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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Participating Bodies Briefing for Matriculation Fair

30 May 2009

Represented NUS Students' Political Association to attend a briefing by the Matriculation Fair Committee at 10am. Tried to navigate myself around Engineering Faculty to find LT6.

On the date of Matriculation into NUS, students will all gather at the Multipurpose Sports Hall to receive their Matric cards. A Matriculation Fair would be held on the second level for CCA groups to market themselves and recruit new members. The new students would be overwhelmed by the wide variety of activity groups in the campus as they clear the maze of booths and publicity materials.

Went to Daiso (Vivocity outlet) where every item costs only $2.

This is my first time combing Daiso and I'm amazed at the wide range of products that they sell. They even sell Bingo tickets! (No more photocopying and cutting in the Community Club for Bingo games anymore!!!)

We enjoyed dinner at Phin's Beerhaus N Grill (Tampines Mall), beerhouse and grille. We were greeted by a non-Chinese waiter who rapped in Mandarin when listing the drinks available. Very entertaining. The beer-flavoured fish 'n' chips was awesome.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Eat With Your Family Day

29 May 2009

Mother's company gave its employees an early day off to encourage them to have dinner with their family. We decided to eat out at BBQ Chicken at Tampines 1 Shopping Mall.

We ordered a family feast which included spicy drumlets, crispy fried chicken and grilled chicken. The spicy drumlet is wonderful. It instantly gives you the "flame-on" ability of the Fantastic Four. The crispy fried chicken is not as oily as that of KFC's. According to the brochure, BBQ Chicken is the first in the world to use only olive oil in cooking. That sort of alleviated my guilt for savouring the fatty stuff.

After dinner, we toured the mall and entered the sky terrace. From there, we can view the neighbouring shopping malls. It would be a splendid space, if not for the stench in the air caused by the exhaust from the eateries.

After the weekend, Lin Qiang will commence his second phase of training as a Naval Diver.

Later in the evening, went for the last YEC meeting for this term. Was glad to see many new faces who are keen to join in the next term of YEC.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Wu Dang Sheng Hong Health Preservation Centre Inauguration Ceremony

24 May 2009

Had a great rest after the SLC forum.

Made our way to Vivocity seeking a place for lunch and we ended, unfortunately, at Terra Cafe.

It was unfortunate because the mushroom soup was diluted with milk...

(Notice the words on the Tshirt)

& the pasta is.... really just pasta, without any other ingredients.

In the evening, I attended the Inauguration Ceremony for the Wu Dang Sheng Hong Health Preservation Centre. It is a subsidiary of the Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple. Eunos grassroots leaders were invited as guests for the grand occasion.

Before the event, I chatted with a passer-by. He identified himself as a member of the Nanyang Wing Chun Fist Association. He told me that for just $12 a year, one can register oneself as a student to learn Taiji at the new centre. There is a morning session and an evening session everyday. Interesting!

The Guest-of-Honour is Dr. Fatimah Lateef, MP for Marine Parade GRC (Geylang Serai). The Special Guest is Mr. Yeo Guat Kuang, MP for Aljunied GRC (Aljunied-Hougang). Both of them are also Honorary Advisers to the Temple.

In her opening address, Dr. Fatimah Lateef spoke in Mandarin for one section of her speech. It was a sincere effort that was replied with thunderous applauses. Sheng Hong Temple Association donated S$100 thousand to President's Star Charity. Dr. Fatimah Lateef also witnessed the presentation of the Singapore Book of Records for having the most number of people practising Taiji at one time.

There was a Taiji demonstration by the students. Experienced Taiji masters also presented various forms of the martial art and displayed their skills with various weapons. It was an eye-opener.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Seafood Dinner at East Coast Jumbo

6 February 2009

Jasmine invited me to the Chinese New Year Dinner at the Jumbo Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Park. From Shirley, I got to know that this is an annual gathering.

