Tuesday, October 27, 2009


24 - 25 October 2009

PAP Eunos branch sent Hock Rong and myself to attend SyMBIOSIS 2009, "a combination of Young PAP Leadership School and Uth! Campus with a strong leadership focus that seeks to empower young leaders for greater ownership and responsibility".

SyMBIOSIS 2009 was held at Downtown East for 2 days 1 Night. YP Vice-chairman Christopher de Souza officiated the commencement of the programme.

It was a really long time since I last had to brainstorm for a team name and participate in group cheer. The vibrancy of Young NTUC (YN) leaders helped pumped up the atmosphere for team bonding activities.

In one of the plenary sessions, YP and YN leaders get to understand more about each other's organisation and how the strong links between the PAP and the NTUC had benefited Singapore's economy.

Many Singaporeans know the NTUC as NTUC FairPrice and NTUC Income. Through the session, we got to understand how the leaders are elected and that how NTUC functions like a "United Nation" of Unions. In conversations with YN leaders, I learnt that as unionists, they represent their fellow workers to negotiate with employers. They are the unsung heroes!

One of the most memorable experience in the camp was the activity "Retrenchment Experience". Through games, we learnt how it feels for a worker to be retrenched during bad times.

After dinner, all of us sat by the bonfire at Pasir Ris beach and became musicians!

While party activists address each other as comrades, unionists address each other affectionately as Brothers and Sisters. After the retrenchment experience, Brother Anthony (my roommate) shared with everyone his real life retrenchment experience. His perseverance and against-all-odds attitude earned my respect! He is constantly upgrading himself and is going to be a full-fledged teacher soon. His determination is shown when he let us see his class photo, which he carried at all times to motivate himself.

SyMBIOSIS 2009 is not a programme to indoctrinate political ideologies into the participants. Instead, it provided us a wonderful opportunity to get to know our counterparts in YN, mingle with our YP comrades and also to understand the challenges ahead for Singapore.

Our finale for the leadership camp was the dialogue session with Brothers Lim Swee Say & Benjamin, Sister Josephine, Comrade Ser Luck & Christopher.

During the dialogue, Brother Lim Swee Say shared that unions have worked towards increasing the wages of low-paid jobs by job restructuring. For example, security guards used to earn about $800 a month. After restructuring their jobscope and job training, security guards now bag about $1,200 a month. Now, NTUC is looking into reducing the long working hours for security guards to ensure that they have sufficient family time.

Receiving our graduation certificates:

Team Champion:
Criticism can be constructive, but without ACTION, it's pointless. Glad to know many people thru SyMBIOSIS who put words into ACTION.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Straight Talk: Is Singapore = PAP?

23 October 2009

From left: MP Christopher de Souza, Dr Reuben Wong, Mayor Teo Ser Luck, Moderator Dr Bradley Williams, NMP Assoc Prof Paulin Tay Straughan, MP Zaqy Mohamad, Dr Federico Ferrara

The forum is organised by the NUS Political Science Society and held at the NUS Shaw Foundation Alumni House auditorium.

Participants who arrived early got to watch a short documentary film on the history of Singapore. After 50 years of governance by the People's Action Party, participants want to know: Is Singapore = PAP?

As one who is keen in local politics and as a member of the Young PAP, this is a talk I can't resist not attending. The 2-hour session saw many questions and interesting sharings from the panel, which consisted of Post-65ers PAP MPs, lecturers from the department of Political Science of NUS as well as a Nominated Member of Parliament.

I recorded some of the questions to share here with everyone.


Assoc Prof Paulin Straughan said that youths should not be afraid to make constructive views. She said that she pays more attention to online comments made by individuals who are not anonymous.

Q: Hypothetically, if a PAP Minister decides to leave the party and form an alternative party to provide check and balance to the PAP, would the panel MPs join him?

MP Zaqy said that asking a Minister to leave the party is equivalent to leaving your girlfriend to breathe fresh air.

MP Christopher mentioned that in Singapore's context, when a MP cross the aisle (quits the party and join another), he/she has to give up his/her seat in Parliament. This is because voters have voted him/her based on his/her party.

