Sunday, February 07, 2010

National Day Celebrations 2010 Organising Committee Meeting

29 January 2010

I felt privileged to be in the organising committee (for my first time) for Eunos constituency's National Day Celebrations 2010.

This year's committee is chaired by Mr Pang Loo Seng PBM, Chairman, Eunos Community Emergency and Engagement (C2E). Hock Rong was surprised to find out that he had been appointed one of the vice-chairpersons, and I was equally so when I knew I would be the Secretary.

A traditional National Day celebration would consist of a National Day Dinner and a National Day Observance Ceremony, where awards are given to senior grassroots leaders. There is also a National Day decorations competition among various residents' committees.

As a breakthrough to the norm, we'll also be having a 45+5 hours Karaoke Marathon as well as a campfire as part of the celebrations. 45hrs = Singapore's age. +5 = 50 hrs (in commemoration of People's Association 50th Anniversary). The campfire, titled Young At Heart - You Are Here (YAH-YAH) campfire, would really hype up this year's national day fever.

Stay tuned!

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