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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Central Mall & The Central

It took great pains to realise that The Central ain't Central Mall. They seem so synonymous that even those in The Central didn't know that it was not Central Mall. Indeed, it was frustrating to have the salesperson insisting that the place she was working at is Central Mall.

It is seemingly impossible for NYAA office to be situated in a shopping centre. After careful maneouvring, the place is finally located at 5 Magazine Road. Situated beside a mosque and in proximity to the MOM building, the Central Mall previously housed a club.

There are so many different staircases that one needs to be sure one's walking the right one to the right place.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Why Singapore can never qualify for Canoeing in Olympics?

Was watching the television when canoeing teams from different parts of the World gathered in Beijing to compete in the Olympics.

Following the chain of unfortunate incidents related to local water sports, there is a new regulation that requires all those engaged in water sports to wear safety life vests in competitions and practice.

The canoeists in Olympics aren't wearing any life vests! There goes the Olympic Dream of all Singaporean canoeists.

Unless... The Singaporean canoeist will don the life vest to mark his difference from the rest...

Friday, August 15, 2008

Commuting in the Pre-Dawn Hours

It is a blunder that I overlooked my schedule for my modules before bidding for them. So I ended up with a 8am lesson at NUS. It has been so long since I have to climb out of bed at 5am.

Despite the lack of sleep, I still manage to stay energetic on the way to school. But the people around me seemed to be very exhausted.

Comfy Position on the Bus

A pillar as a Bolster? Anyone?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Chicken and Egg Theory in Relationship

The very beauty of Life in Human is how we interact with each other, forming a relationship that could be mutually antagonistic or void of animosity. Whatever goes up comes down and it can be a journey towards the bottomless pit.

The Chicken and Egg question has never had an answer - Did the Chicken appear first or the Egg?

At good times, people hang around with each other, singing praises of one another, promising of good times in the future. Whatever blob that might exist would be wiped out as a speck of dirt. Life is portrayed as a promising and bright platform, until something went wrong.

After a while, the Chicken had matured into a confident one. It found that it no longer requires the nutrients and protection from the Egg shell to survive. And when the Egg that nourished the Chicken is busy mending its cracks, the Chicken had found the Cock.

The Chicken and the Cock had a great time together. They must have a good time together. Instead of recovering from the crack, now the Egg is neglected altogether. The Egg was kept oblivious to the dating between the Chicken and the Cock. So while the Egg was still scraping whatever it had left from the inner shell to feed the Chicken, the Chicken already had its eyes somewhere else. Finally the Chicken spread its wings wide and flew for a distance, leaving the Egg at its most disastrous stage.

The Chicken confided to the Cock that the Egg was violent and frequently injured the Chicken. In fact, the Egg only cared and protected the Chicken.

Meanwhile, the Shell had managed to find the pieces of itself and mended it back to its original form. The empty Egg Shell was rolling through the forest when it hit a soy plant. It was an enchanting experience. The Soy Plant revitalised the empty Egg Shell with nutrients and support, while the empty Egg Shell once again grew strong to shield the Soy Plant against herbivores.

The Chicken had a hard time, leading a life lacking of sufficient nutrients and when it discovered that the Shell had found the Soy Plant, it began to feel remorseful. Without the Shell, the Chicken would have a hard time looking for food and leading a high-end lifestyle.

The Chicken called for the Shell to return. But why would the Shell return when in the first place, the Chicken had a rendezvous with the Cock?

The Chicken was stunned. It is speechless. It then began to wonder... how did the Shell know?

So you began to wonder which came first -- the Egg or the Chicken?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Skilful Parking



With the car tyre just inches away from the wall, it just makes one ponder how the driver is going to come out later on...

Monday, February 18, 2008

Motorcyclist using SAF helmet

If you looked carefully enough, the lady is actually wearing a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) helmet. How dangerous...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Good Samaritan returned my lost laptop

24 September 2007

It was a close shave. Nearly lost my laptop that contained priceless information.

After a long discussion with the Political Science group, the weariness had already got into me. Misplaced my laptop and cashcard while photocopying some materials.

At Jurong East, I saw many banks across the street from the interchange but when I went over there, I could not locate UOB. I thought all the big banks were there, and how could UOB not be there? Even Maybank is there. Sighz.

I succinctly saw some red lines and a blue background over at IMM. Walked over to find out that it was just a carpark label. As I was moving to my bus berth, the bus left. After 30 minutes, the next bus came.

Arrived at Bedok Central to deposit some cash. Left my laptop above the machine accidentally, and went over to retrieve some cash from another account. Phoosh~ laptop vanished into thin air.

I could remember how panic I was. Walking around the vicinity to see if anybody was holding on to my belonging. My efforts were in vain. Resigning to fate, I called the Bedok Neighbourhood Police Centre, jot down the ATM machine number (hopefully thinking that the camera above the machine could have captured the incident). Took a cab and flew to the police post.

While I was reporting my incident to the police, my phone rang and the battery died flat. When it was turned on again, I received from an SMS stating: "You want your laptop?"

The Corporal on duty called the number and after explaining the scenario, passed over the phone to me. The person who found the missing article was obviously frightened and worried that he might get himself into trouble. After some coaxing and calming down by both me and the policeman, he requested me to meet at his void deck.

His wife had picked up my laptop and had wanted to return it the next day. He, instead, thought that I might have been frantically looking around for the laptop, so he turned it on and successfully searched my contact details (until this point, I'm still quite puzzled how he got them).

I handed over my business card over to them and hopefully one day I can return this favour.

The departing message from the man was to return the favour to someone else, just like someone had helped him recently.

What a long day...