He also shared why he has high respect PAP Ministers. As a young MP, he seeks advice from his seniors. When he sends out an email to Ministers Vivian Balakrishnan and Lim Swee Say at 11pm, they will reply him at 1am. When he SMS the Ministers at 11pm, they will reply at 1am.

Q: Is Singapore = PAP?

Dr Reuben Wong believes that it is a conditional equation. When the economy is performing well, Singapore ≠ PAP. When the economy is performing badly, Singapore = PAP.

MP Zaqy illustrated the point that when he makes a mistake in his workplace, only the boss will know. But when he makes one in Parliament, everyone knows.

Dr Frederico Ferrara, who appeared to be very critical of the PAP, said that if you had an alternative view, it's more useful to be a minority within a dominant party than being in a political party with just 2 MPs.

NMP Paulin Tay Straughan warns against voting by dissent. Using the AWARE saga as an example, she advised participants to exercise our votes carefully because we never know that we might just vote in a new government.

YP Chairman, Mayor Teo Ser Luck, said that he believes Singapore = Singaporeans. The critical success of the PAP lies in the hard work of the party activists and volunteers. Every week, activists help out at the Meet-the-People session, assisting Singaporeans to get out of their difficult situations. At forums, he observed that the party activists ask the sharpest questions. Cabinet Ministers have differing views, but once decision is made, the Cabinet stands united as one.

Singapore is also about the efficient civil service, grassroots volunteers and many other Singaporeans.

MP Zaqy pointed out that civil servants are not accountable to Singaporeans, unlike the government. In parliament, when questioning Ministers, MPs know how to "hit them at their hardest spot" because they know each other well.

Q: Who will be the next Prime Minister of Singapore?

MP Chris said that the number one quality that the next PM must have is 100% commitment to Singaporeans. He shared about his experience working with MM Lee Kuan Yew. When overseas, after meeting with their foreign counterparts, MM Lee will ask the younger MPs if they learnt anything. MM Lee thinks of Singapore all the time.

During luncheons with PM Lee Hsien Loong, the discussion is 50% on macro issues concerning the country and 50% on constituency matters.

The other qualities that a PM must have is Leadership, Experience and Integrity.

Mayor Teo pointed out that the 4th generation team of MPs will elect their own PM, and with their collective decision, they will support the PM. This has been the way MM Lee handed over to SM Goh and how SM Goh handed over the premiership to PM Lee.

Dr Reuben Wong said that if it's difficult for the PAP to scout for talents, it will be an even more daunting task for the opposition to find talented individuals, especially when they have to sacrifice their privacy and then lose, lose and lose in elections. He quipped that after subsequent losses, they have to even face rejection by the PAP if they want to defect to it.

Dr Wong continued to highlight that the PAP sources for leaders outside the party and bears one of the best succession system in the world.

Q: How does the government view the rising income gap?

Mayor Teo said that many long-term help programmes are available to those who need them. The government casts a safety net for Singaporeans to have basic needs but stop short at turning Singapore into a welfare state. They are encouraged to work and make a living through various job matching services. As Mayor of Northeast District, he says there is a need to ensure that the benefits given to the needy must not surpass the salary of the low-income worker, failing which the value of meritocracy will be eroded.

Q: Regarding the Internal Security Act and Operation Coldstore

MP Chris said that Operation Coldstore took place at a unique and unprecedented period where the threat of communism was high. 20 years later, students might ask him if he agreed that ISD should detain Mas Selamat. His answer would definitely be YES.

The Executive provides a check on the ISD and voters will decide whether they agree with executive decisions during elections.

Q: If you become the PM, what's the one thing you will change?

Mayor Teo said he would change the political system. He stood for election in GE2006 and believes in standing for elections and that if you lose, you should "get lost".

Dr Reuben Wong said that one way to allow all the PAP candidates to stand for election is to abolish the GRC system. He observed that Mayor Teo did not mention how he would change the political system.

MP Zaqy would revisit the Minimum Wage policy and focus on the cost of living.

Q: What's PAP scared of?

MP Zaqy said that in the 9 days of electioneering, there are only seats for the party to lose. As an MP, he conducts weekly block visits to meet residents, weekly Meet-the-People session at the branch office, attend grassroots meeting, and grassroots functions. The hard work of MPs over 5 years can go to waste within 9 days.

