Thursday, February 25, 2010

HQ SCE Chinese New Year Lunch

17 February 2010

The Changi Beach Club has a perfect ambience for receptions. Standing in the restaurant, you can see the sparkling seawater, the occasional planes and ships.

Hock Rong and I arrived early to prepare for the HQ Singapore Combat Engineers (SCE) Chinese New Year Lunch. I happened to be from one of the units of SCE, and got to chat with some of my warrant officers.

A game of Scavenger Hunt was played. The rules of the game were easy but the items had many twists to it.

The lunch was graced by COL Alvin Kek, Chief Engineering Officer. One of the things I like about the Engineer formation is that salutation is not practised, and everyone is part of this big family.

At the end of the lunch, the Commanding Officer for HQ SCE led everyone in the Huat la! cheer.

The walk to Changi Village brings back memory. We walked past the bungalow chalet where the hustings of Temasek JC Photographic Society was held. I remember presenting myself as a candidate to the Chairman position. And how I cooked noodles for everyone the next day. Not forgetting the night visit to the Old Changi Hospital.

An enterprising lion dance troop roamed the food centre, going to every stall to perform (and most importantly, collect red packets).

Perhaps due to the long hours of lion dancing, I thought the standards weren't there.

And it seems this lion is everywhere:

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