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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Understanding Iridology

23 August 2009

Eunos Zone '3' RC held a Iridology Health Screening and Talk for residents. It was conducted by the Iridology Association of Asia. The Association is made up of volunteers who, equipped with Iridology knowledge, conducts regular free health screening for people. They have also done health screening in foreign grounds like Batam.

Both the Charter President (Dr Toni Goh) and Charter Secretary (Frederick Loi) are Toastmasters. That was how the Organising Chairperson Mdm Sim got to know about them and invited them to our RC.

We started off with a talk on Iridology. Iridologists basically analyse the patterns on the iris to determine the health status of the individual. According to them, the science of Iridology is disputed by medical doctors because Iridology is the cheapest way to check for illnesses and might shrink their pockets.

One would expect such free health screening to be followed up with sales of health products. However, these volunteers only conduct health screening and do not recommend health products. Instead, they advise on dietary requirements. I thought they were really sincere in delivery such services to the commoners.