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Sunday, May 27, 2007

National Achievers Congress 2007 :: Power Of Success

This is the first NAC I attended. I have previously heard of the event from my teacher who attended the NAC in 1995 where the guest speaker was Bill Clinton.

Held from 24-25 May in Singapore Expo Hall 2, the event saw a group of successful individuals coming out to give success pointers to the international crowd. The speakers included T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Andrew Matthews, Jerry Clark, James Skinner, Roger Hamilton, Stephen Pierce, Jay Abraham, John Childers, Tung Desem Waringin and Dr. Clemen Chiang.

I found Roger Hamilton's speech the most entertaining. He is the founder of the XL Magazine (Extraordinary Lives). (Check it out at He shared a point that I will always remember. Butterflies have beautiful wings... but they can't see their own wings.

Andrew Matthews cheered the crowd by his on-the-spot drawing of cartoons. He was the first speaker of the 2-day seminar and he set the right mood and right way to perceive success and happiness. Diagramatic expressions of how to be happy.

Dr. Clemen Chiang gave a concise and clear picture of the trend in stock market. He is the creator of the Freely Method and mentors in the field of options trading. He predicted the slowing down of the world's largest economy, United States and then said Singapore would be the next big thing. He also offered some tips in which land to secure to benefit from the developments.

T. Harv Eker, the author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", was the most powerful speaker. He emphasised the importance of having a healthy financial blueprint mind. Built in our subconscious mind are some negative thoughts that we have on money and the rich. These need to be deleted in order to do well financially.

I brought home a spectrum of perspectives and some key success pointers that are common among the speakers. I am looking forward to the next NAC :)

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Luck Factor in SUCCESS and failure

Often than not, a successful person and a not so successful person are just the same. They are both human beings, may have the same qualifications, live in the same area. There are various mindset differences that might resulted in their degree of success. However, when sometimes luck do factor in as well.

Luck is a factor because if you are there at the right time, right moment, with the right person, you might just take up a deal and immediately alleviate yourself from the rest. For example, if a network marketeer approach you and after seeing the model of business, you are optimistic, you pick up the offer and you are already in a headstart.

The same goes for the misfortune part. If you meet the wrong person at the wrong moment, at the wrong time, 3 wrongs can't make one right, and so it might spell trouble and misfortune. I believe such events are pre-destined and people are fated to encounter luck and misfortune.

However, this goes to show that one should immediately make a wise choice when deals are presented to one. The courage, determination and experience would then factor in as well.

Successful people make the decision (not necessarily a popular decision at the moment) with a far sight and then benefit from it while the norm people don't or have failed to appreciate the goodness.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The End Result of Success

I was presented to an idea of the end result of Success by a Chinese man.

The end result of Success, according to him, is that you add value to other people. For example, Bill Gates became a billionaire with his Microsoft company. Now he is getting out and setting up a Gates Foundation to help other people improve their lives. Same goes for Bill Clinton and a lot more other wealthy people.

As a person gets to know different kinds of people, his horizon gets broaden. And once it widens, there will be people in the inner core trying to convince him to return to the core level. For a person to be successful, he has to deal with the negative voices within him and passed on to him by people who are afraid he might fail, people who care. And so as he sets out and go beyond the boundary, he will be successful, and his scope, his viewpoint will never be the same again.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Steering in the right direction

Finally, the Straits Times have got back to me over my entry to the forum in regards to the purpose of rewarding programmes offered by national transport giants. This was discussed in the previous blog entry. There are two possible follow-ups. One would be that the rewards are being sponsored. The other would be that the rewards were from the profits of the companies. The latter would then lead to a fierce debate in the forum.

Dispatched two teens to work. Gathered some feedback from them and discovered that business is good. Imported new goods. The future looks bright.

Went to a free internet marketing seminar. This was the best so far that I have attended. Registered for a course, organised by Success Resources, and received some bonuses. It is a 4 day course which sees all the gurus imparting their knowledge and skills. Did some networking at the seminar and also saw a SISPEC platoon mate.

The next day will start with an early "interview" to learn more on the products and services that the company provides.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Useful Recurring Advices

There are certain advices in life that must recur from various sources in order to remind, if not motivate one. These advices are in the context of proper planning for the future, having a proper mindset, methods of achieving goals, etc. These all lead to the word "success".

201106 Afternoon, I listened to what was the most enriching conversation I have ever heard from a stranger. Interestingly, the conversation was actually a job interview. The firm is looking for candidates to train them to be distributors for the main company. However, for the first interview, there was no mention of the products and services catered by the firm.

The job interviewer get ourselves to think and applied some concepts of thinking and planning to us. Throughout the 1.5hrs interview, he just conversed with us regarding the route to success. It was awesome. The next interview will be 3hours. I am looking forward.

This talk actually came at the right time. Acts as a morale booster for me personally, giving me the fuel to go on and endure this current mega map that I am drawing. Wish me luck.