Sunday, February 07, 2010

Eunos Constituency 5-year workplan retreat

31 January 2010

As part of the RC Youth Chapter initiative, PAYM requested for Eunos CC YEC to be filmed. So, in the morning, some of us went to the Happy Happy Sunday (a 52-week free breakfast session for needy residents) and met up with the cast and crew. Hock Rong and I were also interviewed on our views on the RCYC.

Immediately after the filming, we dashed to Eunos Community Club where our constituency is holding its 5-year workplan retreat. This is in line with People's Association 5-year workplan, one of which is bridging youth initiative.

The CC's Indian Activity Executive Committee (IAEC) is also holding its Ponggal celebrations. Ponggal festival is a harvest festival celebrated by Indians.

There were real cows brought into the CC.

As part of their celebrations, blind-folded participants also whacked this "liquid bag" for good luck.

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