Thursday, June 14, 2007

Eunos Heights Family Day cum Mayor's Dialogue

The precinct day event this time round is organised by my Residents' Committee, Eunos Zone 3 RC. After 3 weeks of planning, the RC came up with a Eunos Heights Family Day event which turned out to be a hit among the residents.

At 0630 hrs, we began to set up the games stations and some decorations. Soon, the music began to call for the residents.

At 0830 hrs, the residents began to start playing the games. I was tasked to manage the "Wheel of Winners" game station. The game was so enticing that the moment the queue started at 0830 hrs, it never ended until after the whole function at 1300 hrs.

My Father came and supported my Uncle in managing the durian stall while my Mother assisted me in mine. 2 Aunts came to attend the function too. It's really fulfilling to spend the time with loved ones for a Sunday.

During the Mayor's Dialogue, I assisted the notes taker in recording of the dialogue.

There are still much for me to learn ...

Friday, June 01, 2007

Aljunied GRC Youth Dialogue 2007 with BG George Yeo

When we arrived at the Paya Lebar Kovan Community Centre, Minister of Foreign Affairs BG George Yeo and Madam Cinthia Phua just arrived. Eunos YEC members had a chance to have a handshake with the Minister.

We had a nice buffet dinner before the dialogue started at 8pm. The hall was packed with students from Yuying Secondary, Xinmin Secondary, Bedok North Secondary, Serangoon Junior College, Nanyang Junior College and voluntary youth organisations.

BG Yeo initiated the dialogue by getting the youth to ask questions they have in mind as the audiences' concerns were diverse in nature.

The key issues raised were regarding the sudden withdrawal of UNSW, GST offset package, Ministerial pay rise, etc.