the school's first Dean.

Congratulations to the NUS Class of 2014!

Sunday, July 06, 2014

9 Life Lessons from Walking Dead

Managed to complete 4 Seasons of the Walking Dead TV series in about two weeks. Thanks to Fox Movies Play Channel for taking a pretty long time to refresh its list of new movies, so I decided to watch what was available and got hooked onto Walking Dead. I never liked having Walking Dead episodes interfering with my Fox Movies Premium movie screening, but things are different now.

So here's a compilation of 9 Life Lessons from the hit series Walking Dead: 

1. Never ever walk backwards facing your opponent

Because you will almost ALWAYS trip and lose your footing, or get freaked out by a walker that is grinning at you.

2. Always have some questions in mind to check strangers out

Q1: How many walkers have you killed?
Q2: How many people have you killed?
Q3: Why?

And you can deduce whether you welcome them into your circle of trust.

3. Be careful how you treat people, cuz' they will always come back to haunt you

Left someone behind? He probably awaits you in another time of your life.

4. Hold on to your faith, but know when to move on

You will almost always get what you wish for. The people you love and you thought had died, will actually be looking for you in a nearby forest. But know when to move on, especially when you encounter a "Sofia" moment (the group kept searching for this girl, and eventually found her in their own barn, in the form of a walker)

5. Giving up is never an option

Initially you thought that people turn into walkers after they are bitten. And then you realise everyone is a carrier and will turn upon death. There is no giving up, and there is no heaven after death.

6. Rules are never meant to be followed

Each group has its rules, which are always breached by group members, especially the leaders. So why bother sticking to archaic rules?

7. Don't stay in your comfort zone

Nowhere is a place safe enough for you to continue staying put at. Not even a fenced-up Prison since there can always be a Prison Break, literally.

8. Make your enemy work for you

Get them to carry your bags, and then get rid of them later on.

9. The worst scumbag can have the kindest heart. The gentleman can have the darkest soul.

Never judge a book by its cover. Daryl "Legolas" Dixon looks like a jerk but has the kindest of all hearts.