Sunday, April 29, 2007

Income = Value x Time x Scalability


Why are handphones more expensive than others? Because of the difference in functions and the difference in the value that is added on to the users.

Whether you want it or not, everyone carries an invisible price tag. This is also what some calls the perceived value of oneself.

To increase income, we need to constantly increase our value by upgrading ourselves to adapt to the new environment. Only through increasing our value can we then deserve more than what we are earning at present.


The next factor that contributes to income is the time used on value-adding activities.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

Take some time at the end of each day to plan what you need to accomplish and rank the activities according to the importance. By doing so, you add value effectively and efficiently.


Does a heart surgeon or a pop artiste create more value to the individual person? It's definitely the heart surgeon who saves lives. But why does a pop artiste earn much more than a heart surgeon? The answer lies in Scalability.

To illustrate the point on scalability: A pop artiste is able to reach out to hundreds and thousands at one time whereas a heart surgeon can only be operating on one person at a time.

The Multiplication Factor

Failure to input any factor result in Value x 0 x Scalability = 0.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Got my Driving License... Finally

After 8 lessons of practical driving lessons with Comfort Driving Centre, I finally obtained my Class 3 Driving License.

The ladies tend to dress very well for practical driving tests. Some even looked like they were attending a prom night party. Haha, why are there no female testers?

After the test, the new drivers sat in a room to watch a safety video, which featured people who got their license revoked and who got involved in accidents.

Very excited! Going to find a vehicle to drive soon. Haha

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surprises in my Inbox

Recently, I received a pleasant surprise in my email inbox. Some day after my Emailcashpro account turned into gold member account, I had lots of referrals starting to join under me.

Below is a snapshot of my statistics. Notice the number of referrals I got. This number jumped from 20 to 60 within a week!!!

Below is the snapshot of me becoming a gold member this week.
Now, I just wake up to see more and more referrals coming in. Wahahaha.
Join EmailCashPro as soon as possible to start referring the programme it's potential is at the highest.
Log on to to find out more about earning a side income online today!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Garskin Franchising Opportunity

Coming back from a chalet at 5am, I had to rush to a meeting with Garskin Business Development Managers at 11am.

I was greeted by two young man dressed in style and coat. A very great contrast with my attire.

Mike and Jimmy shared with me useful information on the franchising opportunity and I am impressed by their achievement.

Anyway Garskin is the No. 1 in Laptop Skins. Garskin is founded by a group of Singaporeans, including Mike Sim and Jimmy Han. The skins are like stickers but they are easily detachable and re-attachable. Even the mousepad can be skinned. If you are keen in getting one garskin, you can log on to the Garskin website.

Now I have to discuss the plan with some friends. It would be a great chance to accumulate business skills and experience.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Cyber Wellness Talk in Temasek Junior College

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

In the morning after my driving lesson, I headed to Temasek Junior College where I'll be delivering a talk on the topic "Cyber Wellness". I arrived too early so I found a corner at the neighbourhood to do some final rehearsing.

At 12.30 pm, I entered TJC and met up with Mr Terence Ong, my former Civics Tutor. He gave me a treat, the food that I used to eat when I was a student. After consuming our lunch, we went into the Auditorium to set up the projector system and sound system.

As this is my first time speaking to a large crowd (half of TJC year 2 cohort) which filled the entire first floor, I rehearsed a few times and prayed that nothing would be amiss.

As Mr Ong introduced me to the audience, I was already in my top form. I started off introducing myself and my purpose for being there giving the talk. And then I told a fictitious story which got majority of the audiences laughing. From then on, my confidence increased which lasted me through the entire talk of about 40 minutes.

I learned that it is important not to be distracted by audiences who are not receptive. By focusing my vision to the students who are listening attentively, I feel more comfortable and the talk seemed like a one-way conversation to a friend rather than a large group.

When the whole talk ended, I heard the applause. Whew!

I had a full lunch, but at the end of the presentation, I felt emptiness in my stomach. So much energy expended haha.

An online forumer from the ex TJC forums came to the front and informed me of the new TJC forum at

Forgot to request photographs from the photographic society. Anyway I'll be back to Temasek Junior College next week for a talk to the rest of the year 2 cohort. I am beginning to enjoy public speaking.

Monday, April 16, 2007

QSTR Business Opportunity

I got to know of this business opportunity through a flyer pasted on a pillar near a bus stop in Tampines.

After getting in touch with the people from QSTR, they sent me a free online manual which would only appear for a limited period of time. The online manual did not reveal much on the operations of the company. It only featured heaps of testimonials from people who have benefited from the programme.

