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Sunday, August 24, 2008

SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2008

24 August 2008

It has been 2 years since I last ran the Army Half Marathon, previously also known as Sheares Bridge Run. This year, I registered for the 21km competitve run with my Brother and Jian Hao.

I had not been running for months and I'm certain that this half marathon would be a tough one for me to complete. Nevertheless, at 5.30am, we reached the start point. As it was raining the previous day, the Padang field was extremely muddy. The slight drizzle at 5.45am caused some of us to worry. But the worry dissipated when at 6.30 am, Chief of Army flagged off the race.

What made me enjoy the AHM 2 years ago was the experience of running on the road (specially cordoned off for the event), the cool morning breeze, and sightseeing.

After a trip to the toilet at the 2km mark, I lost Jian Hao and my Brother. Starting off the race at too fast a pace, I was already panting then. Jogging upslope at the East Coast Parkway (ECP) eventually tire me off.

Throughout the race, I was jogging and brisk walking (most of the time). The runners entered the ECP exit to Fort Road and eventually into East Coast Park.

After running the whole stretch of East Coast Park, runners ran on a rocky path. There was a golf course that separated us from the city landscape.

The highlight of the run is the Marina Barrage. SAFRA Singapore Bay Run is the first run across the Marina Barrage.

There were some runners who stopped by and took group photos against the backdrop of the city landscape.

We then ran/walk back into the CBD area.

I overheard quite a lot of runners joking about the ERP gantries when we were running under it.

After the race and collecting our finisher medals, I followed my Brother to Clarke Quay where he collected his goodie bag for the next race - the Nike Human Race.

With muscles at the shoulder and legs exhausted and about to cramp, where's the best place to go? Mother has the answer and met us at [comfort space] Helio Asia, situated at top floor of Paragon Shopping Mall, where we embarked on aromatheraphy massage.

Had a great bath...

And a wonderful Jacuzzi!