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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Sometimes More Could be Less, Less Could be More

It doesn't take a genius to say that to reduce weight, one should eat less. On the surface, it might look like a good advice. However, with considerable analysis, the advice wouldn't stand absolutely true. Because...

Sometimes More Could be Less & Less Could be More

While dieting may help to a certain extent, reducing the intake of carbohydrates would certainly not be helpful. By consuming less of carbohydrates such as rice and noodles, the body would receive less blood sugar. With a long day of work, the body could go into hibernation mode as blood sugar level turns low. During this period, the body would begin to get a false signal and reduce its metabolism and start storing fats. = Increase in weight...

Alternatively, to reduce weight you should eat carbohydrates in moderation. This way, you are more energetic (and thus will be more willing to exercise) and reducing weight becomes more possible.

Let's turn to the case of money. The most usual advice when we come to money is to SAVE MONEY. While being thrifty is a good value that one should embrace, it might not necessarily translate into accumulation of wealth. Just look at how many people actually become millionaires because they save prudently. People save but they spend away their savings when big discounts are given and indulge in emotional purchasing of products and services.

On the other hand, we could utilise money in such a way that we can maximise their value. By using suitable investment vehicles (based on individual risk appetite), we could make more with less.

Similarly, it doesn't mean that if you think you are a small speck of dust, then you couldn't achieve big results. Hopefully my message today expands your current boxed and limited mindset!

Friday, January 12, 2007

Money is an Illusion

Have you wondered why every one around you keeps saying, "I don't have money", "I need money", "I want to have lots of money"? Have you considered what money really is?

Yes, it's just an illusion.

Money, really is a piece of paper. You add some ink on it, put a handsome photo on, give it a signature and chop. Put a value on it... And there you go. Money.

So if I were to draw on a piece of paper and then deemed it to be money, can you say that's not money?

Money is an illusion.

It is the reason for crimes, for family disputes, for emotional breakdown, for dignity loss, etc. Why do we fix such a great importance on a piece of paper?

I believe people should be educated to see money as an illusion. Money is everywhere. If you translate money into happiness, then if you are happy, you are rich. Likewise, if you believe money will cure your woes, then you can be the money that settles your problems.

Money is not your ultimate goal, neither is it to the richest magnate on earth. Money is simply a tool for one to achieve one's aim. And that aim is nothing to do with money. That aim is to fulfil one's burning desires -- help others, enjoy life, retire early, tour the world, be a happy man. Nobody will die saying he is satisfied with his life because he had the money with him at his coffin. People will be proud of things that they had been able to do with or without the tool.

Money is an illusion. Blinding people from reality. The most powerful illusion in the lifetime of Earth $$$