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Thursday, April 15, 2010

PAYM Policy Forum - "Women’s Leadership Roles In Today Society"

3 April 2010

After the SLC meeting at Eunos CC, YEC members joined fellow grassroots members of Eunos to attend our Adviser Mr Zainul's daughter's wedding function at the Malay Heritage Centre.

Some of us then went to the Giraffe Restaurant @ Istana Park to participate in the PAYM Policy Forum @ Aljunied GRC & Hougang SMC - "Women's Leadership Roles in Today's Society".

The Guest-of-Honour is Mrs Lim Hwee Hua, Minister, Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Finance & Transport, MP for Aljunied GRC & Adviser to Serangoon Grassroots Organisations.

Along with her are panellists: Ms Sophia Pang, the first Singaporean woman to reach the South Pole; Ms Genecia Lou, South East Asia Woman of Excellence 2010, Ms United Nations Singapore 2010/2011 & Miss Singapore International 2006/2007; Ms Merry Riana, Winner of Spirit of Enterprise and best-selling author.

The 4 ladies from different walks of life shared their various experiences. I was particularly drawn to Ms Pang who narrated how she prepared for her expedition and how tough the journey was. Sometimes, she had to take over her male counterparts when they are down.

With Ms Sophia Pang

With Ms Merry Riana

With Ms Genecia Lou

Monday, February 01, 2010

Cousin Jessie's Wedding

17 January 2010

Wedding events are great moments for relatives to meet up. Held in Regent Hotel, my cousin Jessie married her husband in a wedding lunch cum marriage solemnisation.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Mr Zainul's Son's Wedding

13 June 2009

Mr Zainul invited Eunos grassroots leaders to his son's wedding at Malay Heritage Centre. It was just nice that when we reached, the newly wed couple had just arrived in their wedding car.

This is the first Malay wedding that I have attended. Relatives and friends come at scheduled timings to wish their blessings on the newly wed. Performances such as singing, dancing and music entertain everyone while they enjoy the food and chat with each other. Like the Chinese wedding, it is a great opportunity for relatives and friends to have a reunion and catch up with one another.

After the wedding, we returned to Eunos CC to fold our YEC BGM letters for mailing. And then, we started peeling eggs for Happy Happy Sunday which will be held in the following day. Happy Happy Sunday is an initiative that provides free breakfast to needy families over the span of 52 weeks.

Jogging at night is an enjoyable experience. Not only is it cooling, the air also seems fresher with the lessened traffic. I attempted my first solo jogging to East Coast Park and back. Jogging alone seems challenging as the tendency of one to want to stop is high.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Ranjit weds Inderpal

20 December 2008

Mother, Lin Qiang and I woke early today to attend Mr Sawaran Singh's wedding at Central Sikh Temple. Hock Rong joined us and we shared a cab. There was a large golden peanut dangling off the front mirror which reminded me of the NKF "peanuts"...

The bridal car caught our attention. There is much effort spent in lining the entire car with flowers and scotch tape, unlike the easy drap-on bouquet on the Chinese bridal car.

Prior to entering the temple, we tied up bandanas and hid our hair.

The canteen is located at the first floor of the temple. As we walked in from the entrance, we saw Mr Pang and other grassroots leaders and we joined them in consuming breakfast. Males and females sat on different sides of the canteen. The Sikhs were very friendly and shared with us some of the customs when we were uncertain. We also spotted Ang Mo Kio GRC MP Inderjit Singh.

After the breakfast snacks, everyone headed to the prayers' hall at the second floor. Climbing up the stairs, we were greeted by a splendid view of a fountain bearing reflection from the sun rays.

We sat down in the prayers' hall as friends and relatives queued to offer their blessings to the couple. Here, the males and females are also divided. In the meantime, there was chanting of prayers and playing of musical instruments. Two screens in front displayed the English translation of the chanting. This was useful for non-Sikhs like us to understand what is going on.

After the groom and bride walked in to the front, a man spoke from the lectern, talking about love and marriage. Anand Karaj is given to the name of the Sikh wedding ceremony. You can read more about Anand Karaj at

Some of the sayings left a deep impression in me. These included Marriage = Merry + Age; Marriage means the soul-bride can realise the divine-groom; Marriage is not only physical and contractual but intellectual and spiritual merger; The groom and bride are of equal status like 2 wheels of the same chariot of life.

The solemnisor then get the couple to sign the papers and the priest took over from there. At one point, one end of the scarf of the bride was placed over the shoulder of the groom and they walked round the priest 4 times.

There was buffet lunch reception at the canteen.

As the function ended, some of us continued part 2 with games and forfeits.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Mr Ong Weds

12 December 2008

After a few hours of sleep, I was awakened by a request to go for a lunch buffet at East Coast Park. Since the buffet meal is only available in the weekdays, I dragged myself out of bed.