A book-signing session was also held for those who bought the "Men in White" book.

Other Anecdotes

Before the forum, I was fortunate to hear from a former Physics lecturer share his experience with MM Lee Kuan Yew.

In the 1980s, Mr Lee visited the NUS during a forum with NUS staff. Mr Lee told the audience that he is there to hear from them and not the other way round. One lady stood up and talked about unions (According to the former Physics lecturer, he described the lady as attention-seeking). Not allowing her to finish her point, Mr Lee banged the table with his fist and asked the lady to sit down and that he will not change his decision. So was the determination of Mr Lee.

In another meeting with medical students at the NUS, Mr Lee spoke for too long and the event was overtime. The students shouted "We want dinner!" in unison. And Mr Lee said to them, we might not have any dinner to eat if we do not get our country right.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2009

19 October 2009

The theme for this Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum (KRMF) 2009 is, "What will the next 50 years have in store for Singapore?" 2009 marks Singapore's 50th year of self-governance, and marks a checkpoint for us to reflect and ponder about what lies ahead.

In 2007, when Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong was the guest speaker for KRMF, the queue was so long that I had to sit in a different room to watch a live screening of the forum. Thus, I went early this year. I was the first to queue up to enter the University Cultural Centre.

It was worth queuing because the guest speaker this year is one of the most influential person in this world. He is none other than Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. My patience paid back when I got to sit at the centre seat at the most front rows for the audience.

Ambassador-at-large Prof Tommy Koh arrived early and did some arrangements before the forum commenced. He was the moderator for this year's KRMF.

Thunderous applause and cheers greeted MM Lee when he entered the auditorium.

When students registered for the forum online, they wrote their questions they want to raise. From all the questions, the NUS Students' Political Association organising committee sieved out the best 20 questions and submitted them to Prof Tommy Koh. Prof Tommy Koh then conducted an interview with the students and the best 9 questions were chosen (some were merged since they are similar).

During the 2-hour forum, MM Lee spoke on environmental issues, values that the youth should embrace, population policies and about his legacy.

In several occasions, MM Lee's humorous interactions with the students generated laughters.

When answering to a question raised about too many foreigners in Singapore, MM Lee asked the student if he is a Singaporean. When he said yes, MM Lee mentioned that he is a Singaporean himself too, pure and bred here. MM Lee understands the concerns by locals but Singaporeans are not reproducing enough.

MM Lee pointed out that while Singapore could embrace foreign immigrants, other countries might not be able to do it easily. Using Malaysia as an example, he noted that in fifty years, the Chinese population will decrease and become an insignificant political force. As a Muslim-majority country, Malaysia could only draw in migrants from the Middle East, which would in turn result in a more Islamic Malaysia.

Speaking on the values that Singapore youths should embrace, MM Lee shared that youths should have the same values that their parents and grandparents had. He noted that youths should not take the stability and peace in Singapore as granted.

And what does MM Lee think of his legacy?

MM Lee said he never thought about his legacy. He believed that if you want to do something, you follow it through and give in your best. He frankly pointed out that obituaries are written by people younger than the deceased, and journalists would most probably have prepared his. He believes that one's legacy can only be determined 20, 30 years after one's passing, when students go to the library and read about one's work, and they will decide for themselves what legacy one leaves behind.

When the forum ended and MM Lee took his leave, the applause stopped only when he left the auditorium. I find myself fortunate to be able to have listened to the sharing of the founding father of Singapore.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Preparing for the Dragonboat race

18 October 2009

Aljunied Dragonboat Race is here again. The Aljunied Dragonboat house was launched last year at Bedok Reservoir. The race would see grassroots leaders and residents representing their own divisions (Aljunied-Hougang, Eunos, Paya Lebar-Kovan, Bedok Reservoir-Punggol, Serangoon) to compete for the championship.

There are various categories such as the youth team, Constituency Sports Club team, Citizen Consultative Committee team, Residents' Committee team, etc.

Last year, Eunos youths lost badly. After a year, we're back with a punch! We have a much stronger team and hopefully we'll be in the top 3.

