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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Is Jolly Shandy Non-Alcoholic?

I remember drinking Jolly Shandy when I was in my Secondary schooldays. A can of Jolly Shandy turned my face slightly reddish. My peers thought it was an exaggerated reaction. Their thinking was justified since the alcohol content of Jolly Shandy is below 1%.

On my way home, I saw an advertisement of Jolly Shandy on a bus. What caught my eye was the claim that Jolly Shandy belonged to the non-alcoholic category. I was stunned for a moment.

What happens to the innocent young children who see Jolly Shandy as a soft drink. What happens if Muslims were to unknowingly consume Jolly Shandy? Isn't it inaccurate to label it non-alcoholic when there is alcoholic content within the drink?

Anyway, I boarded the bus. At a traffic light junction, the light turned green for the bus and a drunkard was taking his own sweet time strolling in front of the bus. The bus driver pressed the horn slightly and this angered the drunkard.

The drunkard mumbled some words and pointed fingers, challenging the driver to go out for a fight. The driver ignored him and he spat at the windscreen in the direction of the driver. Tough life for a bus driver, isn't it?

I find this incident rather ironic. Here was a man who just enjoyed his alcohol and now spitting at a bus with an alcoholic (non-alcoholic category) drink advertisement.

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

My Maiden Post in the Straits Times Forum

This is my first letter to the Straits Times Newspapers. It did not appear in the printed media but I'm glad to see it online.

Monday, November 20, 2006

Purpose for Transport Companies to issue rewards?

I have just entered this topic into TJC forum because I find this topic very commentable.

See, Singapore has two major transport players. They do not actually face a true competition. Their buses and trains do not overlap each other's routes, and they actually serve different major sectors of the island. Based on this fact, it is hard to think that the rewards are given to retain loyalty of customers.

The rewards given are great deals. Prizes include free transport for a year, free overseas trips, etc. You can find this on some of their buses and trains.

Transport costs keep rising every year. If the rewards are provided for by these companies, is it acceptable for the citizens? The prizes only go to some lucky customers. Transport costs affect all. Surely they should pour such profits back into restoring their transport fares.

My next step is to contact the companies and see their replies.