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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Immense Value of Giving Speeches

It occured to me that giving speeches in seminars do earn one a great income, but never did I know how powerful it can be. At the WIS 2006, John Childers presented the idea to me, as well as to the rest of the audience.

You see, speaking in public is a one-to-many sales technique instead of one-to-one sales technique. By doing a one-to-many, you can actually increase the efficiency of your sales and the credibility of yourself. When you show that you have the confidence to speak out and convince the crowd, people will develop trust in you even though they have never seen you in their entire living life.

So if they start to listen to you, and they start to like what you are saying, it will be easy to promote a product to the audience. When you compare a one-to-one selling, the odds may be about 10-20% chance of closing a sale. Whereas if you do a one-to-many selling, a 10-20% would give you a good portion of the audiences.

When training others to speak, these learners will eventually turn out to be great speakers in their own realms and regions. When this happens, they become living proof and testimonials of yourself. And your value increases, and people will start inviting you to give speeches at their events.

Finally, you will just need to speak once in a while to get your living expenses. What a great potential job it might be.