Upon expiration of the online manual, the lady gave me two packages to choose from. S$25 for an online gold manual and video download, and a S$60 for DVD and an offline gold manual. She refused to reveal anything related to the business model. To fulfil my curiousity, I signed up for the S$25 package.

The online gold manual contains information on the current world and the future trend of businesses. After watching the videos and going through the manual, there is a questionnaire to fill up.

When the package expires, an online Skype interview was arranged among myself, the introducer (the person who pasted the flyer) and a mentor. The entire interview lasted for 2 hours.

QSTR is a home-based business. It is a network marketing company, marketing products from Herbalife. I didn't choose to take up this opportunity however, because it requires one to buy the products and consume them. I was asked to buy and eat the pills without knowing the ingredients and effects. And I would need to also buy the pills every month to sustain the account. Not for me...

Update on 9 July 2008: Saw another flyer. This time it's called Systeway Home Based Business System. 62343515. It's also QSTR under a different naming. Take Note!

Update on 13 July 2008: According to a reader who commented on this blog, QSTR also comes in the name of

Update on 16 July 2008: Saw another flyer at a traffic light. This time the website is . Tel: 62342372. I reckoned that QSTR members uses unique domain names so that when you search it through google, you can only find the site.

Decided to compile all the QSTR sites:
  • / /
  • [Contributed by reader]
  • [Contributed by reader]
  • [Contributed by Damsel in Distress]
  • [Contributed by Yifang]
  • [Contributed by Viv]
  • / 62341892 / 92717183

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ticket for National Achievers Congress 2007

My mentor recently just gave me a ticket to the National Achievers Congress (NAC) 2007. He had gone for one NAC event before and told me it is a powerful seminar that would benefit me a lot.

The NAC ticket is a GOLD seating arrangement, which is the area right behind the VIP seats. The other category would be GENERAL seating arrangement which formed the bulk of the area in the hall.

The theme this year is "Power of Success -- Fight On, Don't Quit Until You Win". NAC 2007 will feature speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen (author of Chicken Soup), Stephen Pierce, Andrew Matthews, Dr Clemen Chiang, T. Harv Eker and many more. All of them are World Class Speakers and have seen success in their respective fields. The sharing of their experiences on how to succeed and their knowledge would certainly be overwhelming.

In that year when my mentor attended the NAC seminar, former President of the United States, Bill Clinton appeared as a guest speaker. I wonder who it would be this year.

I would seriously like to thank my mentor for giving me a chance to attend the seminar. I am looking forward to blog the event come this May. Thank you, mentor!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

When Sharing becomes a Sin

Have you ever tried sharing something nice with someone and get a very nasty remark? Well, that happened to a friend of mine and I feel so sorry for this poor chap.

If you possess an elixir of eternal life from an elf, what would you first do? I believe you would try it on yourself first to see if it has any harmful effects on your body. Then, if it is indeed an elixir, you would pass the remaining to your family and close friends, wouldn't you?

However, how would you feel if your close friend tells you "Hey, why are you giving me poison?". I believe it hurts.

As we grow up, we begin to face a more realistic world. In this world, everyone is out to hunt the other one. In this world, only the fittest survives. A group of people tried to change this sad fact by introducing Communism so as to implement group effort rather than the individual effort. We can see how Communism is slowly going into the past.

Everyone believes every other one has an agenda when the other one is sharing good stuff to him/her. So, to this friend, I would like to just give a pat on your shoulder and "face the real world".

Sunday, April 08, 2007

My Love Chapter

I officially launched today.

MyLoveChapter is the first online web portal that allows you to post your love stories and share it with every one else.

Registration is free. Visit today!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Geylang United FC 3 versus Liaoning Guangyuan FC 1

Dilah from 4PM (Malay Youth Literacy Association) gave me a free entry pass to the football match. Her organisation had been sponsored the tickets. When she called me and say it was a match between Geylang United Football Club and Liaoning Guangyuan, I immediately gave her an okay as it sounded interesting.

Took the transport catered by 4PM and arrived at Bedok Stadium.

My Game is Fair Play

Marching in

The players

Penalty Shot in the first half

Applaud the winners
Very soon after the match kicked off, Geylang United incurred a penalty. Liaoning Guangyuan seized the opportunity and scored an early goal.
The Geylang United "Eagles" had a great team of fan support. They cheered and sang for most part of the match. Sitting beside them, I felt the mood and rhythm.
The Chinese team suffered quite a few injuries, in particular the only goalkeeper suffered leg injury. So the defender took shots in place of the goalkeeper. He couldn't be replaced since there is no substitute goalie. This led to the Eagles leveling the playing field to 1-1.
In the second half, the Chinese team had no choice but to replace the goalie with a non-goalie substitute. This didn't really improve the situation.
About 4 yellow cards were shown to the Chinese, and one red card. 2 yellow card was dished out when a player and the injured goalie fakely fell down onto the ground and shouted foul.
The Eagles continued to score another goal soon after the commencement of the second half. And then at the last minute, they scored another, ending the match at 3-1.
I saw Lim Tong Hai, the legendary figure in Singapore football history. He's currently the coach of Geylang United FC.

