Sunday, November 25, 2007

Nick Kuan & Jasmine Tan Marriage

Held at Hilltop Garden Restaurant @ Civil Service Club, Nick Kuan and Jasmine Tan's wedding dinner was a great get-together for the soldiers who had turned operationally ready with the rest.

The Army guys occupied 4 tables, featuring platoon warrants, an ex-medic, officers, etc.

1SG Nick, my section mate, held his wedding dinner one month prior to that of SSG Koh's. According to superstitious belief, SSG Koh should not attend a wedding dinner 3 months before and after his own wedding dinner. Hence, both parties wouldn't be attending each other's parties. LOL.

This is the marriage season...

Just a few weeks ago, SSG Koh invited some of his peers to be filmed in his "tribute to friends" video which would be presented to the attendees of his wedding dinner. I felt honoured and deeply touched that I was included in this video, a video that would be preserved...

This is 草蜢 - 我們MV, the inspiration of the video...

[Updated: 18 February 2008]

Saturday, November 24, 2007

15 : The Movie by Royston Tan

Banned in Singapore. Check out 881 Director Royston Tan's movie, 15.

PS: Censored scenes and expletives. Viewers Caution.

Police woke Man sleeping on the road

I was studying for my Economics Examination on the next day when my brother came back and told me there was someone sleeping on the road leading to the carpark.

We went down and true enough, he was topless, lying on top of the drain cover with his mobile phone on the steps next to him. After kicking him for some time, he didn't respond. For some time I thought he might be dead. He showed some of signs of life when I saw him breathe.

To avoid problematic scenarios, I called the police from Bedok North NPC to send someone down to clear this human blockade.

The police was efficient, coming at about ten minutes after the call was made. They had some hard time waking up the man though.

My brother quipped that it should be quite cooling to ly on top of the drain cover with the breeze coming from below. Haha...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My 21st Birthday

Lately I found out that one of my junior shared the same birthday as me. On November 10, the Today Newspaper was first distributed. The Escape Theme Park started operation in the month of November. From 8-10 November, Jia Yee, Mei Yi, Yilin celebrated their birthdays.

6 November, after a "strenuous IPPT", I met Yiwei, Hwee Peng and Wee Keat at a Japanese restaurant in Suntec City. After a sumptuous dinner, they surprised me with a Milo-Horlick icecream cake which was delicious. Received a book titled "You and Your Money" from the couple as a present. A perfect gift.

9 November, after the Thank-you dinner by Mr. Lakshmanan BBM and Mr. Lin Tze Kin PBM at Eunos C.C., I drove off to meet some friends at Cineleisure. After getting a bit lost, I finally got to Cineleisure after 1 hour of driving. After singing some songs in KBox, someone switched on the light and in came a birthday cake. It's an honour for me that Ms. Cecilia brought in the cake. All of us -- Gordan, Andrew, Jian Hao, Janice, Nigel, Lionel, Jas, Ms. Cecilia -- took a picture together before cake-cutting. Thanks to all of them for making it a joyous occasion. Received a Leonard tie, leather shoes and lucky leaf keychain (from Janice), and cufflinks (from Nigel). Thanks Janice and Andrew for coordinating.

10 November, after having some sleep, I went to Cineleisure (again) to watch a movie that I had just turned legal to watch. After dinner, I went to the new Pet Safari at Vivocity. It was quite disappointing. Not many hamsters and rabbits to look at and the shop was smaller than when it was at Eastpoint Mall.

Thank you all who made that day a wonderful one!