Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Proactive Friendly Hamster

Yesterday night while I was playing with my hamsters, I witnessed how one hamster was so proactive in making friends with another.

It happened after I placed both of the hamsters together in the same cage after they have been isolated from each other due to fights a long time ago.

The occupant of the cage was sniffing out the guest as the guest was eating some food and scratching itself. When two hamsters are placed together, they will be quite nervous initially. They may start fighting or live well together.

Then after a long sniffing from the occupant, the occupant hamster started to "vomit" out the food that was stored in his cheek pouch. It was a welcoming gesture to the guest. It was an unforgettable sight, partly because I haven't seen hamsters "vomiting" out so much food at one time.

The guest hamster did not reciprocate the goodwill. He moved away from the occupant and continued his own activity, ignoring the occupant all the way.

This reminds me of how people sometimes behave like hamsters. I recall times when my friends or I displayed a warm attitude towards strangers but received ignorance and doubt by them. Some even feel threatened when strangers start to be too friendly.

The hamsters were sleeping together cosily this morning. Cool. Saved one more cage for future baby hamsters.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Tell lies if you have good memory

In the Chinese new year's gathering, Uncle Roland brought across a reminder to me.

When you say the truth, you do not need to remember it.

Howver, when you lie, you need to forever remember it.

I am sure I must have heard that advise before in my school years. But it struck me hard nonetheless.

Friday, February 23, 2007

You get more when you Share

It is a cliche, but how true.

Recently, I have been catching up with some friends. They have been studying and would like to find out how I am doing and perhaps know more about earning money.

I sat down with them and shared a large part of the way I am earning money with them. Sharing lessons learnt from the courses I have attended and from the people I've met.

During the process of sharing, my enthusiasm kept me going and going. In a short while, all the lessons were clearer to me. And the enthusiasm was a morale booster.

You get more when you share!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Demise of a Soldier

The rain poured heavily as his peers, family members and fellow comrades weep on. The rain couldn't have come at a better time. Indeed, I believe, somewhere in Heaven, sadness prevails over the lost of a good man.

He is a hardworking soldier, always striving to learn more and do more.

As all his fellow comrades salute him with utmost respect for the last time, the rain got heavier. His fellow soldiers fired 3 rounds of fire. The national flag was folded and presented to his family member.

Singapore lost a great soldier. The unit lost an asset. The platoon lost a friend.

As the furnace is turned on, there were shouts of grief.

Up till this point do I find it a reality.

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 Bedok South Sec 5NA Top Student

After years of hard work, my brother Lin Qiang managed to outperform his peers and clinched the top student in his stream.

When my brother was transiting to Sec 3, I was a strong proponent of him taking up Additional Mathematics as a subject. That subject was not offered in Normal Academic stream in the school. After speaking to the form teacher and the Vice Principal, I failed to get the school to allow him to study the subject with his Express stream peers.

With strong motivation and perseverance, Lin Qiang engaged a tutor, who was recommended by his form teacher. Every week, when his peers started Sunday by sleeping into the late noons, Lin Qiang would be learning Additional Mathematics from his tutor. When his peers were studying for exams, Lin Qiang had to prepare for an additional paper.

Initially, there were signs of difficulty in coping. I was afraid that by encouraging him to take up Add Maths, he would lose focus in other subjects. I was serving National Service in the meantime, so I hadn't much opportunity in helping him out.

No matter how tight his schedule was, Lin Qiang made sure he completes his assignment for the tuition lesson, even if it means he has to stay up late into the wee hours of the morning of his day of tuition. He certainly did our parents proud and made every single cent of the hefty tuition fees a worthwhile investment.

Lin Qiang truly deserves the results that he has had achieved. He entered Normal Academic stream when he failed English in Secondary 1. He did not allow his poor performance in English to hinder him. Now he writes beautiful GP essays in his Junior College and gets praised by his tutors.

Lin Qiang's approach to studies and the way he manages time will make him a successful person. Hope he will top his Junior College in time to come.

Lin Qiang is also the Chairman of his CCA club, peer leader as well as the Chairman of his class. Take a look at his entry for his achievement at http://turtleandpiggygalaxy.blogspot.com/2007_02_01_turtleandpiggygalaxy_archive.html

Thursday, February 08, 2007

2-day Total Quality Management Overview Course

Recently attended a Total Quality Management Course conducted by Mr. Robert Chew of Quarton Managment Consultants.

I met the trainer in the EAP course, as he and I were in the same team.

Too many companies are overlooking quality. Instead of improving on processes and solving the root causes of problems, organisations are cutting on operational costs and retrenching. Insights to the current and past organisational emphasis on quality were shared by Robert, a very experienced person in the field of quality management.

Through his humorous approach and simple explanations of the concepts, I was able to receive and retain a large part of the course content, which would otherwise be a dry topic.

Again, being the youngest in the course, it was definitely a worthwhile investment on myself for embarking on a quality management path. With these skills and knowledge, I could bring it to whichever industry I enter.

While I am constantly in pursuit of such courses, I am also exploring the ways I can utilise the lessons learnt.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Singapore Lions beats Thailand

Just arrived home when the match between Singapore and Malaysia had commenced for 5min.

The National Stadium was fully packed and spirits were high. At the 15min goal by Singapore's Alam Shah, my brother and I burst out "GOAL!".

Even though the players weren't as skillful as those in EPL, the match was exciting! Knowing that your country is fighting another, and that your country is leading, certainly it feels good.

And then came a surprising loophole in the defence of the Lions, and the Thais scored one goal.

Probably everyone was paying more attention to the part of the game where the Thais walked out of the field in protests of the judgement of the referee. Nevertheless, the Singapore Lions managed to make full use of the penalty opportunity and scored a beautiful top-right-corner, out-of-reach-of-goalkeeper shot by Fahrudin.

For the next match in Thailand, I have sure confidence that Singapore will win. And clinch the ASEAN Cup. Perhaps we can actually enter the World Cup 2010 after all.