Goals aside, dragonboating is really an addictive sport. Just look at this video and you can see how serene it could get when you are paddling in the middle of a reservoir. The cool breeze (under a hot sun), smooth waters, greeneries and buildings...

Dragonboat is a sport which requires strong teamwork. It just takes one rower to row out of sync with the others and the resistance will slow down the boat. That's not including the extra scoops your teammate behind you will be drinking if you don't row properly.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Riuh Riuh Raya 2009

11 October 2009

The Hari Raya dinner event is organised by the Eunos CC Malay Activities Executive Committee, and my 3rd Hari Raya Aidilfitri event this year.

Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed joined everyone in the celebrations and also sang us some songs.

The emcee got Jasmine and other ladies to dance on stage, to our amusement. Humour seems to be embedded in his genes. We all had a great time laughing our hearts out.

An Encounter with the Other World

I used to envy people who can see ghosts. Yes, it sounds real weird. To some extent, it might turn out to be a case of hypocrisy because when ghosts do appear to haunt me, I would highly likely regret wanting to see them.

The number of times that I feel their presence are really just a handful.

Most recently, I was using the urinal at toilet in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences of the National University of Singapore, when something quirky occurred. The basin was facing the urinals. One of the automated tap started to turn on by itself.

Initially, I thought there was someone else in the toilet, but when I turned around, there wasn't anyone. Washing my hand with the adjacent automated tap, I looked at the spooky tap in disbelief. "That would make good blog content," I thought, taking out my mobile phone, ready to video the phenomenon.

Guess what? The moment the camera mode was on, the tap shut off. Tap malfunction? I don't think so.

The Chinese believe that spirits can appear in the form of insects. There is this cockroach flying around in my house these few days. It was quite a disgusting sight to see it circulating in the airspace at my living room, above my head. And then all of a sudden, it landed on the altar. The next moment, the cockroach vanished.

Immediately after Father's funeral rites, I was totally drained out and fell into a deep sleep. Moments just before dawn, I dreamt that Father was by my side and telling me that he's hungry. I woke up to find that I was immobilised. I felt that someone was grounding me to the bed. It was not unbearable. Instead it seemed like a gentle hug. Shocked (not fearful since Father won't harm me), I yelled for Mother who was awake. No response.

After a minute of immobility, I finally was able to get out of bed. Dashing into Mother's room, I asked her if she heard my over-the-top yelling. She didn't.

We started serving larger portions of food at the altar and I never had such dreams anymore. I wish I had more, so that I know what's happening on the other world.

The world really needs to know what occurs on the other world. But until then, we will just share these interesting experiences.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Twins in Action 2009

10 October 2009

Hock Rong and I are members of the organising committee for Twins in Action 2009. This event saw more than 20 pairs of twins coming together to vie for the Most Talented Twin, the Most Look-Alike Twin and the Most Don't Look-Alike Twin.

Gracing the event was Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and MP for Aljunied GRC.

It's really difficult to distinguish the twins, if not for differences in their clothing. Each pair of twins seems to share a close bond between themselves.

The youngest twin present were just 6 months old, while the eldest pair were in their 60s.

Toastmasters International District 80 Area A4 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest

10 October 2009

Toastmasters that attended the Area A4 Humorous Speech & Evaluation Contest, held at AIA Changi, had a great laugh that afternoon.

"First you get the engagement ring, then the marriage ring. After marriage, you receive the suffe-ring!"

This is but just one of the sentence that get all of us bursting out in laughter.

An interesting video of Basket Mouth was screened as we awaited the results.

Byron Dufakis and Bruno Pereira won the Humorous Speech & Evaluation categories respectively. They will represent Area A4 in the Division A contest.

Selamat Hari Raya Muhibbah

3 October 2009

Eunos Zone '3' residents celebrated Hari Raya with a live band performance at Selamat Hari Raya Muhibbah.

The void deck of Blk 627 Bedok Reservoir Road was turned into a live band concert, with the organising chairman Hamdi jazzing up the night with his guitar.

Gracing the event was Encik Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and MP for Aljunied GRC. He is also the Adviser to Eunos Zone '3' RC.

