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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sportacular & YouthOUT! 2010

10 April 2010

We returned home at 1am from Eunos Community Club, after packing and arranging the goodie bags and wrist tags for our BIG event. Fellow YEC members and I had looked forward to Sportacular & YouthOUT! 2010 for some time. After 6 months of planning, the YEC and the SLC will finally see the fruits of our effort.

Fearing of feeling soggy after a 3-hour sleep, I went for a jog instead. At 4am, the park connector was in total silence. I ran round the Eunos Petal Garden and envisioned how the whole event will run in the morning.

The chilli that Chee Lee threw round the Petal Garden didn't seem to work as the sight of flashing lightning greeted me from a distance.

At 5am, YEC members began transporting the 2,000 goodie bags from Eunos CC to the Petal Garden. Although a short distance, it was hell work. Fortunately and smartly, Faiq loaned out some mega trolleys from the Kaka fruit stall and our work was heavily leveraged upon.

SLC members joined in at 7am. As early as at 8.30am, residents start to queue up for their goodie bags and registering themselves at the Electronic Registration and Attendance-taking System (eRAS), which is a new system under pilot-testing.

I was the Master of Ceremony for Sportacular, a mega sports carnival featuring sports-related performances, sports-themed games and a sports league (basketball and street soccer tournaments). The event is held in support of Singapore 2010 Youth Olympic Games!

For each ticket for the event sold, $1 goes to the Bedok North Secondary School Needy Student Fund.

I was scratching my head hard for some time before I finally came up with this sports-themed stage game. Using a squash racket, pose and fashion walk in the most creative manner!

The rain finally came... but it lasted for just 10 minutes! Participants were not deterred by the wet weather and stayed around till the sun returned.

And their wait wasn't a waste because Lyo and Merly came short after! The two adorable mascots wowed the crowd and forced everyone to use their mobile phones to snap pictures. They were here together with the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & MP for Aljunied GRC, to unveil the YOG wall. The YOG wall is the results of the creativity and hard work of students from Bedok North Secondary School.

The 3-hour gap before YouthOUT! began was a great time to take a rest. Most of the YEC members sacrificed sleep over the past few days to ensure an enjoyable experience for residents.

YouthOUT! is in its 5th consecutive run. First a void deck party, it slowly evolved into a full-scale outdoor dance party. This year's YouthOUT! is held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the People's Association. As the motto goes, Bringing People Together.

The emcee is DJ Jeff from FM93.3!

Stilt walkers hyped up the crowd as they weaved through the enthusiastic crowd.

Gursewak and friends also performed a Bhangra Dance that got everyone dancing to the beat of the song.

It was heartening to see the crowd build up as the time passes on. The crowd grew so big that the sound engineer actually told me that he was concerned that his speakers could be toppled by the energetic crowd. Of course, this did not happen!

The 10 participating hip-hop dance teams that took part in the inaugural competition were judged by a judge (of course...) and a SMS voting system. This is the winning team:

The months of ticket selling and visiting residents house-to-house, the months of meeting and deliberations, the debate over details all paid off at the end of the day. The huge turnout for the event is another new high that the YEC achieved!

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Youth OUT! 2009

31 July 2009

2 weeks of In Camp Training is over! Picked up the addictive game of Foosball during lunch breaks. Looking forward to compete with fellow soldiers in the next ICT.

Into its 4th consecutive year, Youth OUT! had its roots as a void deck dance party and then subsequently held in Eunos CC hall. This year, Youth OUT!, for the first time, is held in celebration of Singapore's 44th Birthday at Eunos Petal Garden. Spearheaded by the Eunos CC YEC, the event is jointly organised by Eunos Grassroots Organisations, in partnership with Eunos CCC Family Life Champion.

After my stint as chairman of the organising committee of Youth OUT! 2008, it was great to be partnering Hock Rong as co-chairmen to organise Youth OUT! 2009.

Night after night, weekends after weekends, YEC members combed many HDB flats, distributing publicity flyers, informing residents and selling tickets door-to-door. Close to 50 flats were covered in 3 weeks! Exhausting as it might be, new YEC members enjoyed the experience and everyone seemed to having fun.

On Thursday, the barricades reached Eunos Petal Garden. One by one, YEC members carried the heavy barricades and arranged to form an exclusive dance floor for Youth OUT! participants.

After changing out from my military uniform, I went over to Eunos Petal Garden eagerly to check out the preparation.

Our Youth Staff was of great assistance to the success of the event.

This is the first major grassroots project for Pristine, who is the Programme I/C, together with Faiq. The seamless transition of performances on stage and the proper briefing of the Emcee ensured the success of the event.

Jialing, Rahayu and Erlina took charge of the inflatable. In line with our objective of getting the family involved, children are entertained with the inflatable as well as balloon sculpturing by Mr Lightning Finger.

