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Saturday, July 05, 2008

eDLink Singapore - Unethical Way of Driving Web Traffic to Site

I received this email in my inbox and felt weird about it.

I didn't register for such a service in the first place. My first thought was "Did anyone sign this up for me?"

Immediately, I attempted to log in at the website. However, fortunately or unfortunately, the given username and password didn't work.
A try at resetting the password shows that the username is not found.

Uh Huh! Another spamming email to drive traffic to its site! The email by eDLink Singapore mimicked a registration confirmation email so that it gets readers of such emails to log on to its website to check it out. According to the spam law in Singapore, all advertising emails/SMS would need to include a in its message title. So eDLink Singapore literally found such a loophole to gain traffic for itself.

I thought such unethical approach by eDLink Singapore would definitely be detrimental to its image.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Internet Marketing Conference

This is an interesting conference that is going on every single day for a month. I got to know this event through a mentor.

This event is quite an eye-opener. Out of all the preview seminars that I attended, this one is the most unique.

The event was advertised on the papers, going with the headlines of free organiser and an invitation to the dinner conference. I called the overseas toll-free number to United States to reserve a seat at the dinner. It was held in Mercure Roxy Hotel, Singapore.

The tickets came via snail mail, posted all the way from United States. In it were an invitation letter and two tickets. One for myself and one for a guest. Of course, I brought a guest -- my brother.

In the Internet Marketing Conference, the presenter went through some key points on a successful internet business. He also mentioned about independent and dependent income, which I used it for my Attain Financial Freedom Blog. He then marketed another workshop in which further training would be provided.

Dinner was served last. A very small serving but looked posh. And then the free organisers were distributed upon exiting.

This conference was held by StoresOnline Pro, a listed company in the US. It deals with training and providing support in Internet Marketing.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

World Internet Summit 2006

Held at Expo from 25 November to 28 November, which sees many Internet Marketing Experts sharing their knowledge, is the World Internet Summit 2006. Speakers came from around the world. They included Brett McFall, Tom Hua, John Childers, David Cavagnah, Stephen Pierce, Andrew and Daryl Grantt, Rick Raddatz, Jay Abraham, Ewen Chia, Jo Han Mok, Fabian.

Of them all, Ewen, Jo Han and Fabian are Singaporeans. Ewen and Jo Han took up the Internet Challenge and earned themselves US$60 000 from selling online throughout the 4 days. How amazing Internet Marketing can be.

Jay Abraham gave a keynote address to the audiences on the first day. He speaks for up to US$25000 per pax in other seminars. He is a powerful speaker. Able to analyse questions and formulate a solution just at the blink of the eye.

John Childers won a landslide victory in a vote for the best speaker of WIS 2006. He trains speakers. For the event, he promoted his course by saying that those who joined him need only pay S$7500 for his S$45000 course as a deposit, and when they earn from public speaking, will he then collect the remaining money from them. This is an amazing feat of confidence.

I thought Matt Bacak was the best speaker. He gave a lot of useful information and insights to us.

At the end of the 4 days, I feel that I am 80% equipped with knowledge and just need the other 20% of energy to kickstart this income-generating source.