Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Kg Chai Chee CC WEC Mid-Autumn Festival cum Children's Day Celebrations

26 September 2009

What better ways are there to test your Toastmasters skills other than emceeing events?

After being the Club President of Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club, I have always advocated for the partnership of the club with the Kg Chai Chee CC Women's Executive Committee (WEC), since the former is a subgroup of the latter. As Toastmasters become emcees for grassroots events, they learn and experience engaging participants for a good cause.

The Mid-Autumn Festival cum Children's Day Celebrations is organised by the Kg Chai Chee CC WEC & Family Life Centre. This event is organised for needy families at no cost to them. The organisers wanted participants to bring back a point - even with limited resources, we can still enjoy together as a family.

Student Volunteers, called the Horizoners, were also present to facilitate the flow of the programme.

Lanterns were hung around the hall, carrying riddles for those who want to be intellectually stimulated.

I begun the first game by getting participants to come up on stage. As I told the story of the origins of the Mid-Autumn Festival, the participants acted their given roles.

There was a lantern-making contest as well as a pomelo-peeling competition. Both activities require the synergy of the families. It is heartening to see parents and children contributing to the success of the making of lanterns.

Well, what's Mid-Autumn Festival without the lanterns procession?

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