Sunday, July 06, 2014

9 Life Lessons from Walking Dead

Managed to complete 4 Seasons of the Walking Dead TV series in about two weeks. Thanks to Fox Movies Play Channel for taking a pretty long time to refresh its list of new movies, so I decided to watch what was available and got hooked onto Walking Dead. I never liked having Walking Dead episodes interfering with my Fox Movies Premium movie screening, but things are different now.

So here's a compilation of 9 Life Lessons from the hit series Walking Dead: 

1. Never ever walk backwards facing your opponent

Because you will almost ALWAYS trip and lose your footing, or get freaked out by a walker that is grinning at you.

2. Always have some questions in mind to check strangers out

Q1: How many walkers have you killed?
Q2: How many people have you killed?
Q3: Why?

And you can deduce whether you welcome them into your circle of trust.

3. Be careful how you treat people, cuz' they will always come back to haunt you

Left someone behind? He probably awaits you in another time of your life.

4. Hold on to your faith, but know when to move on

You will almost always get what you wish for. The people you love and you thought had died, will actually be looking for you in a nearby forest. But know when to move on, especially when you encounter a "Sofia" moment (the group kept searching for this girl, and eventually found her in their own barn, in the form of a walker)

5. Giving up is never an option

Initially you thought that people turn into walkers after they are bitten. And then you realise everyone is a carrier and will turn upon death. There is no giving up, and there is no heaven after death.

6. Rules are never meant to be followed

Each group has its rules, which are always breached by group members, especially the leaders. So why bother sticking to archaic rules?

7. Don't stay in your comfort zone

Nowhere is a place safe enough for you to continue staying put at. Not even a fenced-up Prison since there can always be a Prison Break, literally.

8. Make your enemy work for you

Get them to carry your bags, and then get rid of them later on.

9. The worst scumbag can have the kindest heart. The gentleman can have the darkest soul.

Never judge a book by its cover. Daryl "Legolas" Dixon looks like a jerk but has the kindest of all hearts.

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