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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Witness Survival Kit

12 September 2008

Forensic Science (GEK1542) of National University of Singapore is a very interesting course. Being my first Science module, it has really left me a lasting impression.

Today, the main lecturer, Adjunct Associate Professor Stella Tan, was giving a lecture on Rules of Evidence. At one point, she brought out a suitcase with a label on it reading "Witness Survival Kit".

Witnesses need to prepare themselves when they present themselves in court, in a similar way as one would be when one is going for a job interview.

In the Witness Survival Kit, there is a book (for killing time and to impress others), an umbrella (since the Subordinate Courts do not have shelter to any other buildings, a jacket (for the cold temperature), notes that you prepared, and avoid plastic bags (don't look good + can be very noisy).

Didn't know that being a witness can be so formal a thing. A witness that isn't reliable can see his/her credibility permanently lost in the eyes of the Court.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

fLAWS within

The purpose of legislation is to primarily fix the flaws within society by bringing in justice. Laws are meant to be fair and equal, at least that's the view that the elites want everyone to believe in. However, there are plenty of flaws within the LAW which most people would tend to agree.

Firstly, Laws favour those who know Law. Everyday, the poorly educated gets punished for not knowing Law. At the same time, those who are educated in the subject walks off getting richer with every mistakes that their opponents offend.

Secondly, Laws favour those who are rich. It doesn't matter much if one does not know about Law that much. He would have just missed opportunities to extract compensations on certain occasions. With an adviser or a legal consultant, he could at the very least prevent too much harm from being inflicted upon him.

Thirdly, Laws rely much on the judgment of a Man/Woman. Maybe sometimes a team of people i.e. the juries. Is there really fairness when personal prejudice and discrimination (however small the extent) come into the room which metes out legal punishments?

Having laws seemed to increase disparity between the elites and the non-elites. But we can't do without anyway.