Friday, July 06, 2007

Why some people get rich but not happy

Each of us possesses a distinct financial blueprint which reflects from our subconscious mind. The way we are brought up and the environment that we are in contribute certain materials and influences to our subconscious minds.

Every one of us has our own goals and dreams. They inspire and provide the energy, passion and enthusiasm that drives us into doing certain activities to attain them. There are two different sources of energy -- I call them the Dark Energy and the Light Energy.

Dark Energy

Have you ever been despised by someone and vowed that when you turn successful and rich one day, you will throw money on his/her face?

Using hatred or jealousy as a main form of energy source to drive you towards your goal will not make you happy when you are really rich or when you obtain your goals. You might actually end up lonely and lose a sense of purpose. Initially there might be a grin as you finally outperform your rivals. But the happiness is short-lived when you use the Dark Energy.

Light Energy

In contrary, when you use a positive form of energy, the Light Energy, you will actually end up enjoying what you are doing even though you have achieved your goals. This is because when you use the Light Energy, Love and Compassion are driving you towards achieving them.

When you attain your goals, you will then aim higher because you have a deeper sense of purpose in life.

To be continued... (zzZ)