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Thursday, December 11, 2008

G.I.O Gold Investment

Learnt of this new gold investment opportunity from a friend. I was curious about it and brought some information booklets back.

According to the booklet, Gold Institution Organisation (G.I.O) is registered in Panama in 1997 as a financial institution specialising in wealth preservation strategies. It is a "leading retailer of precious metal internationally".

There are 3 types of gold investments - paper gold, actual gold and gold future. G.I.O Gold is a fusion of the benefits of both paper gold and actual gold investments by reducing the risk of paper gold investment and increasing the returns of actual gold investment.

G.I.O Gold works this way. An investor would first purchase gold from the company. He will then deposit the gold with G.I.O Gold and receive dividends triweekly. The dividends are paid in the form of gold and the grammage is a percentage of your initial investment. The returns is 12% a month. For example, a 250g gold investment would fetch a 30g/month return. Each investment lasts for 12 months.

The investor can sell his accumulated gold for cash or redeem them as gold nuggets (admin charges applicable). The gold is 99.9 gold. At the end of 12 months, the returns are the original investment and the dividends.

Of course every investment would have its risk. As gold price increases, your investment returns increase as well. When gold price drops, you might just want to hold your gold as gold and not sell them away. However, since the investor owns the gold himself, he can choose when to sell it for a higher return.


Saturday, December 01, 2007

Smart Investment Talk by Money Problems Solved (

Attended a networking event held at the Regent Hotel.

The Advertisement:

*Find out how You can earn 3% interest on Your finances every month!

* Learn the best-kept secrets on Futures, Indices and Options Trading!

*Find out how you can Generate a FOUR FIGURE passive income within 2-3months, with just $40 !

"Money Problems Solved is a group of individuals like you and I, founded in Singapore in September 2007 upon a book of the same title that was written in 1992. MoneyPS members are interested in finance, property, and investments at the personal level, the family level, and also, the business level. Members are able to network and cross-sell their products and services through our meetings and soon, worldwide,through our upcoming web portal. Purchasers of the MoneyPS book automatically become members of the club. We also raise funds for charities including the Willing Hearts Foundation and Unicef through the sales of the book. Currently, we have over 7000 members, and 120 active members in Singapore of varying professions, experiences and backgrounds."

The Programme:

MoneyPS is founded by Lance Frederick Shaw, an Australian residing in Singapore. Lance presented the programme to the audience.

Purchase a book "Thrifty and Drifty", which is a colouring book with simplified finance and investment information. Even kids can read this book. Price = 20 Euro. Once a member, you can purchase the book at a lower price and resell it to referrals.

After book purchase, you may choose to invest a sum of money with MoneyPS, minimum S$1000. The programme guarantees a minimum interest rate of 3% per month even though it had reached 17% in some months. The investments are managed by traders. Therefore, you typically do not need to do anything with it.

There is also a MLM feature in this programme. For your direct referrals, you can earn a commission value equal to 50% of interests earned from the referral. For the second level and third level, you can earn 10% of interests.

Other than profits from investment, MoneyPS is also capitalising on the vast database of customers to derive an additional income. This is possible because customers have to indicate that they permit the company to use their information before they could purchase the book online.

How to start?
1. Log on to and buy a book with Referral ID: 8919
2. You will receive your own ID via an email from the Administrators.

For investments,
You would need to sign a loan agreement with Lance Shaw, with him promising to return you 3% returns monthly. Upon signing the agreement, you will have a 7-day cooling period.