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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Eunos Lunar New Year Dinner

1 February 2009

Went New Year visiting to Baohui's place. Her toddler cousin, Jewel, was self-entertaining and as a result became an entertainment to us. I think it a pity that Baohui did not take up Early Childhood as a study since she like children so much.

Baohui also showed us some of the plastic models that she created in her lab experiments. Unfortunately, I had to leave early for my Remedial Training at Bedok Camp.

When a combat fit operationally ready National Serviceman fails his physical test, IPPT, he is bounded to sign up for Remedial Training, a 8-week period of training. Chee Lee was a good companion, answering all my queries on RT.

RT is seriously a very demoralising activity. Most of the participants looked spiritless, reminding me of the first few weeks of SISPEC where everyone had yet to come to terms with not being able to enter OCS. I regretted not committing enough to clear my IPPT, and promised myself never to step back into RT again next year.

Immediately after RT, we dashed back home to prepare for the Eunos Lunar New Year Dinner. I'm honoured to be able to sit in Arthur's committee in organising this gathering for grassroots volunteers and residents of Eunos.

More than 300 of us enjoyed a delicious yusheng as we yelled wishes for the new year.

I managed to capture precious memories with Chee Lee's semi-SLR camera. They include the flexible acrobat who nearly could help to change the bulb for us:

and the agile camouflaged man who could place the lid over bowls with his legs:

Eunos Zone '3' RC members were ingenious to reuse the backdrops used for the event to decorate the entrance to the carpark.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

In-Camp Training - A Waste of Time?

My batch of NSmen were twice lucky with the changes implemented for National Service. First, NS was trimmed from 2.5 years to 2 years. Second, we had the in-camp training (ICT) reduced from a 13-year cycle to a 10-year one.

After being operationally read for about 1.5 years, I received the SAF 100 call-up to ICT. The comfortable civilian lifestyle made me think of various reasons (excuses) to seek for deferment. However, there were none. A call made at the eve of the ICT to the NS hotline informed that I had to bring full battle order to the my reservist camp. Information from fellow ICT mate Tengda said otherwise...

Met with Bryan and Tengda at the entrance to Seletar Camp before strolling in to our Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive Defence Group (CBRE DG) camp.

In the 5 days, we made new friends among our platoon. It was also totally cool to be able to see old faces when we returned back to our unit for updates. The backgrounds vary from each individual and there were much to learn from conversations with each other. For instance, there was a Medic from Defence Science Organisation. Had a great bonding session with Tengda and Bryan.

Equipment Training and Combat Fitness Test proved useful in bringing back the memories of these knowledge.

A lot of people complained that in-camp training is a complete waste of time. I bet to differ. Donning the green uniform certainly adds on some lethargy but the refresher trainings are required to ensure that Singapore would constantly have a batch of reservists soldiers ready for action if necessary. Also, the abundance of resting time in between activities should not be fret up on, since who would want to be immersed in an intensive programme anyway?