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37th SSEAYP 2010 - Farewell Party

Day 52 - 15 December 2010

The Participating Youths (PYs) of the 37th Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme (SSEAYP) had our last meals on board Fuji Maru today. And sadly, we could not mingle with PYs of other contingents during mealtimes due to the impending quarantine measures to curb the spread of the Influenza A virus.

We prepared for the disembarkation procedure. Everyone would vacate Fuji Maru for the customs officer to conduct a check on Fuji Maru. We also got our luggages checked by the Immigration Officers at the Port of Tokyo.

Doves bathing themselves in the cool water

All our luggages

With Japan National Leader Waku-T

With Myanmar PYs

With Administrative Staff in charge of Singapore contingent

Christmas came early

Cabin mates and ...

After clearing the customs, we returned with our luggages back onto Fuji Maru. The call to stay in our cabins was largely unheeded, given that the programme was going to come to an end.

We had a very late lunch.

Our final lunch on board

Facilitator Yuda popped by 

In the afternoon, we had the Farewell Party. 

Singapore National Leader Desmond receiving certificates on behalf of Singapore contingent

Final speech by Ship Administrator:

The Farewell Party was a formal event. PYs were asked to leave the Pacific Hall by contingents. However, most stayed behind at the lobby and waited for fellow peers to exit the hall for warm hugs and pail loads of tears.

A Fuji Maru ring that changes colour that reflects the mood of the wearer

The Administrative staff and National Leaders kept urging the PYs to return back to our cabins. We were told that those who was infected with the Influenza A virus would stay behind in Tokyo until they recover.

No entry to National Leaders!

Solidarity Group A sneaked out of our cabins and had a rendezvous meeting at the Sky Lounge to have a mini-farewell party.

View from the Sky Lounge

The recording of Japan Youth Leader Kimi's speech was played on screen. I was shocked when she read out the entire script that I drafted for her, without any amendment to it. After the speech, a photo montage was played, followed by a screening of a SSEAYP song, "We are Family" video made by the Administrative Staff and crew.

Guess what happened when someone gave Ethel a push from behind

A catfight ensued~

I kept awake the whole night. Singapore contingent was the second batch to leave Fuji Maru in the morning about 5am.

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