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Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Love Quote

Crashed into the Politics and Government of Singapore lecture by Prof Bilveer Singh and was enthused by his rendition of the electoral politics of the island-state.

During the break, he showed the students some inspirational slides. One caught my attention.
"Love is not about two people looking at each other,
but both looking in the same direction."

It's a simple quote that sinks deep in a sea of meaningfulness. Having a political scientist talk about Love could be quite tormenting, I guess. So luckily no one seemed to step in to start defining Love and debating on the "who gets what, where and how".

Two people looking at each other is an infatuation, puppy love, short-term ecstasy. It's when both of them look in the same direction are we then talking about real Love. Going in the same direction and overcoming obstacles.

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Painted Skin

Painted Skin is classified as a horror film but I would rather tag it as a Romance film to do it more justice. The climax would be when Vicki Zhao told the demon that it did not know how to love. Well, acts of Love culminate daily without the presence of demon. I shall dedicate a story to one of my readers.

(初次与你相遇) Fate brought Alicia and Roach, both of different backgrounds, together. Roach had been disillusioned with Love, yet Alicia rekindled his passion and trust in it. Alicia knew Roach was the right man (对的人). Both then presented their love to each other (我的真心献给你).

Initially, they were concerned whether the other party was going to be their final destination or happiness (你是我的幸福吗). Soon, the truthfulness of both lead them to Love Truly, Madly, Deeply.

Roach would find it meaningful to spend the whole day with Alicia even if it meant doing the same thing everyday. He would rather splurge on Alicia than himself. Alicia appreciated the fact and wanted very much to get a job so she could get some apparels for Roach, since his were tearing off.

Alicia worries for Roach when he's off to work. This was reciprocated by Roach's concerns when Alicia goes uncontactable. Once when Alicia had gone out intoxicating herself with alcohol, Roach's worries went awry and headed straight into a state of disappointment. Alicia was quick to realise her misdoings and things went well.

From time to time, the bad experience of Roach surfaced subconsciously and Roach tended to assess the acts of Alicia with the bad ones acted on him in the past. The accumulation of unfair comparing finally had its toll on Alicia, who finally realised Love could be so painful (原来爱情这么伤).

Alicia went into isolation and wondered if Roach was still her Lucky Star. On the other end, Roach was determined to Lovin' You. And each day of the isolation, Roach treasured Alicia more and more (对你的爱永远多一点). When they finally had communicated, it was devastating. This is how perplex Love can get.

Roach is helpless. He does not know how he could convince Alicia to trust in him ever again. He decided that

It Ain't no worth the party this time, we're leaving you (Bad exp) tonight!

If I were Roach, I would never have done those things to harm Alicia. Alicia's friends should not contribute to the decision-making process. Hope that Alicia will forgive Roach soon, else Alicia might just forget him as the time drags on...