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Thursday, February 08, 2007

2-day Total Quality Management Overview Course

Recently attended a Total Quality Management Course conducted by Mr. Robert Chew of Quarton Managment Consultants.

I met the trainer in the EAP course, as he and I were in the same team.

Too many companies are overlooking quality. Instead of improving on processes and solving the root causes of problems, organisations are cutting on operational costs and retrenching. Insights to the current and past organisational emphasis on quality were shared by Robert, a very experienced person in the field of quality management.

Through his humorous approach and simple explanations of the concepts, I was able to receive and retain a large part of the course content, which would otherwise be a dry topic.

Again, being the youngest in the course, it was definitely a worthwhile investment on myself for embarking on a quality management path. With these skills and knowledge, I could bring it to whichever industry I enter.

While I am constantly in pursuit of such courses, I am also exploring the ways I can utilise the lessons learnt.