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Friday, July 18, 2014

Singapore could probably host a Football match between Bangladesh and Guam. Read on to find out these interesting coupling of FIFA Country Codes

Ya, I know World Cup 2014 is over. I am but a non-football enthusiast who gets intrigued by disciplined Tiki Taka-styled football and probably would just tune in to Germany matches (and Singapore's if we ever make it to World Cup...) once in 2 years (think Euro).

While the whole world was shocked by the punishing score of 1-7 of BRA-GER, I was actually amused by the FIFA Country Codes of these two nations. How apt for BRAzil and GERmany to be associated.

And so I read the list of FIFA Country Codes and discovered more amusing couplings. Check them out:

COL-BRA (Cobra) : Colombia vs Brazil

ARM-BAN : Armenia vs Bangladesh 

Hai–BRB : Haiti vs Barbados
And you know you messaged at the wrong time. 

COM-DOM : Comoros vs Dominican Republic 
(Image is censored)

FIN-EST : Finland vs Estonia 

VIR-USA - US Virgin Islands vs United States of America

IND-FRA : India vs France 

CAN-LIE : Canada vs Liechtenstein 

MAD-SAM : Madagascar vs Samoa 

BAN-GUM : Bangladash vs Guam 
Singapore might be happy to host the match

MAR-VEN : Morocco vs Venezuela 
The battle of the Men of Mars and Women of Venus

NAM-BER : Namibia vs Bermuda  

POR-NOR : Portugal vs Norway 
(Please click here to verify you are above 18)

SWE-SUI : Sweden vs Switzerland
The Swee (Pretty) meets the Sway (Unlucky)

COK-CUB : Cook Islands vs Cuba 

CHA-KOR (Charcoal) : Chad vs South Korea 

PUR-PLE : Puerto Rico vs Palestine
Purple Light in the Valley, that is where, I want to be...

WAL-RUS : Wales vs Russia 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

World Cup 2010 @ Eunos CC

14 June 2010

For the first time, the World Cup is telecasted LIVE at 17 Community Clubs across the island. Each GRC would have at least a CC that will be holding the telecast. For Aljunied GRC, Eunos was selected.

At 7pm, 10pm and 2.30am, residents can freely stroll in and grab a seat to catch the exciting matches. They wouldn't know that grassroots leaders and the Constituency Office staff would have to be on duty every night.

To keep our CO staff accompanied, some of us came down several nights to kill time with them before the next match commences.

And on this day, we created a Facebook account for our Assistant Constituency Manager Mr Tan Toh Seng (seen here combing his hair as he ready himself for his profile photo shot).

Germany thrashed Australia with a whooping 4-0 results. Made my staying up worthwhile!