Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Samaritan returned my lost laptop

24 September 2007

It was a close shave. Nearly lost my laptop that contained priceless information.

After a long discussion with the Political Science group, the weariness had already got into me. Misplaced my laptop and cashcard while photocopying some materials.

At Jurong East, I saw many banks across the street from the interchange but when I went over there, I could not locate UOB. I thought all the big banks were there, and how could UOB not be there? Even Maybank is there. Sighz.

I succinctly saw some red lines and a blue background over at IMM. Walked over to find out that it was just a carpark label. As I was moving to my bus berth, the bus left. After 30 minutes, the next bus came.

Arrived at Bedok Central to deposit some cash. Left my laptop above the machine accidentally, and went over to retrieve some cash from another account. Phoosh~ laptop vanished into thin air.

I could remember how panic I was. Walking around the vicinity to see if anybody was holding on to my belonging. My efforts were in vain. Resigning to fate, I called the Bedok Neighbourhood Police Centre, jot down the ATM machine number (hopefully thinking that the camera above the machine could have captured the incident). Took a cab and flew to the police post.

While I was reporting my incident to the police, my phone rang and the battery died flat. When it was turned on again, I received from an SMS stating: "You want your laptop?"

The Corporal on duty called the number and after explaining the scenario, passed over the phone to me. The person who found the missing article was obviously frightened and worried that he might get himself into trouble. After some coaxing and calming down by both me and the policeman, he requested me to meet at his void deck.

His wife had picked up my laptop and had wanted to return it the next day. He, instead, thought that I might have been frantically looking around for the laptop, so he turned it on and successfully searched my contact details (until this point, I'm still quite puzzled how he got them).

I handed over my business card over to them and hopefully one day I can return this favour.

The departing message from the man was to return the favour to someone else, just like someone had helped him recently.

What a long day...

Aljunied GRC Post National Day Rally Dialogue 2007

23 September 2007

Grassroots leaders from Aljunied GRC gathered at Eunos CC Auditorium to attend the Post National Day Rally Dialogue.

The panel included Mrs Lim Hwee Hua (Minister of State, Ministry of Finance & Ministry of Transport), Mayor Zainul Abidin Rasheed (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Mayor, North East District), Mr Yeo Guat Kwang, Mdm Cynthia Phua and a representative from Ministry of Manpower.

The dialogue session focused on the CPF issue. I see it in a positive view in the changes that the government is implemented. This makes the CPF better able to sustain.

I got to understand the CPF scheme a little bit better after this dialogue. Think it's time I should also start planning to prevent it from becoming "Cannot Provide Forever".

Monday, September 24, 2007

Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2007

21 September 2007

Attended the annual Kent Ridge Ministerial Forum 2007 organised by NUS Students' Political Association. The Guest-of-Honour is PM Lee Hsien Loong. He was accompanied by his wife, Mdm Ho Ching.

The event was held at Heng Mui Keng Auditorium, opposite the APEC office.

PM Lee addressed the audience on "Singapore and Beyond". He discussed about Singapore's relationship with our neighbours as well as the identity of the Singapore nation and the obstacles that laid ahead. Speaking to a young crowd, he did not talk about the touchy CPF issue which would otherwise bore the students.

During the Q&A sesson, it seemed that some people had asked questions that were related to their tutorials. However, most questions were generally meaningful.

I recall one question asking if Singapore is too economy-centric and whether this makes Singapore look immature as a nation. PM Lee's response was that with good economy, we tend to take the economy for granted...

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Quote of September 11, 2007

During History lecture, Dr. Emmaneul shared this quote with the class...

Debating imperialism is a bit like debating the pros and cons of rape.

What can we say? That we really miss it? -- by Arundhati Roy

After the lecture, found a Sony Ericcson phone that was left behind by someone. Tried to catch up with the owner but lost sight of her. Tried to call her "Home", ended up calling some office...

Finally, she called and she looked so touched.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

12th Term Eunos Community Club Youth Group Biennial General Meeting

8 September 2007, Saturday, 1pm.

The event started with an address from the Mayor, followed by presentation of the Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer's reports.

As the committee was dissolved, the Presiding Chairman took over. There were 16 members vying for 15 positions. Each of us went forward to give a short introduction of ourselves to the voting crowd.

After some songs by a freelance guitarist-singer, the results were released.

Dinner buffet was then served and the newly formed Youth Executive Committee headed to the Conference Room for Office Bearer Meeting. PAYM staff and the Presiding Chairman conducted the meeting.

Formerly elected Treasurer. I guess it would be another wonderful learning experience that I'm going to have for the rest of 2 years.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Essence of Ratatouille

Movies often convey succinct messages through the plot and characters. Upon paying attention to these small details, one can further get them imprinted into one's mind.

Father Rat: " You can't change nature..."
Son Rat: "But Change is Nature... It happens when you decide..."

Food Critic: "Not everyone has talents, but talents come from anywhere"

Enjoy these quotes

Changi Airport Terminal 3 Trial Participation

On the very first day of September, grassroots leaders from Eunos went on an excursion to Changi Airport Terminal 3 for a trial participation.

We were guided by Airport staff in a tour of the new Terminal.

After entering the Terminal...

Natural lighting permeates the interior. In the dark, flourescent tubes would light up automatically.

The Terminal stands 4-storey tall.
1st floor: Arrival Hall
2nd floor: Departure Hall
3rd floor: Food and Beverage
4th floor: Viewing Mall

T3 has lots of glasses, hence one can see one's friend off literally...

Baggages filled with newspapers are used to simulate actual baggages and to test trial the system.

There is an underground pathway for luggages to commute between T2 and T3, for the comfort of baggages.

Distance from Gate A9 - Gate A21 is approximately 1.2km long.

You can either use the travellator, or skytrain to trave from one end to the other.

(New training ground for 2.4km runners)

A further view of A9-A21

The Arrival Hall as seen from the 2nd floor. This is where passengers await for the collection of their baggages.

They do get the first feel of Singapore as a Garden City.

Check in...

Isn't that cool to have real trees inside the interior of a building?

(They better not be durain trees haha)

Welcome to Singapore, carved in different languages.

Artwork of an Indonesian artist.

The waiting areas are much larger as the new Terminal is to cater for the larger Airbus planes.

Nice food provided for Trial Participants

Goodbye Terminal 3. We'll be back when you open in year 2008 :)