The Cat outside my Bathroom

Forgetful me have to wake up early in the morning to visit my friend's place to retrieve an exercise book that I forgot to bring back with me.

As I open the bathroom door after bathing, I was stunned by a stray cat. My first gasp wasn't "What the hell is a cat doing at my place" but "Are my hamsters dead?".

I attempted to outflank the cat to reach the kitchen door and shut it inside the kitchen so that it doesn't run to the other rooms. However, the cat was frightened by me moving towards it, and it dashed out of my house door.

Luckily, the hamsters were all alive and sleeping. The cat remained at near my doorstep.

Some Chinese believe that spirits can come in the form of animals or insects to visit living people, mostly with good intentions. A few years back, an exotic bird flew into the master bedroom. My whole family was amazed and did not disturb it, allowing it to stay till it decided to leave. On another occasion, a bird built a nest on the bougainvillea plant and laid eggs. Many baby birds hatched out of the egss and chirped every now and then. I believe it was the same bird that built the second nest a few months later.

I went out and carried the cat back into the kitchen. After patting it and it brushing my legs, I gave it some food.

It was really hungry. After finish feeding on the meat, I then led it to the lift and back to the first floor.
I would have been keen to keep it since fate brought it to appear at my bathroom door. But it would not be welcomed by the family so it had to return to the streets...

Monday, April 02, 2007

In-Camp Training for my Birthday

Seems like my birthday will be spent in Seletar camp doing in-camp training. Just received a call-up notification from the Ministry of Defence. Right...

Currently working on two major projects.

The first is the games for an amazing race competition which would be organised by Eunos YEC in the June Holidays. Scratching my head over how to make the games exciting and attractive for youth. Lousy games would leave a lousy impression on participants.

Secondly, I am working on my presentation on cyber wellness which I would be presenting to my alma matar. It would mark my first personal one-man show on stage facing JC students. Whew. I recall my first group presentation in Damai Secondary School. It was a presentation based on a school excursion to Vietnam. I still remember the nervousness and the intensity, and of course the wobbly legs. This time round, I will make it better. Good content, entertaining speech.

So many business opportunities are available in the market. Tempting good deals around, but one who focus will outdo the fickle-minded one.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Qing Ming Festival 2007

As in previous years, I woke up at 6 plus to eat my breakfast and ready myself to move out. And as always, my family is on standby way, way way before my Uncle arrives to fetch us. So I got back to sleep while the transport arrives.

My Uncle drives a lorry. So during Qing Ming Festival, my family and some relatives will hop on to his lorry and travel to the temple. I always enjoy the strong breeze as the lorry speeds up in the highway. This year, only Uncle Francis, Eldest Aunt, Youngest Aunt, 4th Uncle, Father, Mother, You Xian & You Chun (Cousins) went.

Qing Ming Festival is a special occasion when the Chinese offer prayers to the ancestors or those who have passed away, and the day they are remembered.

The day's weather was good. Came with a bit of sprinkling but turned out to be breezy at noon time.

The temple is packed with lots of people. We managed to place a table in front of our ancestors' urns. Food was displayed on the table and prayers were made. While we were all waiting for 4th Uncle to return from parking his vehicle, my cousins and I did a bit of chit-chatting and catching up. And then halfway through, we saw Felicia Chin (Mediacorp Artiste) walking pass in front of us. She didn't put up make-up, unlike the previous encounters, and she smile and looked at us a she walked past. And yes, we noticed her. My cousins then went to track her but she was leaving already.

The temple houses the ancestors from Hakka descent. With this, we deduced that she is a Hakka. Hakka RuleZ!

Big Aunt had a bad news to share. Their Elder Paternal Cousin had passed away while in Australia. She had gone there for her daughters' graduation ceremony. She was watching the television when her nose and mouth bled. "Could be a burst in the blood vessel," said 4th Uncle.

My cousins and I also observed one lady trying to park her car but did not dare to move her vehicle after being driven to an awkward position. At least 10 men were watching but none helped. We had no driving license so we tried not to add on her pressure by staring at her. Alas, she made a call, and a man appeared to save her day.

After burning the incense papers, we hopped back on to the lorry and got on our journey home. Along the PIE expressway, both directions had car accidents. Tragic. One had been burnt in the engine that the whole front of the vehicle was black.

This is how Qing Ming Festival 2007 went