Mankid was pivotal in getting all the refreshments stall working good. Participants had free flow of popcorns, crackers and coke during the 3-hour event.

I seriously love this photo. Ming Choo made some balloon sculptures that could be donned by the volunteers at the inflatable booth. Abdillah, in his wacky manner, looked funny in this photo as he transported all the crackers over to the event venue.

At 7.30pm, The Fizzy Fabulous (T.F.F.) performed a Hip Hop dance which incorporated the dance to the beat of "Reach Out for the Skies". Flavaone kickstarted the first beatbox performance for the evening. Cypher Crazed Crew wowed the participants with the neck-breaking break dance performance. Next, Fresh Dice did a rap. Eunos Zone '7' RC idol, Infamous, did a Hip Hop Dance.

At 8.20pm, Mr Lightning Finger went to mingle with the children and sculptured with red and white balloons. Concurrently on stage, UDC performed a Hip Hop Dance. Percussion Band, Voodoo, pumped up the night. Next, the emcee, MediaCorp LOVE 97.2FM Radio Presenter Jeff Goh conducted a stage game "So You Think You Can Dance?"

We are honoured to have Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs & MP for Aljunied GRC, to be our Guest-of-Honour. He was chaperoned by Bhangra dancers who proceeded to perform on stage. In his address, he highlighted the various achievements of the Eunos Youth Club.

Beatboxer Bryan went up on stage to trumpet "Majulah Singapura" with his vocal chords. F2DM did the last Hip Hop dance of the night, before Cypher Crazed Crew went up on stage to wow the participants with a different set of head-grinding performance. National Beatboxer Champion Charles drew everyone's attention to the stage.

Grassroots leaders went up on stage to lead everyone in singing "Stand Up for Singapore!" The atmosphere was so awesome that almost everyone on the floor jumped and sang the song together.

After the lucky draw, the dance floor opened with even the senior line dancers getting themselves immersed with the youths.

Felt great working with everyone! Go go Eunos!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Eunos CC YEC Year End Dinner & Launch of Website

7 December 2008
Eunos CC MPH

The big day for Eunos CC YEC is finally here, after working hard from dawns to dusks. Even on the eve of the year end dinner, some of us were at MacDonald's fine-tuning all our videos and presentations. We adjourned to rest at about 6 am.

Hock Rong was first to arrive at Eunos CC to arrange the backdrop arrangement, slightly before noon. While walking towards the CC, I met Anthony who was removing the standing displays. He would later plant them in front of the CC, which I thought was a splendid idea.

I commenced my work on the presentation of the launch of website. I would say that this presentation is the best powerpoint presentation I have ever done. In the room, Hock Rong was working on his chairman speech. Ming Choo handled the plant arrangements and suffered from an allergic reaction which made her face itch. Later, Wei Kiat came in to boost morale and Chee Lee worked on the lucky draw presentation. Rahayu took day off from work and came early to help.

Time flies. At about 5pm, I tested my video in the hall. As the music blasted, everyone seemed to stop what they are doing and stared at the screen. The video just makes my heart dance.


Aini, from Bedok North Secondary School Service Learning Club, was assigned to help in managing the slides, ensuring that the slides tally with the event. Most importantly, she would be controlling the slides for the website launch. To say she did well was an understatement. It was beyond fanatastic!

Dashed back home for a change of clothes. Jialing's mother prepared orchids for us to pin onto our clothes. That really made us feel different and gave Eunos YEC members a sense of identity.

I was heartened by support from my family and friends. First to arrive was James who volunteered to help. Lovebirds Wee Keat and Hwee Peng came shortly after. Then came SSG Koh and his pregnant wife, with SSG Chris. Jian Hao, who is always supportive of Eunos YEC events, came with the couple, Andrew and Janice. Thanks to all who came!

During the dinner, Mystifying Imran (featured in Channel Suria) performed magic tricks which awed and surprised the audience. SSG Koh was "volunteered" up on stage to assist in one of the tricks:

Mayor Zainul Abidin Rasheed was ushered in by the percussion band, Voodoo. When the video prepared by Ming Choo was played, I was still reading my script. I turned over to look at the screen and saw the preparation phase. Felt teary in the eye for a moment as emotions gush out.

Mayor Zainul launched our website and I gave a short presentation on the highlights of our website. Thanks to Lin Qiang for videoing it. He later won the first prize for lucky draw.

After the event, some of us gathered at the coffeeshop to chill. When everyone adjourned, Hock Rong and I went for night cycling to Bedok jetty. We got stuck in the rain and quickly cycled to the Mac in the rain. As we were drenched, we decided not to enter the restaurant first. Then I remarked that "We deserve a Mega Mac!" and we started acting and recording the "advertisement" in Hock Rong's phone.

