Friday, July 18, 2014

Singapore could probably host a Football match between Bangladesh and Guam. Read on to find out these interesting coupling of FIFA Country Codes

Ya, I know World Cup 2014 is over. I am but a non-football enthusiast who gets intrigued by disciplined Tiki Taka-styled football and probably would just tune in to Germany matches (and Singapore's if we ever make it to World Cup...) once in 2 years (think Euro).

While the whole world was shocked by the punishing score of 1-7 of BRA-GER, I was actually amused by the FIFA Country Codes of these two nations. How apt for BRAzil and GERmany to be associated.

And so I read the list of FIFA Country Codes and discovered more amusing couplings. Check them out:

COL-BRA (Cobra) : Colombia vs Brazil

ARM-BAN : Armenia vs Bangladesh 

Hai–BRB : Haiti vs Barbados
And you know you messaged at the wrong time. 

COM-DOM : Comoros vs Dominican Republic 
(Image is censored)

FIN-EST : Finland vs Estonia 

VIR-USA - US Virgin Islands vs United States of America

IND-FRA : India vs France 

CAN-LIE : Canada vs Liechtenstein 

MAD-SAM : Madagascar vs Samoa 

BAN-GUM : Bangladash vs Guam 
Singapore might be happy to host the match

MAR-VEN : Morocco vs Venezuela 
The battle of the Men of Mars and Women of Venus

NAM-BER : Namibia vs Bermuda  

POR-NOR : Portugal vs Norway 
(Please click here to verify you are above 18)

SWE-SUI : Sweden vs Switzerland
The Swee (Pretty) meets the Sway (Unlucky)

COK-CUB : Cook Islands vs Cuba 

CHA-KOR (Charcoal) : Chad vs South Korea 

PUR-PLE : Puerto Rico vs Palestine
Purple Light in the Valley, that is where, I want to be...

WAL-RUS : Wales vs Russia 

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