Sinar Lebaran di Perkampungan

4 October 2009

Rushed back from the Children's Day Block Party at Kg Chai Chee Garden Hill RC in time for Eunos CC YEC's Sinar Lebaran di Perkampungan, an event in celebration of Hari Raya.

Faiq lent me his brother's Baju Kurung. The last time I donned on a traditional costume was the Indian costume during Racial Harmony day in Secondary school. All fellow YEC members wore the Malay traditional clothing.

Abdillah chaired the organising committee for the event and delivered his maiden speech.

The Guest-of-Honour is Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and MP for Alunied GRC. He is also the Adviser to Eunos CC YEC.

Participants were treated to great Malay food (with barbequed-on-demand SATAYS!) as well as cultural performances and singing. Prizes were given to the best dressed male and female participants.

There is much to learn about Malay traditions and customs and I learnt a lot this year.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Kg Chai Chee Garden Hill RC Children's Day Block Party

4 October 2009

It's been so long a time since I did the Hokey Pokey. And that's what I did to warm up the children at the Children's Day Block Party, organised by Kg Chai Chee Garden Hill Residents' Committee.

I was engaged as the emcee to conduct gameshows for the bubbly and energetic kids. It was quite an experience to sing the Hokey Pokey (You put your left hand in and you shake it all about) due to the lack of soundtrack with singing.

An art competition was held for children. During a stage interview, one of the children artist told me he drew herself and the Guest-of-Honour.

The GOH for the event is Mr Lee Yi Shyan, Minister of State for Trade and Industry & Manpower. He is also the MP for East Coast GRC.

Entertaining performances were in store for the kids, including a dance to the tune of "Nobody", the Korean pop song.

One of the games played was "Simon Says". Simon Says, Hop like a rabbit:

Children are really the joy of life!

District 80 Area L1 Humorous & Evaluation Contest

29 September 2009

I was surprised when the Contest chair announced that I won the second runner-up title for the Speech Evaluation Contest. This is my first time participating in a Mandarin speech evaluation contest.

The District 80 Area L1 Humorous & Evaluation Contest is held at Toa Payoh South CC.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Happy Happy Sunday

27 September 2009

Something wonderful happens on Sunday. Happy Happy Sunday is a 52-week noble project organised by Eunos Zone '2' & '5' RC and the Bedok Reservoir Shop Merchants' Association. Held every Sunday in the morning at the Old temporary market beside Macdonald's, free breakfast is served to needy families residing in Eunos division of Aljunied GRC.

To show our youth support behind the project, the Eunos CC YEC conducted a gameshow for the families.

Hock Rong and I co-hosted the gameshow and we were encouraged by the active participation. Some of our games included the Cadbury eye-brow twisting game and the Nobody dance.

Kg Chai Chee CC WEC Mid-Autumn Festival cum Children's Day Celebrations

26 September 2009

What better ways are there to test your Toastmasters skills other than emceeing events?

After being the Club President of Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club, I have always advocated for the partnership of the club with the Kg Chai Chee CC Women's Executive Committee (WEC), since the former is a subgroup of the latter. As Toastmasters become emcees for grassroots events, they learn and experience engaging participants for a good cause.

The Mid-Autumn Festival cum Children's Day Celebrations is organised by the Kg Chai Chee CC WEC & Family Life Centre. This event is organised for needy families at no cost to them. The organisers wanted participants to bring back a point - even with limited resources, we can still enjoy together as a family.

Student Volunteers, called the Horizoners, were also present to facilitate the flow of the programme.

Lanterns were hung around the hall, carrying riddles for those who want to be intellectually stimulated.

I begun the first game by getting participants to come up on stage. As I told the story of the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the participants acted their given roles.

There was a lantern-making contest as well as a pomelo-peeling competition. Both activities require the synergy of the families. It is heartening to see parents and children contributing to the success of the making of lanterns.

Well, what's Mid-Autumn Festival without the lanterns procession?

People's Association's President's Challenge 2009 FAME Movie Appreciation Nite

25 September 2009

Participating groups of the People's Association's President's Challenge 2009 gathered at the Grand Cathay for the appreciation nite.

Hock Rong, Chee Lee, Edmund, Faiq, Abdillah and I represented Eunos CC YEC. Our YEC helped raised funds for Mainly I Love Kids (MILK) with our Bingo! games booth.