I think I have reached my personal best in having the most number of Lo Hei and yusheng this year. I'm going to have 2 more, one with my family and one with Zone 3 RC. Total = 5.

The ambiance of the restaurant was soothing. Fish tanks with cosy blue wall paints. Soft lights with the cooling sea breeze. I particularly enjoyed the fried rice, combined with the chilli crab's sauce. Marvellous.

Stephanie suggested going to Changi Airport for coffee, and so we left for Changi. I sat in Shirley's car and had chatted. When she knew I had my driving licence, she offered her car for me to drive. Haha.

We went to Yakun for some toast and coffee, before leaving to meet Ming Choo to work on our Hong Kong Exchange Programme Booklet till 4am...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Guarding the Carpark with BBQ

27 December 2008

Popped two painkiller pills at 1am and returned to sleep. Fortunately, I recovered a great deal upon waking up at noon.

At 2pm, Hock Rong and I attended the BNSS SLC meeting. The students were very energetic and carried out the meeting in a very smooth fashion. They had decided to name their forum as "Stress in School: To Benefit or To Get Rid".

Some of the students accompanied us to conduct our final round of publicity for Sunday's event. I guess it was a good learning experience for the students that went around with us. Especially Annie who initially was shy but later managed to sell 3 tickets to a household.

Hock Rong treated all to dinner. I felt sick and ate some porridge. Zone 3 RC members would be guarding the carpark at night, so I went home and enjoyed a long nap.

At 10pm, I went to Zone 2 RC to check out the burglary that had happened, before joining my RC members at the barbeque pit. Drank a can of beer after knowing that it could remove heat from the body. There was a wide variety of BBQ food but I restricted my intake due to my condition. Other Zone RC members joined us too. If not for the wonderful barbeque session, the nightwatching of the carpark would be dreadful.

Wei Kiat brought along his Disney-themed Monopoly. Lewis, Hock Rong, Wei Kiat and I played the game until I was bankrupted at about 3am...

Saturday, December 27, 2008

PAYM Singapore-Hong Kong International Youth Exchange Programme 2008

Day 1 - 24 December 2008

In the morning, I followed Henry to Yap's stall and requested for consignment of fruits. Yap was supportive of grassroots events and agreed to the consignment.

At 2pm, I reached People's Association HQ at Stadium Link road for the Homestay matching ceremony. This is my first time here. The premise was previously the Kallang Airport. I registered at the Auditorium and waited anxiously for my Hong Kong youth delegates.

The Hong Kong delegates prepared a skit to illustrate the changing face of Hong Kong over the years, as well as a slideshow presentation of the theme of the programme - "youth participation in politics and heritage conservation".

We were given a half section of a map of our residence. Our Hong Kong youths carry the other half... and the matching began.

Meet George and Jonathan! As it was drizzling, I called for a cab to send us back home. My family had prepared a room for both of them.

I brought both of them to take a look at the Residents' Committee Centre, PAP Branch office and Community Club. At the CC, Hock Rong gave some batik scarf to them as gifts.

The places Hock Rong and I initially wanted to bring our new Hong Kong friends to, ended up to be those that would be covered in the second leg of their stay. So, I decided to bring them to Singapore's largest shopping mall - Vivocity.

We took the bus to Eunos MRT station. As we approached the Paya Lebar MRT station, Jonathan felt unwell and we left the cabin. He had a bad stomachache and was feeling nausea. Thank goodness, George had a small plastic bag for Jonathan just in time when he needed it.

The Singapore Post Office building's clinic was closed on this Christmas eve, so we headed to a 24-hr clinic at Marine Parade. There, Jonathan took a jab and had some pills. His pain was so acute that at some points, he had difficulty moving. We managed to send him back to my place and let him rest for the night.

George settled dinner at the Prata shop. He drank his first sip of Bandung, ate Nasi Ayam and Roti John. Through explaining local culture to a foreign friend, I began to see things from a fresh perspective and cherish the things that I have.

