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Sunday, May 27, 2007

National Achievers Congress 2007 :: Power Of Success

This is the first NAC I attended. I have previously heard of the event from my teacher who attended the NAC in 1995 where the guest speaker was Bill Clinton.

Held from 24-25 May in Singapore Expo Hall 2, the event saw a group of successful individuals coming out to give success pointers to the international crowd. The speakers included T. Harv Eker, Mark Victor Hansen, Andrew Matthews, Jerry Clark, James Skinner, Roger Hamilton, Stephen Pierce, Jay Abraham, John Childers, Tung Desem Waringin and Dr. Clemen Chiang.

I found Roger Hamilton's speech the most entertaining. He is the founder of the XL Magazine (Extraordinary Lives). (Check it out at He shared a point that I will always remember. Butterflies have beautiful wings... but they can't see their own wings.

Andrew Matthews cheered the crowd by his on-the-spot drawing of cartoons. He was the first speaker of the 2-day seminar and he set the right mood and right way to perceive success and happiness. Diagramatic expressions of how to be happy.

Dr. Clemen Chiang gave a concise and clear picture of the trend in stock market. He is the creator of the Freely Method and mentors in the field of options trading. He predicted the slowing down of the world's largest economy, United States and then said Singapore would be the next big thing. He also offered some tips in which land to secure to benefit from the developments.

T. Harv Eker, the author of "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind", was the most powerful speaker. He emphasised the importance of having a healthy financial blueprint mind. Built in our subconscious mind are some negative thoughts that we have on money and the rich. These need to be deleted in order to do well financially.

I brought home a spectrum of perspectives and some key success pointers that are common among the speakers. I am looking forward to the next NAC :)

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ticket for National Achievers Congress 2007

My mentor recently just gave me a ticket to the National Achievers Congress (NAC) 2007. He had gone for one NAC event before and told me it is a powerful seminar that would benefit me a lot.

The NAC ticket is a GOLD seating arrangement, which is the area right behind the VIP seats. The other category would be GENERAL seating arrangement which formed the bulk of the area in the hall.

The theme this year is "Power of Success -- Fight On, Don't Quit Until You Win". NAC 2007 will feature speakers such as Mark Victor Hansen (author of Chicken Soup), Stephen Pierce, Andrew Matthews, Dr Clemen Chiang, T. Harv Eker and many more. All of them are World Class Speakers and have seen success in their respective fields. The sharing of their experiences on how to succeed and their knowledge would certainly be overwhelming.

In that year when my mentor attended the NAC seminar, former President of the United States, Bill Clinton appeared as a guest speaker. I wonder who it would be this year.

I would seriously like to thank my mentor for giving me a chance to attend the seminar. I am looking forward to blog the event come this May. Thank you, mentor!

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Rich Dad's Advisor : Blair Singer

At 10.30am, I attended a seminar conducted by the renowned Sales Communication Specialist, Blair Singer.

Blair Singer had arrived in Singapore to share a franchising opportunity to Singaporeans. He is going to train trainers who could represent him to go into business firms or companies to help them increase their sales. These 40 franchisees will join other global franchisees in SalesPartner.

In his seminar, Blair Singer mentioned about the ingredients in creating a successful business.

He went emotional when he talked about his reasons for setting up this training business. You would be able to see his passion and strong determination. As he had seen his own business go down and up and down and up, and finally reach to the number one position, and then again shrink into skeleton, he did not want other entrepreneurs to be facing that predicament ever again. If he had the knowledge and skillset, and he did not pass this on to businesses to help them succeed, then he would be in the wrong. Hence he started up a training career and is now franchising his knowledge and skillset.

Blair Singer authorised a book for me and also joined us in a phototaking session.

Friendly Blair Singer with Jiing Huey and Yoong Kheong

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

The Immense Value of Giving Speeches

It occured to me that giving speeches in seminars do earn one a great income, but never did I know how powerful it can be. At the WIS 2006, John Childers presented the idea to me, as well as to the rest of the audience.

You see, speaking in public is a one-to-many sales technique instead of one-to-one sales technique. By doing a one-to-many, you can actually increase the efficiency of your sales and the credibility of yourself. When you show that you have the confidence to speak out and convince the crowd, people will develop trust in you even though they have never seen you in their entire living life.

So if they start to listen to you, and they start to like what you are saying, it will be easy to promote a product to the audience. When you compare a one-to-one selling, the odds may be about 10-20% chance of closing a sale. Whereas if you do a one-to-many selling, a 10-20% would give you a good portion of the audiences.

When training others to speak, these learners will eventually turn out to be great speakers in their own realms and regions. When this happens, they become living proof and testimonials of yourself. And your value increases, and people will start inviting you to give speeches at their events.

Finally, you will just need to speak once in a while to get your living expenses. What a great potential job it might be.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Steering in the right direction

Finally, the Straits Times have got back to me over my entry to the forum in regards to the purpose of rewarding programmes offered by national transport giants. This was discussed in the previous blog entry. There are two possible follow-ups. One would be that the rewards are being sponsored. The other would be that the rewards were from the profits of the companies. The latter would then lead to a fierce debate in the forum.

Dispatched two teens to work. Gathered some feedback from them and discovered that business is good. Imported new goods. The future looks bright.

Went to a free internet marketing seminar. This was the best so far that I have attended. Registered for a course, organised by Success Resources, and received some bonuses. It is a 4 day course which sees all the gurus imparting their knowledge and skills. Did some networking at the seminar and also saw a SISPEC platoon mate.

The next day will start with an early "interview" to learn more on the products and services that the company provides.