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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Talents are Everywhere

Everyone is a talent in one way or another. People don't usually exude their strengths upon first contact with other people, hence making the cliche "Don't judge a book by its cover" a more vivid statement.

People displaying their talents will leave an impression in the minds of others. Well, everyone loves looking at something that they themselves can't do right?

While everyone is gifted in one way or another, not everyone would be able to leverage on their talents to achieve desired outcomes. This is the reason why I always make it a point to maximise the potential of peers or team-mates through understanding their strengths.

On 7 January 2009, Hock Rong and I were cycling to Blk 85 market for supper. As we cycled past a coffeeshop that was already closed for the day, we heard a group of guys strumming the guitar and singing. The voice sounded sincere and rich with emotions. I proposed to Hock Rong that we get the contacts of the group to perform in future grassroots events, and we did.

We approached them and made known to them about our intentions. They were caught in surprise and kept telling us that they were amateur singers. The singer's name is Ismail. As we were chatting to his friends, he strummed his guitar and sang. After 3 songs, we were convinced he would be a great singer. It took quite some time to give him the confidence to perform in front of a crowd and we left our numbers with him. Hopefully he reverts to us.

Just as we were leaving, he shook my hand and with tears in his eyes, he smiled and thanked us for noticing them and stopping over to extend the invitation to perform. I was in high spirits thereafter.

Everyday so many talented people walk past us without us knowing. Have you made the point to notice and praise someone today?