Thursday, February 25, 2010

Chingay Day 1 & City Alive! 2010 Rehearsal

19 February 2010

TR2201 is getting more and more fun! It could perhaps rank #1 (in my fun list) among all the other modules in NUS. TR2201 is Entrepreneurial Marketing and taught by an adjunct professor who has amassed a lifelong experience in management and marketing and currently a consultant. To those who espouses the idea that "those who can't do, teach", this definitely is not the case.

The group met at Suvin's place.

The view from the 24th floor was awesome. One could see the Singapore Flyer and the other CBD buildings.

We came up with some secret concoctions of fruit juices until the juicer tripped on us. We appreciated our juices (made with our sweat, not literally of course!) but Joel would suffer from a bad stomache the following day.

Leaving Suvin's place, I dashed my way over to the Pit Building where City Alive! 2010 volunteers would be doing a rehearsal.

We entered the event ground during the Chingay day 1 finale. VIP cars ready to ferry the Prime Minister away:

This marked my first time seeing Chingay live, albeit just for the last few moments of it. As People's Association marks its Golden Jubilee, fireworks sprayed across the sky and a mega-birthday cake moves across the audience.

And the People's Association Youth Movement (PAYM)'s float, which won the most number of votes for the design.



Immediately after the end of the Chingay programme, volunteers and officials moved into the track and transformed the entire Chingay parade ground to the City Alive! 2010 dance floor.

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