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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit 2010 - Discussion Activity & Completion Ceremony

Day 9 (of 37th SSEAYP) - 2 November 2010

The day began with the Keynote Speech by Dr Hiroshi Komiyama, Chairman of Mitsubishi Research Institute, Inc. 

In his speech, Dr Hiroshi talked about Environmental issues by beginning to share about the expansion in the 20th century in this finite Earth. He noted that the year 2050 would mark the crucial time for human civilisation due to the shrinking Earth, aging society and exploding knowledge.

An author of the book, Vision 2050: Roadmap for a Sustainable Earth [read the book for free at Google Books], Dr Hiroshi said that by 2050, energy efficiency would increase 3-fold. The use of non-fossil energy would be doubled and recycling system of materials would be well established. These contribute to the resolution of the crisis of global warming, environmental issues and the depletion of natural resources. 

He envisioned the saturation of artifacts in developed countries in terms of the number of automobile ownership and the number of houses and households. For instance, he predicted that saturation would come to China in 10 years, basing his calculation on the production of cement per person.

He believed that with technology transfer, the emission of CO2 can be vastly reduced. For instance, cement production is endothermic (requires energy) and Japan has a high cement production efficiency, which could be transferred to developing countries. To him, "growth is a right, but efficiency is duty".

Japan also has one of the best technologies in the world in preventing water leaks, and achieves 80% efficiency in heat-to-use water heaters.

He also talked about the Platinum Society, one that is ecological, participated by seniors, with lifelong learning, abundance in job opportunities and one that is sustainable.

The Discussion Group Activity kicked off immediately after the keynote speech. The common theme for the Discussion Programme of 37th SSEAYP is "Youth Participation in Social Activities".

One of the Discussion topic: "What is the an ideal society to live in? What are the important factors for becoming a better society?"

Lunch was Bento!

"What and how can we as a youth (individually or in a group) do in promoting a better society for the people?"

At about 5pm, all the Discussion Groups returned to the International Conference Room for the Summary Presentation by Discussion Group.

Youth Development Discussion Group presents our Summary Presentation

We then changed into our Attire A1 for the Completion Ceremony for Local Youth and the Farewell Party at the Reception Hall.

Representatives from the 11 participating countries and Local Youths read out the Summary of Discussion.

The Local Youths prepared a surprise dance item - Aitakata!

Time flies, and at the blink of the eye, the 3D2N YLS was over.

Had an interesting encounter with a Local Youth. As dinner was served in buffet-style and the queue was long, we dug our way in and grabbed food in the commando-style and managed to feed our stomachs. The first day we meet was the day that we said goodbye.

With Sakiko (Local Youth) & Nisa (Indonesia)

Immediately after the Farewell Party, we had a check-out orientation.

YLS Staff teaching us how to fold the bed sheets...

And then we had the Immigration Orientation...

Filling up all the Customs forms for the countries we are visiting

Embarrassingly, one of my jacket's button was loose and got lost over dinner. Fortunately, Sijie had brought along spare buttons (whew!) and he was super kind to help me sew it back on.

Sijie, the "Handy man"

At night, we intended to exit the premise to explore outside, but unfortunately was stopped by the Administrative staff....

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Japan-ASEAN Youth Leaders Summit 2010 - Cultural Exchange Programme

Day 8 (of 37th SSEAYP 2010) - 1 November 2010

Everyone assembled at the Large Hall, Arts Building for the briefing on the day's schedule.

With Local Youth Izumi

We were informed of the attendance of Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishino. She was a former Participating Youth of SSEAYP. Representatives from the Embassies as well as journalists would also be present.

I am honoured to be selected to represent the Singapore Contingent in meeting Ms Tomiko Okazaki, Minister of State for Social Affairs & Gender Equality, Cabinet Office. After the assembly, the representatives gathered for a briefing.

With Viny (Cambodia) & Tatum (Thailand)

Immediately after the briefing, I dashed to the backstage to prepare for our contingent's first and final dance rehearsal on the big stage. It was a really big stage!

We had a quick lunch and then started preparing the Singapore booth for the Exhibition in the afternoon.

We changed into our Attire B (National Costume) and returned to the Large Hall for the Opening Ceremony. It was a pity that use of cameras were not permitted. Her Imperial Highness Princess Akishino graced the occasion. She didn't give a speech, but sat through the entire performance. Many of the Japanese Local Youths had never met the Princess before, so it was a real great honour for us to have her present.

Each of the 11 participating countries presented their performing items on stage. For Singapore, we had a contemporary dance along the tune of "Everyone" - the theme song for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games held in Singapore this summer. The modern dance reflects the progressive and global mindsets of today's Singaporean youth, the generation that has embraced the idea of being a global citizen yet still rooted to Singapore.

After the Opening Ceremony, the Princess proceeded to tour the Exhibition while the Ms Tomiko interacted with the representatives. Each of us made a self-introduction and shared why we joined SSEAYP and what we hoped to get out of it.

And then it was Exhibition time!

The exhibition panels showcased Singapore from the 1960s to 2000s and beyond

We were each given a Japan-ASEAN passport for us to collect stamps and signatures from the different booths in order to exchange for gifts.

Holding the Japan-ASEAN passport

Information about Singapore

To draw participants to the Singapore booth, I wore the Tikum Tikum board and asked passers-by to peel off the stickers to see if they were lucky enough to win prizes. Prizes were to be collected from the Singapore booth. It was interesting to see the expressions on the faces when I congratulate them for winning the prizes (actually everyone won something haha!).

Taking her try on the Tikum Tikum game

Within an hour, the Tikum Tikum board was left with only a few stickers.

Our contingent's Exhibition committee managed to bring Lyo & Merly all the way to Japan! Participants can take a photo with the two lovely mascots of the SYOG and get the photos instantly printed out at our booth.

3-D Housing Development Board (HDB) flat cut-outs were displayed to showcase our local culture.

Over at the snacks booth, we had tasty Kaya and biscuits.

And Kacang Putih!

Photo with contingent's Discussion Committee

The Singapore contingent also did a flash mob to hype up the mood. At a random moment, Jonathan started singing "Singapore Town" and then he was joined by percussionists, and then everyone started the "Singapore Town" Mambo dance!

And then everyone else joined us in the dance as we go around the entire Exhibition hall! It was a memorable and ecstatic moment!

Only managed to explore some booths:

Vietnam Booth

Traditional costume of Vietnam

Lao People Democratic Republic booth

Thanks Touy for the gift

One of the ethnic costume of the Philippines

When the clock struck 5.45pm, we started our packing up. Within half an hour, the vibrant and buzzling hall became naked.

After dinner, we assembled at the Reception Hall, International Exchange Building for the Exchange Party. 

Mr Taizo Okada, Director General for the General Promotion of Policy on Youth Affairs & Childrearing, Cabinet Office, Government of Japan, gave the opening address.

The Local Youths presented some songs and dances:

The YLS staff too!

And the National Leaders said a few words...

A toast the Singapore way... "Yam Seng!"

Right after the Exchange Party, we had our Contingent meeting.

In the night, some of us went in search for Wireless Internet after hearing some unreliable news that there was Wifi...