Just before midnight, Hock Rong, Lin Qiang, George and I went for a night cycling tour around the Eastern part of Singapore. We cycled through the park connector to East Coast Park where people had just finished counting down to Christmas. We had supper at the food village as the loud karaoke singing "entertained" us.

Next, we cycled to Bedok Camp, where I quickly took a picture for George. Hock Rong spotted the guard duty personnel looking at us and calling to his guard commander, so we quickly cycled off.

The next few stops were Simpang Bedok, PAP HQ, Bedok MacDonald's (where George took a picture of the "You Deserve a Mega Mac" ad) and then back home. We slept at about 5am, preparing to wake at 8am to attend a Christmas Party...

Friday, December 19, 2008

3 Meetings in a Day

17 December 2008

After weeks of anticipation, students of Bedok North Secondary School Service Learning Club (BNSS SLC) finally had their first committee meeting. Next year, these vibrant students would be organising a forum. I was surprised when I reached the Community Club and see nearly all the students already seated together and waiting for me. I'm glad to be mentoring these enthusiastic student leaders.

Had our meeting in the conference room and took a photograph of the students so that they can remember the moment when they made their first step onto this project.

Immediately after the SLC meeting, I dashed to the National Library for my second meeting for the day. The National University of Singapore Political Association (NUSPA) is organising a policy debate competition. I picked the post of Publicity Director for the organising committee to expose myself to a different jobscope. Besides design, I think I would be up to task!

As we adjourned, I met Hock Rong at Plaza Singapura to introduce one of my favourite dishes to him. The Keppa-Tei stall (hope I didn't remember wrongly) in the Kopitiam foodcourt serves the best Chicken Terriyaki set ever! The juicy Terriyaki Chicken with the great sauce soaked by the rice. The shiny egg yolk that calls for you to finish it in a gulp. Fantastic.

We had our second serving at Long John Silver. A cup of hot clam chowder to go along with a fish combo set that we shared. We then returned to the CC for the next meeting.

Later at 8.30pm, the 3rd meeting commenced. I am honoured to sit in the constituency's Chinese New Year Dinner organising committee as a member. I learnt a lot from the seniors and had fun.

Hock Rong randomly took out a basketball from the office and a group of us started playing it. Brings back all the secondary schoolday memories...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club Speechcraft

16 December 2008

Was the photographer and timer for the speechcraft course conducted by Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club. I felt that the speechcraft students had improved vastly after focusing on more eye contact with the audience. Looking forward to their competition in a few weeks' time.

As I sat through the speechcraft, I recalled how I became a Toastmaster. When I was first introduced into Kg Chai Chee Toastmasters Club by Madam Sim Lai Ngin, I was intrigued by the procedures and the emphasis on timing by Toastmasters. After joining it, I made a lot of friends and got to know a lot of experienced speakers. Mdm Sim had been a great mentor, guiding me from the beginning.

We ended the session late and when we were rushing out of Kg Chai Chee CC, the staff gave a stern look and scolded one of us. It was only 5 minutes. Suddenly I felt so lucky to be serving in Eunos CC, where it's cosy and the staff are friendly.

After the speechcraft, I brought my laptop to MacDonald's and met up with Hock Rong to type our minutes of meeting. As soon as we bought our drinks, some of the lights were switched off. Overheard a customer saying, "What a way to shoo off your customers!" It was much later that the manager told us that the fast food restaurant would be closed for maintenance.

Hock Rong suddenly had the desire for BBQ Stingray at Blk 85 Bedok Market. So off we went and filled our stomach. We walked in search for dessert but to no avail. Even when we reached the Mac at Bedok North, we were told that the ice-cream machine was not functioning. We walked further and reached the beacon of hope (or so I thought) - Bedok Interchange MacDonald's.

If you thought this is a partially eaten McFlurry, then you are so wrong. When I collected this from the counter, I was aghasted.

To make a better comparison, this is how a $1.50 Chocolate Fudge Sundae differs from my $2 McFlurry...