At one point, the area outside the Mac flooded to ankle level. When the flood subsided, we decided to head back irregardless of the rain. It was chilling as we cycled back and when we finally reached, I felt so unbelievable that we survived.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Youth OUT!

For weeks, the organising team at Eunos YEC had been working on the Youth OUT! project. For nights, we went round the precinct to publicise the event to youth and selling tickets.


This is my first time organising an event at the Grassroots level. The main difference between a school event and a Grassroots event is that in schools, the teacher is the guiding force and often gets many things done for the students; whereas for grassroots events, volunteers head the projects and we have to be responsible for our own dealings.


For my organising committee, I had Ming Choo, Jialing and Abdillah. Ming Choo proved to be of tremendous help. She created all the publicity materials from scratch -- designing logos to printing the banners and posters. She was also a good time checker, always ensuring that things get done by deadlines. With Jialing's help, we managed to liaise with the Vice Principal of Damai Secondary School and distributed publicity materials within the school. Jialing and Rahayu also gave a speech at morning assembly to publicise the event. Abdillah was unfortunately tied up by National Service most of the time. On the event day, was quite touched to see him come despite having to walk with a walking stick due to his injured knee.


The other members of YEC also contributed into the success of Youth OUT! First, we had Hock Rong who pulled in a large part of the contacts of performers. He also acted as a mentor and supervised the committee, giving crucial advices from time to time. Jinfu, the PA staff, must be the most stressed up person. With 2 events just completed in the month, he had to continue with Youth OUT! Siblings Carin and Peng Koon rendered help in the event despite their busy schedules. Timothy volunteered to help settle the food issues. Constance came to help pack the goodie bags and had to rush off via taxi to her event. Brenda too came to assist even though she had something on.


On the eve of Youth OUT!, Ming Choo, Jinfu, Lawrence and myself went to Bugis TopOne Karaoke to chill out after a long day of preparation. We sang till 2am, then left home for some rest.


On 29th March 2008, Ming Choo and Jinfu had started work while I came slightly late due to the "hangover". From 10am, we would then work our way till 11pm.


Have to really thank James who volunteered to help in manning the registration and ticket selling booth. Jian Hao came to support my event, but I felt bad for not being able to accompany him for most of the time. Bao Hui also came with her friend, Ris. This is a very pleasant surprise and I'm real touched by her sincerity and her presence. My cousin, Yuan Mei, also came with a group of friends to attend Youth OUT! Got the chance to introduce her to Bao Hui and Jian Hao. Splendid!


I thought the emcees, Jason a.k.a Chee Wei, my Senior in Secondary School, as well as Karin done a great job in bringing up the atmosphere for the event. With little information about the whole event, they picked up quick with ease and set the stage for the night.


Father, Mother and Yuan Mei's Mum (my Aunt) popped in to express support for me as well, with their eagerness to see me speaking on stage. Their presence, together with Bao Hui's, really gave me great motivation. Father was initially very afraid to enter the premise as it's a youth event. But he persevered in staying at one corner, just to see me speak. T.T touched...


Went up to stage to deliver a speech as the organising Chairman for the event. Stressful but managed to deliver it smoothly, just forgetting to thank some important people.


Thanks everyone. Thanks to all the performers who I don't have much chance to interact with. Thanks to all the volunteers for the event. Thank you!



Saturday, March 22, 2008

Youth OUT! Preparation

19 March 2008

Received the SMS from Jialing stating that the Vice Principal of Damai Secondary School would be free to meet up. So at half past noon, I arrived at my alma mater.

Walking through the canteen, memories poured through the brain. At 1.05pm, the NT classes ended and there came Jialing and Rahayu. Together we went to see the VP, Mr Leow, who seems to be in his late thirties and exudes a friendly personality. He got us to sit inside the Principal's office and listened to the details of our event.

After that, we had lunch at the school canteen. The chicken rice stall is the only stall that hadn't changed its owner and food. After 2 servings of lunch, we began to paste posters around the school. The 2 girls were tasked to also promote the event during morning assembly the next day.

It was so coincidental that I saw Stacey and Wei Wen who came to school to visit the teachers.

At 3pm, I embarked on the journey to Balloon Connexion, who sponsored 200 silver balloons for Youth OUT! There, the boss gave a short briefing on her business portfolio and how we could collaborate in the future.

Later at night, met Shamin, a member of a religious movement. He happens to know my political science lecturer and we began to discuss local politics. Cool.

A petty crime occured to a friend and so I played Sherlock Holmes for the large part of the night and we cleared some misunderstandings. It was cool too. Perhaps I should look into becoming a PI or some ISD secret agent.