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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Maiden Visit to the Parliament Gallery

25 February 2008

During my National Service, I had been to the Parliament House for security duties. Each time I was there, I was mesmerised by the majestic and supreme aura of the entity. Since then, I always wanted to visit the Parliament Gallery to listen to debates. Today I fulfilled my desire.

After the first security check, I exchanged my identity card with the security pass. Then, another round of security check and I placed my belongings with mobile phone with the counter and proceeded to the 3rd floor. Prior to entering the Gallery, there was yet another round of security check.

I was accompanied by a staff who asked if it was my first time here. She was helpful and brought me into the Gallery, bowing with me to the Speaker Mr Abdullah Tarmugi, before taking my seat. The seat armrest had a compartment for the earphones used when there is a need for translation.

The Gallery was filled with students, Government officials, Parliament staff and the Police Security Command personnels. That said, there were only a handful of members of the public. There were flat-screen Sharp Aquos televisions that show a close-up of the MP giving the speech.

Most of the Cabinet members were present. Managed to see MM Lee, SM Goh, PM Lee, DPM Prof Jayakumar, DPM Wong, Leader of the House Mah Bow Tan, Whip Lim Swee Say, Dr Yaacob, BG George Yeo.

The Nominated MPs presented their points well in the debate.

During the recess, I met Hafiz who had signed on with the Singapore Police Force. Getting married in June, Sgt Hafiz and I had a long chat before I returned to the Gallery.

I was intrigued by the ceremonial procedures when the Leader of the House proposed to the Speaker for adjournment of the debate. Members of the House then replied to the Speaker's question by a "nye" or a "no".

Later, went to dine with Jerry and friends. Was surprised, yet thrilled to receive a call from Ruth. Then went into the cinema to watch L - Change the World.

...You alone cannot change the world...