After receiving the appreciation certificates, the movie - Fame - was screened. Interestingly, the school in the movie was called Performing Arts, which the students affectionately call it as PA.

A Toastmaster Inspires

22 September 2009

At the September Chapter Meeting of Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club, I shared about the word "inspires" in my opening address as Club President.

In my initial foray into Toastmasters, I thought Toastmasters only meant a platform to build confidence in public speaking and be a competent leader. I was wrong because Toastmasters is more than just those.

After I presented my Humorous speech at Toa Payoh South Community Club, there was a veteran Toastmaster (whom I regretted for not asking for his name) who came to me and we started a conversation.

He had won numerous humorous speech contests at the area level, as well as at division level. Making reference to my speech, he offered valuable pointers to me. He said he always participates in humorous contests because great speakers might not be humorous, thus many Toastmasters that are strong in language would be filtered out, thus it wouldn't be as competitive as prepared speech contests.

What struck me was the inspiration that he gave me. And the inspiration that I received was the way a Toastmaster inspires. A Toastmaster learns from Toastmasters, and inspire others to attaining their goals.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Opening Ceremony of Ziani Auction

19 September 2009

The Ziani Auction was held at the Raffles City Convention Centre and officiated by Mayor Teo Ser Luck.

This marks my first visit to an art auction. It's indeed an eye-opener and the paintings are just too beautiful not to take pictures with.

My favourite artwork would be this portrait of a melting Lenin. I'm not sure what the artist really meant but I figured that it could be a depiction of the whithering of Leninism.

NUS Inter-Faculty Games International Chess Competition

17 September 2009

3 years in NUS and this is my first time participating in the Intra-Faculty Games. I always wanted to sign up for some of them but always procrastinated and then time flies...

That was why when my tutorial mate was desperately looking for players to represent the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, I agreed.

While waiting for time for the Games that day, I figured out how to play International Chess by playing the Chess Titans game on my laptop. In my whole life, I haven't even completed playing a single round of chess game. And moments later, I would be representing my Faculty. Haha.

The main draw to play the Games was of course not the complimentary Team NUS Tshirt (cross fingers). At least I would be graduating from NUS with a Team NUS shirt. It's a great avenue to make new friends too.

I used to think Chinese Chess is a more mind-challenging game than International Chess until I played a few rounds.

Managed to win one of the opponents. That made my day.

Project Give Presentation Ceremony

13 September 2009

Needy residents residing in Eunos Division of Aljunied GRC received some financial assistance today. Project Give has helped many needy families tide over the economic downturn.

Early this year, grassroots leaders, YEC members and Bedok North Secondary School students did a house-to-house collection of can food. They wrapped them into food hampers for needy families.

In this round of Project Give, the families received NTUC vouchers from Mr Zainul Abidin Rasheed, Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs and MP for Aljunied GRC. It was touching to see how the glow of smile appeared on the faces of the recipients. It was particularly touching to me to see some of them smiling because I have met them at the Meet-the-People Session and learnt about their financial conditions.

Besides the presentation ceremony, everyone also enjoyed dinner and a whole night of entertaining performances.

I feel proud to be able to contribute as a grassroots leader, to improve the lives of others staying in my neighbourhood.

Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club Public Speaking Seminar

13 September 2009

The response for the first-ever Public Speaking Seminar organised by Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club was encouraging. The conference room was packed by the time the seminar begun.

I had mooted the idea of holding public speaking seminars to create awareness of Toastmasters and at the same time for recruitment. Such seminars are easier (both on the side of manpower and time) to manage than Speechcrafts for a humble club.

Was thankful that Hock Rong and Jiayang both came to show their support. Members of the club also contributed their time and effort in creating a successful seminar.

Zafar started the seminar by imparting to us some techniques to public speaking.

After refreshments, Cher Khim enlightened us with how to approach impromptu speaking. Thereafter, he hosted a table topics session with participants to allow them to experience for themselves what it is like to speak to an audience without prior preparation.

Many participants were new to Toastmasters and were eager to find out about this wonderful platform for building confidence and improving their public speaking skills.

Check out http://kgchaichee.freetoasthost.biz for more information.