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Monday, June 30, 2008

My Style of Watching Soccer Tournaments

I just don't feel right keeping quiet watching the moves of the players in the soccer field until they score and then let out a loud roar of "GOAL!" I would constantly ask questions to my Brother and then irritate him as he watched on with all his concentration.

Euro 2008 ended with a little disappointment for both of us. We supported Germany since its superb performance back in World Cup 2006. The match started with the Germans pounding on the Spanish but that didn't last long. With a disappointing 1-0, Spain claimed the throne.

Back to my style of watching soccer tournaments. While most fans will be impressed by the strategies and good footwork, I tend to make fun of the players, especially on what they look like:

Fernando Torres was the hero of Spain when he scored the goal. Don't you think he looks like he's from Narnia? Sergio Ramos looked like an elf from Lord of the Rings with his headband on. Otherwise I thought he looked like Jar Jar Binks from Star Wars.

Kuranyi was sent in to substitute Klose in the second half of the match. When he entered, I thought there was going to be a rap or some kind of hiphop dance for us to savour, but of course there isn't.Schweinsteiger performed great in the Euro (except for the final match). And he has a rather rowdy look. Looks like a big bully in school. Haha.

In my opinion, soccer matches should be more fun instead of all the anger and frustrations (usually from vexed gamblers). Awaiting for South Africa 2010 World Cup!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Singapore Lions beats Thailand

Just arrived home when the match between Singapore and Malaysia had commenced for 5min.

The National Stadium was fully packed and spirits were high. At the 15min goal by Singapore's Alam Shah, my brother and I burst out "GOAL!".

Even though the players weren't as skillful as those in EPL, the match was exciting! Knowing that your country is fighting another, and that your country is leading, certainly it feels good.

And then came a surprising loophole in the defence of the Lions, and the Thais scored one goal.

Probably everyone was paying more attention to the part of the game where the Thais walked out of the field in protests of the judgement of the referee. Nevertheless, the Singapore Lions managed to make full use of the penalty opportunity and scored a beautiful top-right-corner, out-of-reach-of-goalkeeper shot by Fahrudin.

For the next match in Thailand, I have sure confidence that Singapore will win. And clinch the ASEAN Cup. Perhaps we can actually enter the World Cup 2010 after all.