Without the cover on, it looks like this (Note: I haven't started eating it)

Hock Rong ate his sundae and remarked, "I feel the fullness in the vanilla!" My reply was, "I'm a McFlurry lover but the size just gets smaller!"

In the wee hours, weird things happen. There was a lady which marched around the whole fast food restaurant and laughed painfully to no one. I had my sense of empathy towards her. There were also some aunties taking their forty winks around the restaurant. They were most probably waiting for their work to start. I will never let this happen to my parents!

I recall an experience in Bugis MacDonald's in the wee hours as well, when a man actually slept on the ground and when the staff asked him to wake, he left leaving his solid waste behind. There are many people among us that we could extend our helping hands, but if we don't start from the family, these problems will be persistent.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sashimi Buffet & Prawning at Pasir Ris

5 December 2008

Took a break from work and had a day out with Mr Ong. It has been a long time since I saw him and was excited about his updates.

We headed to Nihon Mura Japanese restaurant outlet at Downtown East. The buffet package was fantastic, offering more choices than Sakae Sushi. The sashimi meals are fresh as well. Mr Ong ordered all the different raw fishes which I initally was very reluctant to try. But the freshness tempted me and they taste superb!

Interestingly, when Mr Ong requested for some lemons, the waiter gave us this...

After filling our stomachs, we headed to Pasir Ris prawning farm. Mr Ong took out his prawning kit from his car boot and we rented a rod. He has his own hooks and fishing line.

There's only another family doing prawning besides us. We attracted some attention when Mr Ong caught 2 prawns within the first 10 minutes.

13 isn't really an unlucky number after all

Mr Ong is more than a teacher. He has provided guidance in my life even after graduation from Temasek JC. And with his coaching, I managed to finally detect the sensitive movements of the bait by prawns. Today I caught my first prawn!

Unfortunately, we have to end the session early as I am attending the dialogue for grassroots leaders by Aljunied GRC MPs.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Zhong Yuan Festival : 9007 Zhong Yuan Carnival

2 August 2008

It is Zhong Yuan Festival (中元节) again. Although some would call it the Hungry Ghost Festival, a more appropriate way to put it would be the former one. Zhong Yuan means middle season. During Zhong Yuan Festival, companies would organise Zhong Yuan Carnival, where auspicious goodies would be put up for auction while dinner is served.

As per previous years, Uncle Francis had a table reserved for the Fong family. The carnival is organised by the Tampines Blk 9007 Industrial Estate companies.

After watching 881 and listening to Hokkien songs being repeated uncountable times during the Eunos Harmony Trail, I listened to the Getai performers more attentively than previous years. My relatives and father, as usual, were dissatisfied with the quality of the Getai performers.

It is amazing how people can bid for items worth less than $500 until the price reached above $5000. I visualised the future me to be rich enough to participate in this high-end activity. After reading "How to talk to anyone : 92 little tricks for Big Success in Relationship", I used some of the techniques to judge the Big players and admired them.

Anyhow, the main point of my presence was the FOOD!

A featured auction item is the Barrel of Gold. This barrel would be circulated among all the dining tables, where all participants would place a token sum into it. It would then be bidded.

The main draw that day turned out to be an unexpected brawl a few tables away from us. A drunkard was provoked and threw someone to the floor. Apathetic Singaporeans seated around the table didn't move any part of their body except their necks to watch the fight.

The helpers (who were sprinkled around the vicinity to blow whistles and shout out the new bid prices) immediately rushed to separate them but to no avail, until Uncle Francis (dubbed the Hulk) turned up. He grabbed the assailant and dragged him all the way to an empty space. A couple of times, the drunkard threw punches to him but he (without much effort) brushed him in an Aikido-like fashion.