The restaurant is "Ju Shin Jung" Korean Charcoal BBQ Restaurant. Not counting Seoul Garden, this is my first authentic Korean style buffet. It makes me feel cheated by Seoul Garden after trying out Ju Shin Jung.

The waitress first arranged the whole set of appetisers and vegetables on the table before grilling the meat platters for us. The service is terrific, giving customers a feeling of supremacy. She would then return to our tables and cut the meat platter up into smaller servings. I'm so going to Ju Shin Jung, again.

Later in the afternoon, headed to the Registry of Marriage at Fort Canning to help Mr Ong capture his special day in photographs. That's where I saw Mrs Ong for the first time.

The couple and their families went in and got a queue number. We then entered the waiting room where the names of the couple were flashed on a screen. When it's Mr Ong's turn, we entered the room. There, the solemnisor informed the couple of the importance of marriage and both stood to say "I do". I was so busy trying to snap every single moment down into memory that I didn't hear all the conversations. They signed the papers, exchanged rings and kissed! As a photographer, I told them to hold it there. And I heard a young girl saying "gross". Haha.

At 6pm, we proceeded to JuChunYuan (聚春园), Spring Restaurant for Mr Ong's wedding reception. The restaurant is home to the original "Buddha Jumps over the Wall" dish. We were treated to a classy cuisine dinner.

At the end of the dinner, Mr and Mrs Ong did the Chinese tradition of offering tea to their elders and receive their blessings. The journey has just begun.

Dashed back to RC office for meeting and went for some supper. That ended the "good food" day.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Koh's Wedding @ Grand Hyatt Hotel

19 October 2008
Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Hotel

My fellow RC mate, Mr Koh invited us to attend his son's wedding dinner at Grand Hyatt Hotel. He catered two buses to ferry the Eunos residents, mainly Eunos Zone '3' RC members and Senior Citizen's Executive Committee members. At 7.15pm, we left Eunos for the hotel. Mayor Zainul Abidin Rasheed (Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs) also attended the dinner.

Grand Hyatt looks really grand. I especially like the style of decoration, using black as the main colour, rather than the usual white. For instance, the table cloths, napkins and even the waiters' uniform were all black. The black combined with the candle lightings create a warm atmosphere.

Each table had a bouquet of roses (real ones!) and lining the aisle were stands of fresh roses with candles.

The gift was a keychain, consisting of a couple donning traditional Chinese wedding costume.

I felt a little uneasy when they kept changing plates after each course. Think of the amount of soap and water wasted... Anyway, got myself a glass of red wine. Overestimated my capacity and ended up getting giddy after the first glass.

There is a saying that goes that if you want to find out the different character of the people in a department, ask the toilet cleaner. And of course, if you want to check out the quality of a hotel, check out the toilet!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Swing KPE - A Run Down the Longest Underground Tunnel in SEA

14 September 2008

More than 15,000 people gathered at the Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway (KPE) today morning. The KPE tunnel is the longest underground expressway tunnel in Southeast Asia. They were ferried from shuttle buses departing from Tampines and Kovan. Some Community Centres also had buses to ferry their constituents here.

Mother, Aunt, Lin Qiang and I reached the start point just on time to do some warming up. There were 2 categories of participants, namely the competitive 10km run and the Fun Run 5km.

Among the Guests-of-Honour were Defence Minister Teo Chee Hean, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Finance Mrs Lim Hwee Hua and LTA Chairman.

Participants of the Fun Run category were each given a battery-powered lantern. LTA hoped that the event could go into the Guiness Book of World Records for the largest lantern parade.

There were relatively few participants in the competitive category. After taking some photographs, the race began

It was cool to see the Electronic Signboards with messages on the event, Swing KPE.

As we run into the tunnel, there were segments where we were running in the dark, with spotlights and revved-up music to keep up the tempo. It was like having a disco party (with running substituting dancing).

Participants were told not to stray from the route onto others such as (below) Bartley Rd East. There were crew members stationed at each emergency exit so as to evacuate participants in terms of emergency.

There were a few disappointing features of the run. Firstly, there were no toilets within the tunnel. Secondly, there were only 2 water points issuing NEWater bottles to participants. The resultant litter of bottles (that rolled onto the running path) and bottle caps proved to be an eyesore and safety hazard.

On the positive side, as we run 5km into the tunnel from one end and making a loop into the opposing direction on the other side, there were informative banners to inform the participants on the safety points to note when using the KPE. Image above shows a message (both on the floor and in the lighted display) advising us not to reverse vehicles within tunnel. How cheeky can it get.

When we approached the finishing point, we were given goodie bags. Above Image shows typical Singaporeans grabbing way too many goodie bags for themselves. We happened to see Mayor Zainul, so we also took a photo with him.

In the evening, my family and I went to wedding dinner at HarbourFront Centre's Dragon Gate Restaurant. It reminded me of the time when Tengda organised a platoon buffet dinner at the same restaurant a few years ago.

There were only 5 people seated in our tables and we had a great feast.

Among the gifts were a cup coaster and some chocolates.