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Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Day the Earth Stood Still

11 December 2008

Enjoyed night cycling to East Coast and Geylang with Hock Rong the night before.

In the evening, attended the first meeting conducted by Jialing. I had asked her to head the first free movie screening session in Eunos and promised my support for her. Subsequently, free movie screening would be held once every two months.

Jialing, Rahayu, Brenda, Hock Rong, Hussien, Chee Lee and I had our dinner at Century Square's foodcourt. We then adjourned to Coffee Bean for the meeting. We decided to have it held in conjunction with Valentine's Day celebration on its eve.

After the meeting, some of us decided to catch a movie. I was suprised that there was no show available in Tampines from as early as 11pm. So we headed blindly to Downtown East to see if we can catch a show. And we did.

Yes. 11.12.08 is The Day the Earth Stood Still! Keanu Reeves eludes his charm once again in this Sci-fi movie. In it, Keanu Reeves casts as Kiattu, an alien in a human form, who is sent to save Earth by destroying the Human race. Spheres (similar to Noah's Ark) rose from everywhere else to transport other living forms away from Earth. Kiattu later saw the other face of humans and decided not to wipe them out.

"People don't die, they just transform"

To me, the movie lacked a solid storyline. It ended unexpectedly without a good conclusion. The whole movie is made good with the presence of Keanu Reeves.

After the movie. we then went to Mac for our much deserved... Mega McSpicy!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sicko - The Disgusting side of American Healthcare System

The first few scenes covered American citizens who bought health insurance but were rejected for various reasons. Many others found themselves unable to be accepted by any insurance firms.

I was particularly disturbed by how insurance firm and hospitals view profits as a higher priority than human lives. A young girl had a high fever in the middle of a night. Her mother immediately sent her to the hospital where medical staff told the mother that the treatment was not covered under insurance. Finally, the girl was transported to a designated hospital and upon arrival, she died of cardiac arrest. And they are talking about Human Rights?

Even Guantanamo bay detainees are given better health care. The ratio of medical staff to detainees is 1:4 (high). Film director Michael Moore finally found free universal healthcare on American land. He brought 3 9/11 rescuers to Guantanamo bay asking for treatment but was not granted. Eventually they had free healthcare services provided by Cuban doctors.

On the other end, we have Britain and France which provide free healthcare services to their people. I am thankful that there are still socialism in Singapore to care for the people.

Capitalism doesn't necessary lead to better services. The greed that prevails in the U.S. is astonishing. In such a free country, even the most basic essentials are not being properly provided.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Eagle Eye

Big Brother is watching. The post 9/11 climate sees the mushrooming of surveillance cameras in many cities. In Eagle Eye, a new technology was created - a system that could lock down any suspicious characters and assess the threat level of the situation. The system is so penetrative that it controls phone calls and all networked cameras.

Just like in all movies, technology always gets unfriendly. In a plot similar to that of Wall.E, the system gets a life of its own and punished those who violated the Constitution of the United States - the White House.

The movie stars Shia Labouf who also acted in Transformers the Movie. He and Michelle Monaghan were brought together by the system which contacted them via their cell phones.

I was most impressed with the ability of the system to monitor conversations through vibrations of water in a cup.

Eagle Eye also forced us to rethink the purpose and rationale of the Iraq War. Was the Constitution of the US violated in the waging of this long war?

Meanwhile, just log on to to experience the excitement of being watched!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

10 Items or Less

Produced in 2006, 10 Items or Less is an American comedy-drama about a celebrity, Morgan Freeman (acting as himself), venturing into a shopping mall to research on his new acting role for a new film. In the mall, his attention was drawn to a cashier, Scarlet (starred by Paz Vega), who was stationed at the 10 items or less counter.

The transport for Morgan Freeman failed to arrive to pick him off, so he tagged along Scarlet for the rest of the day. At one point, when Scarlet was nervous prior to a new job interview, Morgan Freeman taught her a song that goes:
"Please sit down.
How do you do?
This job's for me,
The rest is Bull."
If you are the details kind of person, this movie is for you. In his research for his acting role for a new movie, Morgan Freeman paid particular attentions to the nitty gritty details he observed along the way. For instance, he would mimick the actions of a slow-moving old man at the shopping mall, and also the playfulness of a young boy. He also attempted to remove the discounts tag on his movie CDs which were on sale at the rags.

Overall, the movie moves at a slow pace. I guess the most interesting part of the movie is when both Morgan Freeman and Scarlet answered the question "What are the 10 items or less that you want to keep?"