Monday, October 30, 2006


Just received an email from a new penpal. This makes my total penpals to be 6, of which only two are active. I have included the link of the site you should go to if you want to find a penpal. You can also list your site down for other people to look for you.

I love writing to penpals. There is a lot you can learn from them, including their culture, their values, their language, their tradition. Of the two active penpals, one's from Sri Lanka and the other New York City. I get my updates on the Tamil Tigers conflict with the Sri Lankan government from this source. Pretty cool.

Of course, some penpals can go overboard. I have this penpal that kept wanting to convert me to Chrisitianity. But I must say, this group of people remain the minority. And usually, some ignoring will solve the problem.

In this globalised world, it is even more important to learn of other cultures when you have the chance to. And writing to penpals certainly does help. In my emails to penpals, I also take the oppurtunity to "advertise" Singapore to them. One of them actually came to Singapore eventually and wanted to see me but I was in camp.

Emails have rapidly displaced traditional mails as the primary media for penpals communications. However, traditional mails still have the personal touch and feel which cannot be totally eliminated in a world still inhabited with humans.

Alright, time to return mails to my penpals...

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Getting Busy

I'm going to get busy.

One needs to plan and visualise one's path in order to gain better enlightenment.

As I move towards my ORD date, more and more new ideas pop out -- ideas on the activities on the aftermath of my National Service, ideas on improvements on the current activities -- and these can confuse and retard the smooth flowing of life.

If life is a journey, then it should flow like a river, from its source and branch out into many small streams, steadily and smooth.

There are lots of things that I am yearning to achieve within this timeframe. I've got to achieve it!

Friday, October 20, 2006

Infant years

I was born into a wonderful family on 10 November 1986. At 1759 hrs, I gave out my first wail. I was chubby and healthy, which I would like to credit to my parents who took care of me since I was a foetus. Soon, I left Mt Elizabeth Hospital and entered a cosy HDB (Housing Development Board) 3-room flat.

I consider myself as very fortunate as a child. My Grandmother stayed with me and guided me cared for me. Grandparents normally live with their eldest child (normally son). However, my Grandmother opted to help my parents in bringing me up. Also, my Aunt stayed with me and was responsible in caring for me too.

I had a nanny too. She was a kind and nice person. She had a son who I played with when I was really little. Apparently, she had some flaws. My Grandmother noticed me not pooping regularly once. She reckoned that it must have been due to the late payment for the nanny services. After the prompt payment, my pooping cycle resumed.

Soon, I would have a new companion to play with...