The drunkard seized attention away from the Getai and the auctioneer for about 30 minutes. Finally, he had the honour to be chauffeured away by the Police.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fond Food Memories from the Army Days

16 July 2008

Went to grab some bite before a late dinner. Had a $1 popiah at the coffeeshop right opposite Serangoon JC. Think the hard work and mental churning of ideas have increased my metabolic rate. Instead of buying half a steamed chicken for a bite, we went to the traditional grocery shop adjacent to the coffeeshop and bought Indomee instant noodles.

Back in my army training in SISPEC at Pulau Tekong, I used to buy Indomee instant noodles for supper whenever there is time to patronise the canteen. During training days, such food, when enjoyed with fellow comrades, acts as morale-boosters.

Another food item that I vividly always remember would be the Milo Bar. I remember that I would always smuggle a bar when there is outfield training. I would also buy a few extra packets to resell to my bunkmates. Those were the days.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Flattening World

There is really no link between the title and what I'm going to be writing today. Got really inspired by Thomas L. Friedman's The World Is Flat. And I think Windows Live Mail is a must-have for all bloggers!

So many events occurred in the past month.

Not too long after visiting the Parliament House for the Budget Debate, the escape of the Mas Selamat bin Kastari began to hit the headlines for days. Conspiracy theorists added some humour to the matter with the various viewpoints such as 1) He's dead, search is a cover-up; 2) mobilise the police since they have been too complacent; 3) he's being tracked via an irremovable device so that he can lead the security forces to his den. I'd been to the Internal Security Department Exhibition Gallery. Not only now did I realise that I was then standing above detention cells.

Following that unbelievable news that a terrorist escaped from the Gurkha-guarded installation, the Barisan Nasional of Malaysia lost the two-third majority of the parliamentary seats. More than 4 decades ago, PAP contested in Malaysia calling for a Malaysian Malaysia. UMNO was furious. Today, opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim championed the cause of racial equality and won big.

I guess it's been a very long time since I stepped into a Polyclinic. It's well known to be a great place to get MCs and to waste time waiting. On Monday, the bladder gang and I accompanied Bao Hui to seek treatment on her earhole with a ear stud stuck into it.

At noon, we arrived at Sengkang Polyclinic and I was shocked [out of my life] to see a "Closed" sign requesting patients to come back after the lunch break as the clinic is overcrowded. Something sounds wrong -- the system or the health of people?

After getting in to the Polyclinic, we waited for more than an hour to receive a referral letter to SGH. The wait at SGH A&E department is horrendous. To get a glimpse of the doctor, there was a wait of close to 2 hours. The doctor then told Bao Hui to wait a further hour for the Ear specialist to arrive.

The most important thing is that the ear surgery was perfect. And the service was too. No wonder Bao Hui kept thinking of the Doctor for days!

After that the Bladder group went for their dinner while I embarked on a jogging mission to supper! A paradox in itself though. Jian Hao was a great company. We ran on the Park Connector to East Coast Park when we failed to reach Changi Village. There we found out that the food court is closed, so we ran to Blk 85 market instead. Long jog, Great Food, Wonderful feel.

It's been sometime since I did something real good to someone. And I was glad that the person was appreciative.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Beauty of Katong Laksa

I simply can't forget the bowl of noodles. I believe I am addicted to it already. Yes, that's the Laksa of Katong.

You can find it in some Katong Laksa stalls situated along the shophouses near Katong Mall. There are several stores lining the shophouses. Several shops come with newspaper articles and photos with celebrities.

I went crazy over Katong Laksa when a friend treated me to a bowl over lunch recently...

Katong Laksa is served with just a spoon. The secret recipe lies in the making of the curry and the chilli. I learnt that Katong Laksa was originally a Peranakan dish and it didn't come with cockles. The present Katong Laksa includes cockles if you request for them. I like the taste of the laksa with the cockles. It is a great blend of taste.

A nice cold barley drink would be great to go along with Katong Laksa. I also enjoy an additional Otah.

No wonder Katong Laksa is a Singapore delicacy. I lived 20 years to discover this. Haha.