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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Where are the Nurses?

A friend of mine was sick and I accompanied him to Changi General Hospital. This is a hospital which is not in my list of top 1,000 preferred hospital. Neither do I link anything satisfactory with this hospital due to prior bad experiences.

Once, my Grandmother was warded and her wrist tag bore the wrong name and NRIC. On another occasion, the service by a staff nurse was so bad that my Grandmother became fearful of that nurse. I have heard of many other people with poor reviews of CGH. Nevertheless, it's the hospital of the East and one just has to accept that fact when one resides in the East.

My grouse this time round zooms in on the nurses' station at the A&E area.

Where are the nurses? 11 Nurses? Not one to be seen for a good long time.

It is understandable that nurses are away from their station to attend to the ever-long queue of patients. That can be forgived. But what about the disorganised and messy counter?

Syringes and Urine Sample placed anyhow:

Blood Samples placed anywhere:

More blood samples and confidential patients' information:

The nurses are helpful and friendly. By lodging a formal complaint, I'll be very unfair to the nurses who have provided good customer service. However, if no complaint is made, then improvements would be slow to come by.

Sigh... Where are the nurses?

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

One Night Stay at Novotel

11 January 2009

Mother had a complimentary one night stay at Novotel Hotel, so we went on the eve of my new school term.

At 2pm, we checked into the hotel. The receptionist gave us a free upgrade to a premium suite on the 24th floor. There were iMac computers at the lobby to allow customers to log on and surf the web. Novotel is not as big as most hotels but it is definitely cosy. From our window, we could see the Singapore River and the city landscape.

As usual, we toured the facilities around the hotel. The small swimming pool is outdoors. There is a small gym with no staff. Wearing slippers, I burnt some 10 calories before we left for our lunch at Liang Court.

I didn't know that there was such a shopping mall catered for Japanese. At Liang Court, most of the restaurants serve Japanese food. If I did not just walk in from Novotel, I would thought I was in Japan when I saw the product items in the shopping mart. Needless to say, we had Jap food for High-Tea!

We ate at BOTEJYU Okonomiyaki restaurant and ordered variant dishes to try. At one point, I kept sprinkling the seaweed powder onto my bowl cuz' it tasted so good.

I retreated back to the hotel to sleep. When I woke up, we left for Chinatown to do some shopping at OG and dining.

At 11.30pm, Lin Qiang and I went to Satay Club restaurant to watch the football match between Manchester United and Chelsea. Sear joined us after his movie. Our principal motive was to enjoy the match but ended up getting a dish for each of us and a 18-satay plate that costs $15! The food is undeniably good, but Lin Qiang's chicken chop was too small, smaller than his fist.

The match was fantastic. Manchester United won an astounding 3-0 against Chelsea.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

A Patient's Review on Pan Island Dental Surgery

Pan Island Dental Surgery
Tel: +65 6445 3852
Blk 632, Bedok Reservoir Road,
#01-804, Singapore 470632

Entering the clinic, one would be greeted friendly by the clinic attendant. I was there for teeth cleaning. The Dental Surgeon is Dr. Chan Chan Seng B.D.S. (Singapore), a graduate from National University of Singapore. His wife and daughter helped out at his clinic.

After a short waiting time, I met with Dr. Chan. He did some fact finding and began his work. The process was comfortable, unlike previous occasions when I visited the National Dental Centre and school dental centres. Dr. Chan is experienced in that he pinpointed the problem very quickly and very precisely.

Overall, I would rate my experience with Pan Island Dental Surgery as Excellent. 5 Star, despite the fact that it is a neighbourhood clinic.