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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Motorcycle Riding Licence Class 2B @ CDC

After registration for the Motorcycle Riding Licence Class at ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC), it took only 4 days of waiting to commence on the first practical lesson. The enrolment and theory fee is S$80.25. The Class 2B course caters for motorcycles not exceeding 200cc.

The proper attire required for the practical lessons includes long pants, shoes and gloves. Gloves can be purchased at the centre for S$1. After buying one pair, I found the quality of the gloves to be quite bad. Similar to durian gloves.

For the first lesson, there is an orientation 1 hour before commencement of lesson. I was accompanied by Emmaneul, an interesting friend that I got to befriend. The instructor went throught the proper procedures and safety guidelines.

When Lesson 1 started, we donned the helmets, elbow and knee guards as well as the gloves. The newbies wore the helmet that the school provided while the others, knowing that the sharing of helmets can be quite disgusting if not unhygienic, brought their own helmets. Our instructor, Tamir, gave a short motivational and inspirational anecdote. There used to be a girl who signed up for the course. She was short and when she sits on the bike, she would need to tiptoe to balance herself. She took 10 tries for each lesson (about 80 in all) but just one practical test to got her licence. Attaining a licence is important to a man, Instructor Tamir shared.

Anyhow, riding a motorcycle is indeed very different from riding a bicycle. The changing of gears and the clutch control coupled with brakes constitutes to a psychomotor challenge for me intially. Having to lean on one side of the motorcycle when turning bends is thrilling!

After the hot day in the sun, I got some awkward tans on the arms. They are mainly caused by the gloves and the elbow guards.

There are altogether 8 practical lessons and 4 theory lessons. After passing the riding theory test, one would then be able to apply for the provisional licence to continue from the 5th practical lesson onwards.

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